21 Players That Might Be Playing Their Last Game As Steelers Next Week

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2012 season will officially come to an end next Sunday and with that comes the reality that several players might be playing their final game in the black and gold. We will dive into free agency deeper once the season is officially over but here is a quick synopsis of those players.


QB Charlie Batch – Batch is 38 years old now and will be wrapping up his 10th year with the Steelers next Sunday. His win over the Baltimore Ravens back in Week 13 was the last win the Steelers have on the books right now and it would be a hell of a way to go out. The only way Batch does return would be on another one-year qualifying contract for the veteran minimum but that decision is a long, long ways off from now. They need to get younger at the backup position.

NT Casey Hampton – The Steelers 2001 first-round draft pick took a pay cut to stay this season and the only way he returns for one more year is if the Steelers deem Alameda Ta\’amu a bust. Steve McLendon will be back as a restricted free agent and it is time to get younger. If Hampton is back it will be on a one-year qualifying contract for the veteran minimum. Don\’t rule that out as a possibility.

WR Plaxico Burress – We hardly got to reacquaint ourselves with Burress, who has been inactive for the last two games. He is as good as gone and not expected to be back next season.

LB Larry Foote – Foote is 32.5 years old and Sean Spence is waiting in the wings. If Foote is asked back it would be on a one-year qualifying contract like the others above. He might just decide to call it a career just the same.

QB Byron Leftwich – Leftwich just can\’t stay healthy and the Steelers need more dependability in their backups. If Batch is not back again as the No. 3 quarterback then Leftwich has a shot to fill that role at a minimum price once again. It will likely be an either or with those two or quite possibly neither. Like Batch, that decision likely wont be made until June.

S Will Allen – Allen plugged the hole at safety for a little while with Troy Polamalu sidelined, but his long relationship with head coach Mike Tomlin might finally have to come to an end.

T Max Starks – Starks was the Steelers iron man this year on offense as he heads into the final week of the season with the distinction of being the only player on offense to play every snap this year. If Starks is brought back next year it would be on another one-year deal similar to the one he got this past season. That\’s not totally out of the question to happen, but he is on the wrong side of 30, however. He deserves a tip of the hat this season.

LS Greg Warren – Is this finally it for Warren? The front office certainly will not be pleased with that bad snap that led to the missed field goal on Sunday. They can pay two rookies for what his minimum will be so it might very well be time for a younger and cheaper long snapper.

TE Leonard Pope – Goodbye big boy. Man, he really is tall.

LB Brandon Johnson – I bet you thought he was already gone. Those were two expensive special team penalties.

RB Rashard Mendenhall – He wants out of Pittsburgh and there is a team out there willing to pay him and put up with his state of mind. No conspiracy theories here. He is gone. At least they will get a 2014 compensatory pick for him.

G Ramon Foster – Foster really had a good season and is very versatile. He is so versatile that Bruce Arians might persuade the Indianapolis Colts to sign him. He is certain to get some offers in free agency and thus likely might be gone.

C/G Doug Legursky – He is a backup center with game experience so he might get an offer or two very late in free agency. The Colts maybe? The Arizona Cardinals? It is hard to see him returning right now unless it is for the minimum and for one year.

CB Keenan Lewis – It is too bad he bloomed so late. This one will be a tough one to lose but you have to think Lewis will get plenty attention on the free agent market. I will keep my fingers crossed, but I won\’t hold my breath that he will be back.

S Ryan Mundy – The only way he is back is to compete at training camp on a one-year minimum. He will not garner interest n the free agent market so there is a slight chance he might make it back to Latrobe for camp. Longshot, but not out of the question.

WR Mike Wallace – The only way Wallace is back is if he is franchised but the Steelers would be strapped cap wise if they did that. Never say never, but it is looking like they will let the screen door hit him in the backside and collect a 2014 compensatory pick.

CB Justin King – We never really knew you. Maybe he gets some snaps against the Browns to show he is worth another one-year deal for theĀ  minimum. Ah, who am I kidding? He\’s gone.


DE Brett Keisel – Keisel is still under contract for 2013, but the Steelers need to find out what they have in Cameron Heyward, who will be entering his third season. Should “The Beard” be released he will clear $2.825 million in cap space. Being as 2013 will be his final season there is always a chance that they ask him to take a pay cut like Hampton did this past offseason, but that would only save around $1.8 million or so at the most.

