Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Giants – Week 9

Below are the coverage stats for the Pittsburgh Steelers following their 24-20 Sunday win against the New York Giants. The completion percentage of 42% was absolutely fantastic. The yards after the catch numbers could be a little better, but being as the defense only allowed two explosive plays of over 20 yards, you cant really complain. Not shown are the two pass interference calls on Keenan Lewis. Outside of those two pass interference calls, Lewis only allowed one completion out of six passes thrown his direction. These stats show quarter, down and distance and liner of scrimmage as well.

Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Giants


Steelers Giants Pass Attempts By Play

114:53110NYG 3000INC88-H.Nicks23-K.Lewis
114:45210NYG 301712COMP80-V.Cruz24-I.Taylor
113:1631PIT 4400INC82-R.Randle24-I.Taylor
19:24110NYG 3600INC88-H.Nicks23-K.Lewis
18:4035NYG 4100INC80-V.Cruz23-K.Lewis
13:58211NYG 152612COMP80-V.Cruz56-L.Woodley
13:14110NYG 4100INT80-V.Cruz24-I.Taylor
211:3525NYG 3360COMP85-M.Bennett50-L.Foote
21:10110NYG 2000INC80-V.Cruz26-W.Allen
20:52120PIT 4400INC82-R.Randle28-C.Allen
20:48220PIT 44112COMP80-V.Cruz25-R.Clark
20:4139PIT 3300INC87-D.Hixon28-C.Allen
311:54110NYG 20338COMP85-M.Bennett50-L.Foote
310:2826PIT 4388COMP45-H.Hynoski50-L.Foote
38:3637PIT 3200INC80-V.Cruz25-R.Clark
36:2627PIT 3063COMP80-V.Cruz94-L.Timmons
34:26115PIT 2170COMP80-V.Cruz50-L.Foote
33:4328PIT 14107COMP88-H.Nicks23-K.Lewis
31:4335PIT 500INC82-R.Randle23-K.Lewis
413:58110NYG 3500INC80-V.Cruz56-L.Woodley
49:5928NYG 600INC88-H.Nicks23-K.Lewis
49:4538NYG 611COMP85-M.Bennett25-R.Clark
43:55110NYG 1200INC80-V.Cruz24-I.Taylor
43:51210NYG 1200INC85-M.Bennett26-W.Allen

  • Tim Culligan

    Fantastic job by the secondary. Lebeau and Carnell Lake should be proud. I’m starting to get excited for this team. Defense is solid and playing great, offense controls the clock better than anyone can can beat you with any one of our 3 good RBs or 3 great WRs.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Interesting to see that Ike gave up his reception 15 seconds into the game….then nothing.