Steelers Place Marcus Gilbert On IR & Activate David DeCastro From Designated IR List

The Pittsburgh Steelers made a couple of roster moves on Monday as tackle Marcus Gilbert has been placed on injured reserve with his ankle injury. Wide receiver David Gilreath was also waived.

The Steelers filled those two spots by activating rookie guard David DeCastro from the Reserve/Injured; Designated to Return List and promoting guard/center John Malecki to from the practice squad.

Gilbert suffered an injured tendon in his ankle in the game against the Tennessee Titans back in Week 6. He tried to practice two weeks ago for the first time but must have suffered a setback.

DeCastro received clearance to begin practicing with the team last Wednesday. It was his first team practice since sustaining a knee injury in the team’s third preseason game against the Buffalo Bills back in August.

The release of Gilreath is a good sign that Antonio Brown is ready to return from his high ankle sprain suffered in Week 9 against the New York Giants. Gilreath very well might be signed back to the open spot on practice squad on Tuesday if he clears waivers.

The promotion of Malecki might be a sign that Mike Adams will be down a few weeks with an ankle injury. The Steelers could decide to start Kelvin Beachum at right tackle next week or they could choose to flip right guard Ramon Foster over one spot as well with DeCastro now back. Left guard Willie Colon is also an option to move back to right tackle should an emergency arise.

Should Foster indeed be moved, Doug Legursky might start at right guard if DeCastro is still rounding into better football shape.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    DeCastro healthy, Brown almost healthy, Ben almost healthy. If we can get Colon healthy I think I am sensing a storm of Black and Gold or at least I hope. LET’S GO STEELERS!!! #SteelersNation

  • Thomas Rancy

    I really don’t understand placing Gilbert on IR for an Ankle, theres no way he definately wouldn’t be back by playoffs and we’re suuuper short on takles now when we had (I’l be it injured) good depth.

    Strength sundenly became a big weakness

  • Garrett Hunt

    dont forget Troy!

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Once DeCastro is ready to contribute, either Foster or Colon have to go out to tackle. I don’t think they can survive with Beachum there. (Of course, I’ll reserve final judgment on Beachum until I see Dave’s breakdown and analysis later in the week.)

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Indeed, good call sir i don’t know how I forgot.

  • alex

    the OL is officially still in need of consistency…i understand the stack of injuries equates to lower quality of play, but at the same time are they getting injured because they’re getting there cans kicked?

  • Chris S

    Apparently the team and team doctors/etc felt it was the best move at this point. Since he’s missed soo much time and barely practiced a time or 2 in all these weeks…it must be a little more serious than initially thought. And with all the other injuries they can’t keep holding a roster spot for some of these guys. Who knows if Troy doesnt show anything soon he may be IR’d too.

  • WilliamSekinger

    I’ve said many times, bad O-line play is dangerous, and infectious. Causes injuries to the player playing poorly, and causes injuries to the players around him because they are trying to take up the slack.

  • SteelSpine

    Completely agree. Probly Foster to RT. At this stage of their young careers Beachum is a worse pass blocker than even Adams, & that’s really bad.

  • SteelSpine

    I’ve wondered for a long time if the reason they havent put Polo on IR is just to make other teams have to prepare for Polo. Seems like Troy gets listed as questionable during weeks between games even-tho after all this time (by now) I think staff knows what they have with Troy, then at last possible minute they change his status to reality which is ruled out.

  • JT

    Starks-Colon-Pouncey-DeCastro-Foster, Starks-Colon-Pouncey-DeCastro-Beachum, or Starks-Foster-Pouncey-DeCastro-Colon?

    In order of preference, I’d go 3-1-2. I know we’ve worked hard to get Colon to where he is at at guard, but circumstances have forced their hand. Become a right handed team again, and pound the rock to the right. However, I do think 1 is most likely. Foster fared okay at RT, and probably can do no worse than Adams did against better competition. 3 is desperation mode, so I hope we never see it.

    Get well soon Adams.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Starks-Foster-Pouncey-DeCastro-Colon. That would be our best option

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I think we’d go with Colon, just because that used to be his position.

  • Garrett Hunt

    Id say Starks-Colon-Pouncey-DeCastro-Foster is best for now assuming DeCastro is ready to go. Less moving parts seems better. Plus Foster’s days at RG are limited with the return of DeCastro, so Foster might as well get used to the flexibility across the line role like Legursky

  • Chris S

    OT used to be Fosters position too (in college, but still). I think of the 2 Foster is the best choice…Colon is learning a new spot…I’d rather let him stay there than switch back to his old position this soon.

  • steeltown

    Decastro may not be ready for another week or two, move Foster outside and platoon Legs and Malecki at RG… I am really impressed with Foster these last two yrs and I hope he gets signed long term, he wouldnt cost much. He has been the healthiest of the linemen and has played very well at any position. Not bad for an undrafted player…. me hopes Ryan Lee pans out as Foster has

  • Douglas Andrews

    Yeah I agree I think we still gotta chance provided we get those players back healthy