LB James Harrison – Harrison has two years left on his contract but his bad knees and $10.035 million cap hit will make him hard to keep. Pay cut you say? Don\’t bet on it as it would have to be a huge one and a restructure is most definitely out of the question. I called this one prior to the start of this season. Wear your No. 92 jersey on Sunday as a sign of respect. He was one hell of a player.

G Willie Colon – Colon has been on injured reserve the last three seasons after being a picture of health prior to that. They Steelers only save $1.2 million by cutting him prior to June 1st but they have the option of cutting him loose early with a post June 1st designation that will save them $5.5 million in 2013, but cost them $4.3 million in 2014 as a dead money hit.

WR Jerricho Cotchery – How big of turnover is coming at this position? There is a cool $1 million to be saved by cutting Cotchery.


S Troy Polamau -Unless Polamalu decides to retire you can bank on him giving it a go one more season.

CB Ike Taylor – If indeed they lose Lewis via free agency they need Taylor to play across from Cortez Allen. Like Polamalu, he will be here one more season.

S Ryan Clark – Like Polamalu and Taylor, the Steelers need some stability in the secondary for one more season.

  • Andrew

    How much cap hit is saved if Harrison is cut?

  • Mike.H

    Dave’s comment / jargon below I don’t quite fully understand. What is meaning of “flip/flipped the field”?


    What about Ziggy Hood?

  • I’d much rather see Heyward in for Hood across from Keisel, than see Keisel cut loose.

  • Mikey Hoje

    missing a 24 yard FG in a must win game plus lousy plays all season long; this team either needs an EXORCIST and or a FUNG-SUI specialist to rid of bad wave of negative “energy”.

  • Mikey Hoje

    how does Geno Atkins at 6′ 1″ 300 lbs ANNILATE RAMON FOSTER and DECASTRO who are 20-40 lbs heavier? wow…

  • REALLY hoping we can keep Lewis. I think Harrison, Mendenhall and Wallace are all as good as gone, with Harrison the only one with a shot to return. I’d like to see them keep Keisel, Cotchery, one of Foster/Legursky (perhaps both is Colon is gone), and maybe Allen. I am not big on Allen but we have zero depth at Safety and I am a bit concerned about Troy’s health and seemingly timid play this year, though he looked better today.

  • Because Atkins is a very underrated DLineman. He is only about 15-20 lbs lighter, but he is shorter and was able to get leverage on them.

  • israelp

    I don’t follow why you listed Troy, Ike and Ryan here. how are they different from everyone else who isn’t going anywhere. They are still under contract, no?

  • disqus_wdLdx4W76r

    lol so basicly everybody gone!..I wouldn’t doubt seein Mendy or Wallace back..and why cut bait with Lewis after you take years to develope him? and who would take his place? A rookie?

  • Lewis may not be their choice. He us a UFA and they are cash strapped. If Lewis returns, there is no way Wallace and Mendy do. He’d be replaced by Allen if it came to that, just like the article says.

  • My guess is because throughout the year people have talked about them losing a step/possibly retiring.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    I hope they drop Mendenhall like a bad habit. No need for his poor attitude and subpar performances anymore. Adios, turd.

  • SteelSpine

    Excellent timing DaveB, thanks! There will be lots of personnel to discuss this offseason. My 2cents on a few:

