Hold My Thought On Charlie Batch Getting Released This Weekend

With the Pittsburgh Steelers possibly needing to make a roster move this weekend to promote wide receiver David Gilreath to the roster because of the ankle injury suffered by wide receiver Antonio Brown this past Sunday, I originally speculated that veteran quarterback Charlie Batch could be released for the weekend without issue and resigned to the roster on Tuesday.

There is only one problem now with that scenario as a follower on Twitter pointed out to me. I failed to remember that the NFL trade deadline has now come and gone which means that all vested veterans now are subject to the waiver process.

So in short, there can be no wink-wink situation with Batch. A team such as the Indianapolis Colts or the Arizona Cardinals are prime candidates who could swoop in and claim Batch off of waivers if they wanted.

I doubt the Steelers want to risk that so should Gilreath wind up getting promoted so you have to think linebacker Adrian Robinson or cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke could be in line to be released. I doubt it would be Van Dyke, but it is certainly possible.

It is not a slam-dunk that Gilreath will be promoted, but the signing of Derrick Moye on Wednesday to the practice squad sure makes it seem more likely to happen now.

  • NW86

    Either way I still think it’s Batch. I highly doubt that any other team would be looking to scoop him off waivers, and even if they tried, I doubt if Charlie is interested in going. He would realize that his salary is guaranteed by the Steelers, and the Steelers will pick him back up as soon as the roster allows.

  • Jason White

    I wonder if they just go with 3 receivers and perhaps use Baron Batch as the number 4 or split Heath or Paulson out wide or in the slot.

  • I think a Team can claim Batch and he has no choice. Maybe it will be Adrian Robinson since he is still too raw and is injured often for just playing on ST’s.

  • Pete

    If Batch was claimed off waivers, I don’t think he has any choice but to go to the claiming club or retire. Batch still has great value as a backup so I agree he might not slip through waivers for teams looking for quality depth at the backup QB position. If he were released to waivers, Batch would be an unrestricted agent at the end of the season and only then would he have a chance to come back to the Steelers. That’s how I understand it.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Interesting situation it leaves us in. If he is subject to waivers, this may all come down to the gameplan for the game. If we are never going to go 4 wide, having a 4th won’t be important. Rainey could go out wide in an emergency. Miller or Paulson could go out wide.

  • Shelob9

    If a player is claimed off waivers he HAS to sign with the team that claims him. Looks like Dixon is available

  • Jason White

    Id cut C. Batch and worst case if someone claims him bring back Jerrod Johnson to be the number 3. Not that I want to lose Batch but id hate to lose a young player with potential when its likely that this could be Batch’s last year anyways.

  • opie1280

    bye bye van dyke.

  • opie1280

    actually would be a good thing if they waived Batch and Leftwich. They’d be forced to get a real back up QB behind Ben.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Mundy? Pope?….why bring up another WR? If there ever was a week to get back to “Steeler football” this is it…!! Pound the rock…!! Like to think that Haley can beat his old team by at least ONE point