Steelers Injury Report: Hood, Redman, Batch & Cotchery Injured In Loss To Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin met the media for his post game press conference following the 13-10 loss Sunday night to the Baltimore Ravens.

Tomlin gave an injury recap and said that defensive end Ziggy Hood suffered a lower back injury. Running back Isaac Redman suffered a concussion. Running back Baron Batch suffered a foot injury and wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery has a rib injury that\’s being evaluated.

Tomlin would add that some other players suffered some bumps and bruises that are being evaluated as well, but that nothing is definitive at this point.

It had been announced during the game that quarterback Byron Leftwich was being checked for a rib injury but he never came out of the game. Tomlin was asked if he was close to putting Charlie Batch in, and the coach replied that he wasn\’t. He called the performance of Leftwich in the game, gritty.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Leftwich had 39 passing attempts to Dwyer’s 12 rushing attempts (according to NFL stats). Why Haley felt that the best chance to win was in the arm of Byron and the pass “blocking” of the O-line rather than in the hands of Dwyer and have that O-line mauling that Ravens D is mind boggling. Special teams coverage unit should be flogged. They can single handedly lose a game cosistently.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Yeah Mikey Wallace wants Larry Fitzgerald money. Thats laughable…!! How ’bout we trade Wallace, Hampton and Mendenhall to the Cardinals for Larry F.

  • “… the best chance to win was in the arm of Byron…” I am pretty sure that is never the case. The running game was rolling at the end, but it wasn’t enough.

  • Dont let the fanboys at BehindtheSteelCurtain read this. They have a few vocal idiots who keep laughing at anyone who dare point out Wallace’s mistakes. He has made some excellent plays in prior weeks. But he is making only one a game , not enough to offset the disappearing act he pulls the rest of the game. He lacks grittiness and he lacks leadership. Hines Ward is badly missed in a game like this. he used to find such a soft spot inthe zone of the other defense in games like this and would catch the tough balls while being hit. Cothery is another massive disappointment this year. And Haley, who has been great this year, called a flat out dreadful game. He got away from running Dwyers. Even wassted one third down by haivng Rainey in their on a pass when a TE would have been preferable.

  • The special teams failure comes down to one thing – coaching. It’s about desire. The schemes are not that great. But players are also not playing with desperation. On that TD return,91 was easily blocked. If he and two other guys next to him showed more desperation, they blow out the block and push the blocker closer to Jacoby who might have hafd to make an extra move. Even when the Baltimore returners were not in command of the ball at the start of the runback, they were still getting to the mid 30s easily.

  • We have seen Ben have bad games vs the Ravens too before but we are certainly missing AB BADLY..It seems the other WRs are having a much tougher time getting open without him. I missed when Hood went down but thought the Defense played great. Now we have to go to Baltimore and get that game back. This Browns game coming up is HUGE.

  • I blame Tomlin for keeping Leftwich in. Yes, he was playing hard, giving it all he had, but Batch should have been put in. When you see your QB in that kind of pain, not able to toss a ball down field like he normally can, you know its time to pull him out. Wallace isn’t as good as he likes to think he is. Mendenhall seems to be really bad or really good, can’t find a middle road.

  • RMSteeler

    Why you don’t run on third and goal from the four after manhandling the Ravens down the field was an interesting call. Yeah, I get it that they were probably expecting it, but how many times in the past four games did Steeler runners make those runs up the gut for TD’s when the opponent was 90% sure of it? And I don’t know what has happened to Suisam’s leg on kickoffs. Can’t remember the last touchback on one. Raven’t surely loved starting between the 30 and 40 on kickoff returns. Several almost went all the way.

  • RMSteeler

    Meant to say third and two from the four. With Leftwich hurt and points at a premium, should have been 4 down territory. Even if no TD, Flacco has usually been horrible when operating from the end zone. With a fail, you’re still only down 6, so worth the gamble. Tomlin must not have had the “gut” feeling he needs to gamble down there. Reward was much greater than risk on that series the way the Steelers run game was working.

  • Mike Carroll

    agreed. wallace is not a receiver i want the steelers to re-sign, regardless of the cost. he simply is a fast guy playing football, not a football player. like another post said, the steelers needed wallace to help out leftwich last night, but he once again showed he is not player they can count on. i’ve had enough of his lack of effort and understanding of game. he makes a big play once every three games, but the steelers need him to do the little things right most of the time, like at least attempting/knowing that you need to get two feet down in bounds to complete a catch. instead he does 3-4 little things wrong every week. we can only hope front office realizes all this as well and lets him walk in the offseason.