    – Lefty: Dont keep him. Isnt his fault but Lefty would just go on IR again next year.
    – Will Allen: Finally we discovered he can play, has limitations but not awful so we need him as a backup, I dunno why cant keep him, unless he’ll ask for too much $.
    – Pope & Brandon Johnson: Hahah DaveB right on.
    – Keenan: Before this season started I thot he will not be re-signed, then like-you-said him turning it around this year complicates things.
    – Mundy: “a chance he’ll be in Latrobe (because no team will want him)” Eegads!
    – Wallace: Gone but it will be interesting to compare offers he gets now to whatever he was offered last offseason before this downer season of his.
    – Harrison: DaveB indeed priorly detailed James’ contract ramifications & now well-said Amen. He & Troy gave their bodies to NFL so I salute while cutting Harrison.
    – Colon: I know you already detailed his contract ramifications practically prevents cutting, but the problem is cannot count on Colon. Odds are next season he will just get hurt again (now I’m wondering if it’s steroids) & he would enter the IR of whichever team he is on next year. How about, can we trade him to BArians for a 3rd or 4th round draftpick? We’d still take a cap hit but we’ll take a bigger hit if he enters our IR anyway, so at-least we would have a draftpick insteada having to count on Colon.
    – Cotchery was signed to a 2year deal this past offseason as a hedge for Wallace. Cotchery is such a trooper, like Starks & Foster, & Cotchery on-the-field is a needed role model for our immature young money crew, therefore keep Cotchery, insteda cutting Cotchery to save $1mil. There are plenty of underrachieving bums seems we oughtta be able to cut to save $1mil before (instead of) cutting Cotchery.
    – Keisel: Thanks Brett for the funny gig & a trooper for us many years. Many miles showing like on other DLinemen we had, so I think Steelers will cut Keisel to save the money.

  • JohnnyV1

    I would like to see Foster, Legursky and Lewis stay. Maybe Hampton & Starks on a one-year veteran minimum. Colon has to go, good player, just can’t stay on the field. Harrison, that’s a tough one. He might be back, not at that salary, but he might. They could get rid of Woodley though, he doesn’t produce and isn’t in top shape.

  • B.J.Weaver

    #7 looks like he is getting long in the tooth. BB is an elite QB, but his injuries are stacking up against him. Start looking for a solid backup QB in the off-season who can stand in the gap when Ben is out.

  • zyzak

    The Steelers should shed all of these players there isn’t any that are worth keeping

  • Maurice_hill_district

    DD looked lost & remember he did not have a good preseason before got hurt. But I wanted DD to play, so I was wrong wanting him to play this game. Atkins supposedly a beast all season so Atkins would have p’ownd anyone we had on our roster for guard.

  • Tom

    A lot of tough decisions to be made for sure. Unfortunately, salary cap implications will influence the decisions as much or more than skills of the players involved. Good young players such as Kennan Lewis will more than likely be allowed to walk…while some of the highly paid, often injured players such a Polamalu, Woodley, and Colon may be kept around……to litter the injury report for another season.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Or make our GM willing to dole out punishment.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Was he even on the team this year. That bodybuilding sure did make him into an impact player this year….Not.

  • WilliamSekinger

    I see the Steelers signing Keenan Lewis. He is quite literally the only defensive player worth signing long term this offseason, so I think they find a way to give him a nice fat contract. With the uncertainty of Ta’amu, they might consider signing Steve Mclendon as well instead of tendering him.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Ziggy had a solid year. And Keisel won’t be able to keep up his pace for long, he’s not exactly young.

  • John Mazza

    I think letting Lewis walk is a bad ideaHe’s been a stud all season. Just need to catch the ball now. I’d like to see a safety drafted very early. I don’t see Troy and Clark sticking around much longer.

  • John Phillips

    Secondary can’t afford to lose Lewis and Allen

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    Not to mention its only DeCastro’s second NFL game and he was coming back from a knee injury the majority of the season

  • Tom

    Dave, 2 questions……What do you think goes into the decision about Alameda Ta’amu? Is that going to be a “football performance” decision..or a decision based on status of his legal issues? Seems to me that he could be looking at some significant jail time. Secondly, why do you think Troy is certain to be back? His inability to stay healthy for a full season is getting to be old news…and not likely to get better as he gets older.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    Hood did have a few plays…more than Lamarr “All You Can Eat at the Bowling Alley Buffet” Woodley. And he doesn’t get paid nearly as much!

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    I would hate to see Hampton comeback and have McLendon waste another year sitting on the bench.

  • Dan

    I think it’s worth $2.8 to keep Keisel.
    And until the youngins o-line are proven reliable, I’d be in favor of making decent offers to keep Starks and Foster around. As for Colon he pert near made it through a whole season this year. I’d like to see us give him one more year at trying to stay healthy. Better than eating all that dead money by cutting him.
    I hate to see Harrison go, but I really can’t argue the salary to production ratio will make it possible. I’d say we have to cut that contract and respectfully ask to be given a chance to match other contract offers. Would love to see him back….but also interested to see what Worilds can do.
    I do want to see the needed youth movement on defense, but think Foote and Hampton deserve respectable offers to return.

