Steelers Waive RB Baron Batch & LB Marshall McFadden

The decision has been made. The Pittsburgh Steelers officially announced on Tuesday that they have waived linebacker Marshall McFadden and running back Baron Batch to make room for wide receiver Plaxico Burress and quarterback Brian Hoyer, who were both signed to the 53 man roster after working out for the team Tuesday morning.

McFadden had been promoted to the 53 man roster last week after Chris Carter was placed on injured reserve and Stevenson Sylvester was down with a hamstring injury. It is expected that McFadden will be signed back to the practice squad after clearing waivers.

The waiving of Batch, the Steelers 7th round draft pick last year, was a bit of a surprise. The Texas Tech product missed his entire rookie season due to tearing his knee up in training camp prior to the start of the 2011 preseason. Batch was active for 10 games this season so that likely makes him ineligible for the practice squad as a result.

  • Chris S

    McFadden will be back on the PS…but I do not think Batch can be put there anymore as he’s played in too many games…i could be wrong. Batch was a slight surprise…and will probably be brought back once some guys are healthy/etc. But not sure there were many choices as who to cut..

  • TJimmy

    Running back is the Steelers strongest position, with 3 very good backs in front of Batch. That’s probably the reason more than anything.

  • Garrett Hunt

    way to summarize the three paragraphs….

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    Why are we keeping Leftwich? By the time he’s healed, it’ll be Easter.

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  • Tim Culligan

    I wonder if the poor special teams had anything to do with the decision to let Baron go. I think hes a great football player who can do it all and block. Hope he clears waivers, not convinced he will though.

  • Letting batch go is a bad move

  • I guess that’s why we did not hear about Baron on Tomlins injury report today..I thought he had a banged up foot or something.

  • Jason White

    I agree. I could see a team like Oakland picking him up seeing how depleted they are at running back.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Batch has gone through a lot in his life and its sad he is gone…but he hasnt shown us anything in the game…he has been sadly very forgetable. I wish him good luck and myabe if he is available we will bring him in for another try in the spring.

  • JT

    Batch hasn’t flashed much since his first camp. Wish him luck because he deserves success. But good faith isn’t enough. Great play by Dwyer + Bad ST by Batch=Waive.

  • NW86

    True, but fingers crossed that he doesn’t get away. Mendenhall is an UFA at the end of the year, and Dwyer and Redman are both RFA’s. With the salary cap situation, there is no way they can keep all 3, so Batch was destined to move up one slot on the depth chart next season.

  • Chris S

    Yeah and I typed my reply before the article was edited to include some of what I said (about the PS/etc). And so what if my thoughts are in line with what an article states…doesnt mean I can’t post my thoughts too.

  • zyzak

    Who is Jared Johnson

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Disturbing that its another wasted draftpick developed for a year. Last year he had a great camp, but didnt offer much this year. I liked him but he can be easily replaced next offseason with any of many rookies late in draft who have that average size-speed.

  • JT

    He was in the 7th round. He played A LOT more than is typical.

  • hopefully they just let Mendenhall go

  • he did and that is probably why. i hope they can get him back sometime they should just place Leftwich on the IR and resign Baron Batch

  • they should just place Leftwich on the IR and resign Baron Batch

  • awlcohen

    Batch is a step above a bum. An injury prone one at that. No way anyone touches him, other than for an injury and a desperate need.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    You know that when he clears the waivers were going to sign him to the practice squad right? ALOT of you guys are over reacting on this. Calm your selves Tomlin, Colbert, and the Rooney’s know what there doing, have faith in them.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Or they will sign him directly back on the 53 man rooster