Mike Shanahan Claims Someone Stole $3,700 From Him At Heinz Field

Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan had made a claim that he had roughly $3,700 in cash stolen from his locker late last month when his team was in town to play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Oct. 28. In addition to the money, Shanahan said his passport was stolen as well.

On Thursday the Redskins issued a statement on the matter after the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported the police report claim filed was later withdrawn because Shanahan reportedly had located the missing items in another bag.

“Mike Shanahan did have money and a passport stolen out of his locker room in Pittsburgh,” the statement read. “The Pittsburgh Police insisted on filing a police report because of the missing passport. There is an ongoing investigation. The missing property was not stowed in another bag as reported.”

So someone is running around with the passport of Shanahan? Good luck passing that off. Also, Shanahan supposedly left the items in a leather briefcase that was left unsecured. Don\’t they have team ball boys or junior trainers that can hold onto such items? I am not leaving $3,700 lying around anywhere.

Why do I have a feeling that Shanahan will report in a few days that he forgot the two items were in his other pocket?

  • Man it must be sweet to be able to walk around daily with 3 or 4 Thousand dollars cash in your man-purse. A bad day for him as he lost the game as well.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Hmm. So what was this money to be used for? I mean seriously. Why would he have that kind of money sitting around in cash in today’s card driven world? Someone tell me how bounty’s are paid out…..!

  • Dominic Johns

    No, this is ignorant actually. There are countless possibilities where one may have this kind of cash on him. Especially when they are as rich as Shanahan.

  • r4kolb

    Ok I confess it was me.

  • Pete

    The only reason I can see to have this kind of money in ones pocket is to pay gratuities. Most tips are paid in cash. Virtually everything else one might pay for can be paid using cards or checks. Maybe Shanahan is a generous tipper?