  • Keenan Lewis. Will Allen, Legursky, Starks & Colon are 100% worth saving. Especially Keenan Lewis who really blossomed into a very dependable corner this year. But, I have little to no faith in the current “Steelers Brain Trust” making the correct decisions in regard to any personnel matters. Where the Steelers really need a change is in the Brain Trust. The current one hasn;t been very effective.

  • steeltown

    Agreed. Would love to see KLewis signed long term.. and Foote brought back another year. McLendon always plays well when he’s given a chance. I also think they should sign him now instead of tendering him

  • steeltown

    Mostly agree. Really hope they retain K.Lewis.. I think Lewis and Cortez Allen are the future at CB for us.. and definitely need to draft Safety soon. Also would love for them to retain Foster… Keisel and Cotchery are signed through 2013 already thank god

  • steeltown

    Hood has 3sacks this year, not bad for a 3-4 DE,not great but not bad, thats only one less sack then Woodley whose primary job is to rush the QB!

  • steeltown

    Not sure if its possible, but would love for Starks, Foster, Foote & Lewis to be re-signed…. IMO Harrison is the only guy under contract that is in danger of not returning and it wouldnt be due to his play, he played very well, it would purely be a financial move. He is due to make alot of money, not sure the amount of dead money that would entail though. IMO Hampton, Leftwich, Pope, Mundy and B.Johnson are no brainers. Wallace’s situation is up in the air

  • steeltown

    Agreed. Keisel is worth every bit of that money.. he has 4.5 sacks this year, thats more than Woodley and almost as many as Harrison. With Hampton presumably gone, it would be nice to have a savy vet like Keisel on the DLine filled with young guys, kind of like Starks on the OLine. Speaking of Starks would be nice to see him back, as well as Foster

  • I think for a lot of the older, defensive players it will largely be a matter of if coach LeBeau retires that determines if they want to just hang ’em up and move on to their life’s work or not. Certainly not the only consideration, but they do unanimously LOVE playing for him.

  • Pete

    I hope Harrison is back for one more season. There is no replacement on the roster who can do what he does. The guy is a beast. Unfortunately he had to recover from back surgery and broken face last season, and then the knee this season. I want to see what he can do next season when he’ll be 100% again. I don’t want to see Harrison playing for another team.

    Mendy doesn’t want to come back so bye, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. We have a good stable of corners. I’d like to see Lewis back but if not, we’ll be in good hands with Cortez and Curtis. Hopefully we’ll find another good corner in the draft.

    If Timmons is smart enough I’d like to see him take over from Foote and have Spence play inside with Timmons. On offense, I want to see what a healthy O line can accomplish, especially in the running game. I think there will be more games like the ones we saw from Dwyer and Redman. Lots of rebuilding next season. I’m looking towards the Draft.

  • Dajon Marzett

    the only positive about this season is alot of or rookies and second year player played in big games and should learn from there mistakes. Decastro should be better next year. Mike Adams got alot of reps this season. Both those guys should bulk up next year. DeCastro and Adams will play better because now they understand the speed of the game compared to college. Was i the only one watching the game. Mendy is still one of the top backs in the NFL. Please sign this guy. Troy has about one to two years left. He needs to have surgey asap on his calf and get off this practice once a week stuff. Troy is playing like he practices. Colbert and Tomlin need to draft a pass rusher in the draft. Keep Keenan and Allen. Please cut Colon!!!! Big Ben needs to watch more film read defenses better and stop relying on his escape ability all the time. As you can see Big Ben has lost aleast 5 games for the steelers this year with poor reads and throws during and at the end of games. Im so sick of hearing about this young money crap. Grow up young money and learn how to catch the ball. The receivers arent that good, Im sorry to say it but Wallace and Sanders are soft. I hope we draft some strong run after the catch WRs this year.

  • Garrett Hunt

    Why has he been on the bench so much this year?? I have never in my life questioned Lebeau, but at this point i’m thinking he must know something I don’t. A more than serviceable back-up for an aging, coming off torn ACL Hampton only plays about 5% of the snaps?

  • Garrett Hunt

    3 sacks, but not near enough QB pressures. That combined with average run defense makes him underwhelming.

