2012 NFL Week 16 Stats – Adjusted Net Yards Per Passing Attempt Differential

There is just one week left now in the 2012 regular season and here now are the ANYPPAD (Adjusted Net Yards Per Passing Attempt Differential) stats year to date. This stat is great for tracking teams success over the season and is a great measuring stick to show which teams might be headed for the post season and which teams might be staying at home as it is based around the passing offense and passing defense of all 32 teams.

If you want to get a better understanding of the stat, read here and here is the final regular season ANYPPAD stats from last year.

The Seattle Seahawks keep amazing with their beat down of the San Francisco 49ers Sunday night. Not only is rookie Russell Wilson putting up good numbers offensively, the Seahawks defense is also playing lights out as well. They should not have any problems with the St. Louis Rams this week at home and will hope for a 49ers loss so that they can claim the division.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are now eliminated thanks to their 13-10 loss Sunday to the Cincinnati Bengals, who clinched a Wild Card spot with the win. While the Steelers posted a respectable ANY/A number on defense, it was still higher than last season. The offense also dipped this year as well in their ANY/A number and thus you have a team with a differential of under 1.0. The Bengals better hope that their offense improves drastically or they will be one and done in the playoffs.

The Washington Redskins can win the NFC East by beating the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night at home and the differential between the two teams suggest that they will.

The Indianapolis Colts will only go as far as Andrew Luck will take them and they better be ready to put up some points in the playoffs. Their ANY/A numbers on both sides of the ball suggest that they might have an early playoff exit.

The New York Giants, much like the Steelers, have become a very average team and they need a lot of help on Sunday. The kind of help that suggest they will be watching the playoffs at home just like the Steelers.

Can the Minnesota Vikings do the unthinkable and knock off the Green Bay Packers? If they do it will be because Adrian Peterson has a huge day, because they are not a team that can win a passing shootout type of game.

If things go like I expect they will go on Sunday there will only be one team with a negative differential that makes the playoffs. That team would be the Colts.

DEN 3775554355341121 1377.64314543350925 16483414.992.66
SEA 2443862984261027 1627.00302522324514 17362474.502.50
GNB 346518397736846 2617.23297540356721 18463024.912.32
SFO 272407326921840 2496.89318533324818 13362524.872.02
ATL 3945714481311426 1857.18318516383813 19291825.621.56
CAR 2674563667191135 2416.74342512345618 10372665.651.10
WAS 282424356624832 2317.58373599450229 18301876.491.08
HOU 3305183771221124 1916.50294553369027 15432625.530.98
NEW 380605456032926 1747.32349559432027 19301876.480.84
PIT 3395513878241435 2126.00277491295518 9331745.220.78
CHI 2694543041201642 2874.91326550344016 23402724.160.75
BAL 3155273813221034 2206.39320531375714 13352495.660.73
CIN 3205143664271644 2285.84327527357816 13473245.210.63
STL 3075153531211335 2335.70347528367715 17462845.100.60
DET 4216984867191628 1955.97328513354925 11322256.11-0.14
NYG 3095173744211519 1316.26320497408825 20322276.54-0.28
NOR 3946284791391824 1727.04353568461531 14291917.39-0.36
DAL 4146214774271634 2416.65311493379522 7331987.08-0.43
MIA 2734693190131230 2175.40331564393216 10412345.90-0.50
SND 3255113455241547 3005.30334540377526 13382446.00-0.69
TAM 2925313922261626 1616.39382583471329 18251687.10-0.70
BUF 2974853205231730 1615.32289501346425 11351906.12-0.80
CLE 3065343464151732 2114.93363577402224 17362205.74-0.81
OAK 3636014142221527 2085.89334509380926 11231746.88-0.99
NYJ 2554582973141846 2814.29254468298119 11301705.41-1.12
IND 3256004183211840 2395.55310499370223 10281646.73-1.18
MIN 2844552701151231 1774.70363572382724 10392525.90-1.20
ARI 3185743158102056 3603.33253468315918 22372244.56-1.23
TEN 3095253425171637 2444.98349523390729 16321966.43-1.45
JAX 3035453448181443 2824.93332520380821 12181186.64-1.71
PHI 3465813864171447 2805.25278463344528 8291877.03-1.78
KAN 266459288882036 2013.93254431337826 7271617.47-3.54
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