Mike Tomlin Says WR Mike Wallace Is Rightfully Frustrated

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was asked during his Tuesday press conference to talk about the performance of wide receiver Mike Wallace on Sunday and if his role will change moving forward.

“You know, Mike was frustrated on Sunday and rightfully so,” said Tomlin. “He is not producing in the manner he would like to or we would like him to. It’s a function of a lot of things. He is going to be committed to continuing to work and we are committed to that as well.”

Tomlin was then asked if he has seen anything less than 100% effort from his receiver and he said, “no”.

The head coach was then asked about the change on the depth chart that was released on Tuesday that shows Wallace “or” Emmanuel Sanders as the starting wide receiver opposite Antonio Brown, who is scheduled to play Sunday. The Steelers head coach would only say that the situation will determine who starts there on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens.

Wallace was indeed frustrated on Sunday and rightfully so as Tomlin put it. Quarterback Charlie Batch underthew the wide receiver several times in the game both short and deep. Wallace only recorded one short reception in the game for 9 yards and that came on the final hook and ladder play of the game. He caught one other pass in the game but it was wiped out by a holding call.

Wallace can be charged for half of one of the intercepted balls thrown his way on Sunday, however. Batch attempted to hit Wallace on a quick slant and threw the ball behind Wallace. The ball still likely should have been caught despite the poor throw, but instead bounced up into the air and was intercepted.

The depth chart move made by Tomlin on Tuesday could be considered both praise for Sanders and a slight nudge to Wallace that he needs to get past his frustration.

This will be not be the last you hear about this story this week as it is sure to escalate. Wallace will undoubtedly be asked by the media this week about his frustration level and the change on the depth chart. With that said, the Steelers fourth year receiver needs to be very careful about how he chooses his words this week.

Wallace has 47 receptions so far this season for 572 yards and currently has 6 touchdowns, which ties him for the team lead with tight end Heath Miller.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Playin this season for contract offers, He is seein his next offers lowering by millions$ so of course he’s mad. His agent next offseason wont mention his drops, only the not havin a qb who could get him the ball the last half of this season.

  • I have no problem with him being frustrated..I do have a problem if his frustration is affecting his play on the field. Evidently, the Team thinks it is…Very happy to hear Brown will be back.

  • SteelerDave

    If Wallace had been smart he would have signed the last offer. Now he is extremely unlikely to get such a sweet offer from another team this upcoming off-season.

    Let’s face it, Brown is our Ward as Wallace is our Plaxico.

    Sanders has had a very solid season and deserves to start over the one-trick-pony.

  • TJimmy

    Mike is probably kicking himself for not signing that lucrative contract last summer

  • MMsteel

    Wallace was used in all facets of the game last year and showed growth. He showed up late with a new offense and hasn’t gotten in sink. Frankly the offense hasn’t put up many points anyway. Antonio Brown has one touchdown. Wallace hasn’t played well, but we aren’t using the best play calling for our personnel. Too many years without addressing the offensive line was the problem and not coordination.

  • steeltown

    E.Sanders is almost as fast as Wallace (look up their 40 times) he’s just not as tall as Wallace and Sanders has proven to be clutch in A.Browns absence. I dont blame Tomlin for going to the ‘two dogs one bone’ method

  • JT

    I agree. Outside of Heath, the whole WR core hasn’t been what we expected going into the season. Any talk of who is better is pure speculation, because no one has stood out.

  • JT

    Could be the fact that teams won’t bite on the deep ball if Charlie is playing because he simply can’t throw it. At least with Sanders, they can’t commit to any specific route.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    I am sure it is frustrating when you drop as many passes as he does. Or when the ball hits you in the hands and it bounces right to opposing teams hands. Or when you fumble in your own side of the field. I am sure it feels like money coming out of his pocket, and that itself is frustrating.

  • If Cook was at all involved in telling Wallace to hold out this year, Wallace ought to have a new agent next year, since he lost a couple million by doing so unless he comes up big in the last 5 games.

  • zyzak

    Steelers QBs have sucked at throwing deep this year. Wallace scores TDs the others don’t know how. That’s why Wallace will make 10 mil a year.

  • zyzak

    R U Kidding? He’ll get a boatload

  • zyzak

    Brown doesn’t know where the endzone is

  • Hodge175

    I think right now Wallace is our 4th best receiver. AB, Sanders, Miller, then Wallace. He has hardly done anything this year. Top receiver find ways to get open. He has disappeared most games this year

  • JT

    So the best and worst receiver have the same amount of TDs? That really can’t make sense to you, can it?

  • JT

    And I picked up him for my fantasy team this year because I had faith in him. Hasn’t shown up.

  • How many TD passes has Brown dropped? How many times has he stopped at the 1? Saying he can’t score is an oversimplification of the game.

    I could just as easily say Wallace doesn’t know what third down is, since Brown is much better on third down.

  • 20th in the league in TDs, 43rd in Yds and 60th in yards per catch does not equal a huge contract.

  • In my opinion, our play calling fits Heath, Brown and Sanders very well. It doesn’t fit Wallace all that well, but he also isn’t making the adjustment to the new offense well.

  • Not from the Steelers he won’t. And his other numbers are far from impressive this year. He might not even start Sunday because they aren’t happy with his play. That’s not how you earn a 10 mil a year contract.