  • Reader783

    Good one? You’ve been called out for hating the Steelers a lot this week, so I will join the party. Go join a Ravens’ fan site

  • Reader783

    Because Geno Atkins is a defensive MVP candidate and DeCastro is a rookie in his second game after tearing his MCL

  • Reader783

    What about Drew Butler?

  • Mike Carroll

    More than anything this offseason, I want to see the organization refocus on the long term success of the team. They have had an endless parade of salary restructures (converting would be salary to prepaid signing bonuses) to squeeze under the cap the last two years, operating with a win now at all costs mentality. Now is the time to pull back the reins on this approach. This year’s team, at 7-8, was clearly not worthy of mortgaging future salary cap money and the sad news is the team is reaching the end with a lot of the old core players. Up to now the team has tried to keep everyone of their contirbutors to the very bitter end, often times paying big money in their twilight years. When was the last time the team let a big name guy walk? I don’t think you want to operate that way, desperately paying to hold onto everyone as if they are the only way you can win. You must be able to continually find new guys to have sustained success in a salary cap league.

    Here are few things I would like to see the team do:
    1) Release Harrison. He was OK this year, but not great. The end is very close anyways.
    2) Don’t even bother trying to sign Mendy or Wallace. Save a lot of money, make a statement to the whole team that not everyone is guaranteed to be re-signed, and move away from their soft style of play.
    3) I’d probably keep Colon, only because much of his financial damage has already been inflicted. Cutting him now seems to be the worst time to do so.
    4) Put a serious halt on contract restructures. Most especially, do not restructure Woodley again, as it is a serious mistake to continue to put money in his pocket before he has earned it.
    5) Hopefully sign K. Lewis. It would be a real shame if the team cannot sign one the few truly promising young players they have. But, I wouldn’t hesitate to let the market speak first before making a final offer.

  • Don

    Are you criticizing Suisham? He missed two 50+ yard FGs this year which he shouldn’t have even been sent out for, and the chippy last week was because of a bad snap. He was excellent this year. The problem on special teams was the almost automatic penalty on every decent return.

  • Don

    I missed that in this column, but generally, this refers to getting takeaways and the field position advantage that comes with them.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    A body off the street could do what Ziggy gave us.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    “Solid year”? Whatcha bin smokin?

  • Ahmad

    No way the Steelers let Lewis leave after the season he has had. I don’t think his asking price will be high so I think the Steelers will be able to justly compensate him.

    Keisel stays too though he shouldn’t be given the starting job next year. He should have to battle Heyward for it. In fact, no defender outside of Taylor polamalu Clark and Timmons should be handed a starting job next year.

  • Keisel is our best D Lineman. Hood had a solid year by what measure? The 2.4 tackles per game, the sparse eating up of blockers, or the 1 sack every 5 games?

  • steeltown

    Agreed. Tomlin was very recently quoted as saying the ‘arrow is pointing up’ with Lewis and that there is ‘no reason that he cant become a dominant player’ in this League… I hope that translates to signing him this offseason. He is tied with Sherman from Seattle for the most passes defensed in 2012 so his asking price could be high, but if Mendy and Wallace walk, then they should be able to retain him.. Boy I hope Keisel isnt released, he at times is still very beastly and got 4 or 5 sacks this year, I think thats his most since ’06…. Clark and Timmons got snubbed ProBowl vote wise

  • steeltown

    Well, Hood will have one more year to prove what he’s got, still I think the Coaches are pretty high on him. I’d like to see him next to McLendon for a full season

  • steeltown

    I think some of what he was speaking of is in regards to flipping the field on special teams, like having the opposing Team start deep in their own territory, getting a 3 and out and in turn/on the flip side, having your own Offense start with greater field position

  • steeltown

    I respectfully disagree

  • steeltown

    You may not think it, but we rank 2nd overall in Run Defense in 2012… alot of that is due to the tackling machines Timmons and Foote, but those two get lanes to the RB’s because Keisel and Hood are taking up blockers.. yes, he underachieved in 2012, but he was still solid

  • Reader783

    Don’t think he was calling out Suisham, just noting how unlucky we have been this year

  • Reader783

    Lots of those were coverage sacks anyway

  • steeltown

    I believe Butler is signed through 2014, like some of the other undrafted guys, (Will Johnson, Adrian Robinson, Robert Golden) they can be signed for 3yrs for the very minimum and then even when their contract is up they remain ‘Restricted FA’s’ so that if they show some promise the Team has options and can be tendered their 4th year

  • Reader783

    I’m just wondering if it would save us money in the cap, because he was pretty bad this year

  • Reader783

    But is Colon worth saving at his current price?

