LeBeau Says Polamalu Could Be Limited Snap Wise If He Plays Against The Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has practiced fully the last two days and appears to remain on track to play Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau did warn on Thursday, however, that just because the all-everything safety might be back, doesn\’t necessarily mean that he will be on the field every play after being out since Week 5 with a calf injury.

“Well, I think it means a lot,” said LeBeau, when asked what it means to him to get Polamalu back this week. “You know, his leadership and stability out there. And our guys have done a good job without him and he won\’t be able to be out there, I don\’t think, for every snap, but he\’s going to be able to take a significant role, and lets face it, when you can have #43 on the field, its a plus for the Steelers. So were looking forward to his return.”

LeBeau was next asked why they might need to be cautious with him in his first game back.

“Well, you know he\’s been idle for a good while and I think you just want him to build back into complete game condoning,” said LeBeau. He\’s in good shape. He\’s been able to run and I think that\’s how they were able to judge that he was ready to come back or not. The after effects of hard workouts. So his aerobic conditioning is good, but his football conditioning is going to keep in development. And we\’ll try to help him with that, but it will be good to have him back.”

About Polamalu possibly being a difference maker upon his return, LeBeau answered just as you would expect he would to that question.

“Well, he can make plays that only Troy can make and that\’s no knock on anybody else, but he\’s a rare player and he\’s always good to have in the game.”

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Maybe troy could play QB…lol

  • Jason White

    I hope he can be the one the provides the game changing play that helps the team win.

  • John Phillips

    no laughing… he can

  • It’s great to see Troy working his way back into rotation. It’s been too long. No go wreak havoc. Pittsburgh “D” is really gonna have to step up even to the points of turnover points to help out the offense. #goSteelers!

  • Jason White

    One of the things I’m looking forward to is seeing how well Troy can play now that the top two corners are playing the way they are. I think Ike and Keenan are playing at a high enough level that Troy will be able to be the Troy we know. Add in Ryan Clark and what he is doing and I think the defense might be able to provide some help to the offense. It could come down to Charlie’s ability to be accurate and efficient and the offense protecting the ball. I think in this situation if they can win the turnover battle they will win the game.

  • steeltown

    I hope Dwyer gets going in this game, he’s very physical runner and the Ravens have not been good against the run… and yes, NO TURNOVERS

  • Ahmad

    I think it’s wise to put him on a snap count. We don’t want him to re-injure that calf. Plus Will Allen has been doing a stellar job replacing him thus far so I don’t mind him sharing snaps with Troy.

  • Chris Rhodes

    Dwyer and Redman w no turnover s give a serious chance to w a Steelers defense to win a game no thinks Steelers should win