Roethlisberger Back For Ravens Game? Quarterback Has Already Ditched Sling

According to several in the Pittsburgh media, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has ditched his sling and it is hard to tell that he is even injured.

Roethlisberger will not play this week against the Cleveland Browns after suffering a dislocated rib and a sprained right SC joint in the win over the Kansas City Chiefs, but head coach Mike Tomlin had some encouraging words about his quarterback on Tuesday.

“He had additional tests done today,” Tomlin said Tuesday. “All things are very positive in terms of where he is. We are encouraged about his status.”

So could Roethlisberger be back under center for the rematch with the Baltimore Ravens? It is hard to really speculate at this time but I certainly wouldn\’t rule it out based on his history of overcoming injuries.

The Steelers will start Charlie Batch Sunday in Cleveland as back up Byron Leftwich has been ruled out with a rib injury suffered Sunday night in the loss to the Ravens.  Street free agent Brian Hoyer was signed on Tuesday to back up Batch.

There really is no history as to the type of injury that Roethlisberger suffered, but many in the medical field seem to think that the rib injury will be the thing that could keep him out of action the longest, not the shoulder.

For now it continues to be a wait and see situation, but this week the news certainly sounds encouraging.

  • Hmmm, this is probably going to come down to how Charlie does against Brownie Ball AND if he survives. I would think Ben is chomping at the bit to hit that additional new Big Target he has for the red zone now…my guess would be Tomlin “deeming him Questionable with limited participation” next Tues at noon. This is a Tough one.

  • Ahmad

    I hope Ben is not rushing back from this injury.

  • Jeff

    Do not risk the future of this franchise by rushing him back, no matter what Ben says to persuade you otherwise.

  • Clint Martin

    Lets just say he does return. after watching our defense shut down the ravens O. with Ben back he will wreck the Ravens there defense is soft!and weak!

  • zyzak

    Ben must play

  • Dan

    I’d rather the Steelers miss the playoffs this season and have Ben for five more than have him literally die on the field because he landed the wrong way.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Sure he can come back and play the Ravens….if all he does the whole game is turn and hand the ball off. Bringing him back to play the Ravens would be the most unwise decision this organization makes all year. As there have been some head scratchers to say the least thus far.

  • rubecat

    Thank God doctors will make decision if he can play.

  • Chris92021

    Only if an independent doctor clears him OK for contact. If not, send Charlie Batch out there. I would rather have Big Ben healthy in the playoffs than Big Ben not healthy against the Ravens.

  • RMSteeler

    Ben most likely wore the sling to remind him not to high five during the game or have someone hook his arm accidentally on the sideline. I had torn rotator cuff surgery and only wore the sling in public for a couple of weeks for the same reason (minus the high fives). Wish they would’ve wired the rib back in place. It takes forever for injuries to tendons, connective tissue and cartilage to heal because there is little blood flow in those areas. I’d really be surprised to see Ben back for Ravens II, but Ben will be lobbying to get in there if he thinks he can play. One bad sack or hit though, and his season’s over until it’s healed properly.