Report: Plaxico Burress To Visit The Steelers

On a day full of news, Adam Schefter of ESPN is now reporting via Twitter that free agent wide receiver Plaxico Burress is expected to go to Pittsburgh to meet with and take a physical for the Steelers.

Burress last played for the New York Jets in 2011, when he had 45 catches and 612 yards and eight touchdowns.

This could mean that wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery might have suffered a serious injury late in the Monday night game against the Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers might also be expecting to be without wide receiver Antonio Brown another week as well in addition. Brown is currently recovering from a high ankle sprain suffered a few weeks ago in the win over the New York Giants.

Currently the Steelers only have three healthy wide receivers on the roster in the form of Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, and David Gilreath, who was promoted to the 53 man roster just a few weeks ago. The Steelers also have receivers Toney Clemons and Derrick Moye signed to the practice squad in addition.

  • Matt Lipner

    This makes sense; Batch has been with the Steelers since 2002, Burress’ 3rd season, so they have some history working together. He would be a big target for a less accurate QB

  • Somebody please tell me this is all just a bad dream…Do players wear rib pads? or do they just not because it’s not fashionable?

  • Maureen A Gomes

    OMG! Talk about insult to injury for Jerricho. The Jets signed Plex and Braylon Edwards 2 years ago and that’s when Cotchery opted to leave that team and asked for his release. Man, I don’t know what else to say. This is unbelievably strange.

  • zyzak

    Burress will never play for Pgh

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Whats next? Bring back Santonio Holmes too? good grief….Hey Colbert how does letting Hines go look now?

  • mokhkw

    Generally only QBs wear rib-pads unless they have an injury, they’re too restrictive for WRs to use.

  • mokhkw

    Love Hines, but it was obvious last season that he couldn’t run anymore. He’s retired & should stay that way.

  • mokhkw

    How about Deion Branch? That’s a move that would make more sense to me; he’s similar to Brown, has been playing recently & is apparently a good team-mate. Not sure why the Pats cut him, is it injury-related or a numbers game with the 2 TEs, Welker & Lloyd?

    We’ve had trouble getting past Brady & the Pats in recent history & I read last year that Brady thinks he has LeBeau’s number, so why not bring in Branch & get some info from him & a solid player with good character as well?

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Its not just about running, ask Mike Wallace.