AFC Playoff Scenarios – Week 16

There are currently four teams left in the AFC that are fighting for playoff spots and three that are fighting for a division crown as we head into Week 16 of the 2012 NFL season. Below are the playoff scenarios for the AFC.

Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens are already in the playoffs and they can clinch the AFC North with a win on Sunday over the New York Giants. Should they lose, they would have to beat the Cincinnati Bengals next week if they want to win the division.

Indianapolis Colts – The Colts can clinch a Wild Card spot with a win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday or by the Bengals beating or tying the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals can clinch a playoff berth by beating the Steelers and they still have a shot at winning the AFC North if they win next week against the Ravens if they should lose or tie the Giants on Sunday.

Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers can\’t clinch a playoff birth on Sunday, but a loss to the Bengals on Sunday will eliminate them from playoff contention. They still can win the AFC North out-right with wins over the Bengals and the Cleveland Browns combined with two Ravens losses against the Giants and the Bengals.

Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins can\’t clinch a playoff birth on Sunday and they need a lot of help over the course of the next two weeks to secure the final Wild Card spot in the AFC. For that to happen they need to beat the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots first. The Steelers must beat the Bengals on Sunday but lose to the Browns next week, and the Bengals must then lose to the Ravens next week in addition. The New York Jets also must lose at least one of their two remaining games.

  • JT

    Even more so than a home playoff game, I want the Steelers to win out and get the division just so Boldin has to eat sh** after his “We will still win the division” quote after going down to Charlie.

  • Henry

    Way to go, Ben. Just cost your team the playoffs. You are no elite QB.

  • Reader783

    It’s kinda gone by the wayside, but he has hurt us in alot of games this year. Pick-6 in the 4th against Denver, pick in the 4th quarter against Tennessee, pick in OT against Dallas, two picks down the stretch against Cincinnati. Rough year, but that’s how it goes. Well, to the draft.

  • JT

    One season does not a career make. Flacco would have been elite after last season. Ben had a rough time returning from injury, but he’s still the franchise. Don’t get crazy..

  • Mike Carroll

    Probably Ben’s worst performance in a big game, considering where he is
    at in his career and what is expected from him at this point. I said
    before the game it would be disappointing if he couldn’t find some way
    to lead to the team to victory. Well, he did a whole lot worse than
    that as he failed to capitalize on opportunities and threw the game away. That’s a fairly ominous sign moving forward. Straight F performance today for Ben.

    Offensive line, highlighted by the atrocious play of DeCastro, gets an F.

    Give Tomlin an F as well for his blunders:
    1) You go on 4th and 1 from 50 yd line, but not on 4th and 1 from 10 when
    trailing 7-0 on a day you can easily predict scoring will be at
    minimum. Are you really hoping to field goal the other team to death?
    2) You ask your kicker to set a personal and stadium record, right after the other coach gives you a break by doing the same asinine thing? The only thing Tomlin had going for him on this call was the fact, Suisham was the most consistent weapon all year – but he already showed in Tenn that 53 is beyond his range, no matter how accurate he is.
    3) EASILY THE WORST DECISION by Tomlin was the idea to go try to score from your own 10 yard line with less than 1 minute to go in a game that has been absolutely dominated by defenses to that point. Your offense has given you exactly one good play to that point – and nothing more. This is a personal pet peeve as I’ve watched coaches get a free pass on these situations way too much recently. 20 years ago it is almost standard to kneel the ball their and play OT. Not anymore. Which is fine, when the situation calls for it: you have a great offense, you’re in the middle of a shootout. That was not the case here. Kneel the damn ball and play for OT. Do not give Tomlin a free pass on this asinine decision.

    But, back to Ben. Hold the damn ball. Play for OT. Ultimately, it falls on Ben. Awful decision to complete a bad game and very disappointing season.

    The only good news: Steeler fans won’t be subjected to another long game rooting for this putrid offense to score. It was apparent during the game this offense is seriously deficient right now, and would stand little chance against a better team.