Buccaneers Claim WR David Gilreath Off Waivers From Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers waived wide receiver David Gilreath on Monday to make room on the roster for offensive lineman John Malecki, who was promoted from the practice squad. On Tuesday the Tampa Bay Buccaneers claimed Gilreath off waivers and signed him to their 53 man roster.

The Steelers were likely hoping that Gilreath would clear waivers so that he could be signed back to their practice squad today. The team currently has two spots open on the practice squad as wide receiver Toney Clemons was signed away by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday.

Gilreath, who started the season on the Steelers practice squad, was promoted to the 53 man roster after Antonio Brown injured his ankle in the win over the New York Giants. Gilreath played 26 snaps in two games with 23 coming against the Cleveland Browns this past Sunday.

The Steelers will fill the two open spots on the practice squad later tonight or on Wednesday.

  • I had a feeling someone would claim him.

  • A couple of O-Tackles would certainly fill the need on the PS.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    DAMN IT!!

  • zyzak


  • Shannon Stephenson

    Both PS WR’s are gone…wonder who we will get to the PS now…1 OL and 1 WR I suspect

  • Dominic Johns

    We lost Clemons and Gilreath. I wanted at least one of the two.

  • TJimmy

    I am surprised we did not lose Batch also.

  • Frank – Lambert’s My Hero

    Man, Gilreath could be a star. Did you see some of the circus catches in pre-season. You can’t teach that, you just have to want the ball. Too bad!

  • steeltown

    Gilreath was a good player, but we already have 2-3 undersized speedy WR’s on roster, the Ryan Lee loss is more significant

  • Maurice_hill_district

    They keep promoting Malecki even though Malecki never plays. Not that Gilreath is anything. Used to be we used our backup positions on bench to groom eventual starters, those guys would take over after injury then never giv up their new starter role. But now all we’re grooming is crap. Like watering & feeding crap that when it is ready to harvest its still crap.

  • steeltown

    I agree somewhat, the coaches must see something in Malecki because I sure as hel have never seen him play on game day, if he did, it was sparingly