  • Reader783

    The way Troy played against Cincinnati creates much confidence to keep him. I am shocked that there are so many Steelers fans that are throwing Troy under the bus, not you specifically, but it is happening.

  • Reader783

    He hasn’t missed that many games due to injury. That being said, we do need a good backup.

  • Reader783

    Woodley isn’t going anywhere yet. Just signed him to a big deal. We need to see how he does later on.

  • steeltown

    I thought he played well, especially for a rookie. He had a decent avg and better % inside the 20yd line then Kapinos ever did. He’s cheap, he made like 400k in 2012 and will make around 500k in 2013, thats a good bargain for a young punter with upside… guess we’ll see

  • JohnnyV1

    Yes, they did sign him to a big deal, and he’s just completed the 2nd season of that “big deal”. He really hasn’t been a big deal since signing said deal. 2011 – 10 games played, 9 sacks & 39 tackles (total), 2012 – 13 games played, 4 sacks & 38 tackles (total). His position coach also called him out earlier this year, saying something to the effect that Woodley needs to make up his mind if he wants to be great. I realize (before I wrote my comment, and now) that Woodley most likely isn’t going anywhere. But my comment is accurate, as his performance isn’t commensurate with his pay.
    Subject: [steelersdepot] Re: 21 Players That Might Be Playing Their Last Game As Steelers Next Week

  • Reader783

    Never said he was paid fairly, his contract is one of the biggest mistakes in Colbert’s tenure. All I said was that he wasn’t going anywhere

  • JohnnyV1

    I realize he’s not even before you comment, my comment was more to the point that he would go down the road if it were up to me, or maybe Woodley should realize that his performance isn’t “above the line” and get himself in shape and produce.
    Subject: [steelersdepot] Re: 21 Players That Might Be Playing Their Last Game As Steelers Next Week

  • Reader783

    I mean you said “They could get rid of Woodley.” So I think I was justified in my comments. It doesn’t matter.

  • JohnnyV1

    And they can get rid of Woodley. They most likely won’t, but they can. And, in my opinion, based on his performance since he received his big contract, should get rid of Woodley.
    Subject: [steelersdepot] Re: 21 Players That Might Be Playing Their Last Game As Steelers Next Week

  • Reader783

    And I disagree. They won’t and can’t afford to nor should they.

  • JohnnyV1

    Now we’re getting somewhere. Your “nor should they” comment I can accept, it’s your opinion. Your “they won’t” comment is also your opinion, and there is a high probability that the Steelers would not get rid of him, making you correct. That will reveal itself in time. You “can’t afford to” is not correct. They can. Noone on the team, or the coaching staff, is above being dismissed from the team. Where’s Santonio Holmes? He had a year left on his contact (which was cheap), he was Mr Clutch, and he’s gone. Where’s Bruce Arians? He wasn’t under contract, but he wanted (and Ben wanted) to stay, and he’s gone.
    Subject: [steelersdepot] Re: 21 Players That Might Be Playing Their Last Game As Steelers Next Week

  • Reader783

    No. We can not afford it. The roster penalty we would get for cutting him would cripple us this offseason in free agent salary space. So no, we can’t afford to do it

  • JohnnyV1

    Yes, they can. If he’s cut in late June and other roster decisions get made to favorably enhance the current cap space. So yes, they can. Not highly probable, but they can.
    Subject: [steelersdepot] Re: 21 Players That Might Be Playing Their Last Game As Steelers Next Week

  • Grimmie

    By all means…bye bye Debo and Rashard. Ezekiel Ansah will replace James. What id give to see Eddie Lacy in black n gold

  • Grimmie

    To keep Harrison means a $10 mill salary hit, or 3yr extension to restructure. No way they extend him. Releasing him saves $6 mill against the cap. Releasing Hampton saves $5.2 mill. And twinkle toes Rashard saves $4.6 mill. Thats $16 mill that sure would help filling holes.