Mike Wallace Out For Browns Game & Has Likely Played His Last Game For The Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace will not play in the season finale against the Cleveland Browns according to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and that should not come as a big surprise.

Wallace, who has failed to practice all week because of a hip injury, will miss his first game since coming into the league and you can bet that he would have played had this been a meaningful game.

This is a business decision as Wallace will be an unrestricted free agent after the season and risking a serious injury on Sunday against the Browns would not be a wise choice for him.

Wallace will end the 2012 season with 64 catches for 836 yards and 8 touchdowns on 119 targets. His final yards per catch number will be 13.1 yards, the lowest of his four years in the league.

Wallace had a season that he surely will want to forget as it was filled with several drops and started with him holding out because he was upset with his restricted free agent status and subsequent contract negotiations. The Steelers former third-round draft pick finally reported to the team after missing all of training camp and you could tell that he was never happy all season with the way that he was used in the new offense of offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Wallace will now likely get his wish and should be able to test free agency baring the Steelers placing the franchise tag on him, which is very unlikely to happen at this point. He will command high dollars once the free agency signing period begins and last week against the Cincinnati Bengals was the last time that he will put on a Steelers uniform.

In his four seasons with the Steelers Wallace recorded 235 catches for 4,042 yards and 32 touchdowns.

With Wallace set to be inactive, Plaxico Burress is set to dress and play in his place after being inactive the last two games. Burress will also be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season and this could very well be his last game in a Steelers uniform as well. Burress has caught one pass for 18 yards since being signed off the street back in late November.

  • Cols714

    I hope they find a way to bring him back. Disappointing season yes, but he was still the best WR we had this year.

    Brown’s season was equally disappointing and I’m glad he’s signed. Bringing back Wallace would mean we don’t have to worry about our starting WR for a couple of years.

    Make it happen Colbert.

  • steeltown

    I am indifferent when it comes to Wallace.. He has by far been our most productive WR and that includes 2012, but with FA’s like K.Lewis, Foster, Starks, Foote, McLendon and even Pouncey in a year or two, I am not against just letting him walk to open up options at other positions. The Steelers seem to have a knack for finding WR’s (minus Sweed) so i hope they find another productive guy in the next draft

  • TraceGamble

    Good bye, Mike. Maybe you can go watch Larry Fitzgerald play and learn something about being a big play, big time WR in the League. Heck, you can learn a lot even from watching Brandon Gibson play. Watch how they fight for jump balls and tackle defenders after interceptions, and not pout about silly stuff. Yes, you’re one of the fastest players in the history of the NFLl, but all that speed disappears when you’re “chasing” defenders after interceptions. For real: what’s up with that? Anyway, you can learn to do these things, and doing so would make you an average WR and a decent football player. In time, you could even do them well enough to be mentioned in the same conversation as Randall Cobb. Good bye, Mike.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    Good riddance. He showed his true colors. A typical prima donna. Give the money to K. Lewis. It is more deserving.

  • steeltown

    It wasnt all that long ago that Colbert was adamant about Wallace being a “Steeler for Life” …makes you wonder… but if they do re-sign Wallace it will be at the expense of other good players like Lewis, Foote, Foster etc.

  • JohnnyV1

    Agree, Wallace is gone. His next stop is interesting to ponder. When you think of teams that can afford $8-$9mil/yr contract, and don’t already have a #1 receiver, you’re left with some not great options, or a spot where Wallace would be #2 receiver. Miami, Cleveland, Kansas City, Oakland, Vikings, Panthers and Rams. The Patriots are also an option, since Welker is an UFA, but they won’t pay like those others.

  • Cols714

    Why is Mike Wallace hated so much? He was the most productive Steelers WR for the past 4 years. What gives?
    Is it because he held out?

  • He’s gonna have to sign a short term contract with whoever he signs with cause no one is gonna pay him what he would have gotten last season. He isn’t a complete receiver. He doesn’t deserve #1 receiver money. He could be the next Braylon Edwards

  • zyzak

    They will franchise him because Ben will complain. As he should

  • steeltown

    I think most of the unjustified hatred is due to the hold out and in turn a few big drops this season. I personally am indifferent, but I lean toward not re-signing if it means we lose guys like Lewis and Foote and Starks/Foster

  • Cols714

    I hope they work something out. This offense was bad enough this year, I can’t imagine that losing our best WR would help matters.

  • LouPGH

    I agree that Wallace is gone, although I don’t take it personal like some folks. Business is business. To those who are glad to see him go: who exactly do you see as our WR1? Brown had a pretty lackluster season too; as did Sanders. I’m not saying that Brown can’t be WR1, just pointing out that Sanders contract is up next year and this is yet another hole to fill.

  • Dan

    Agreed, agreed, agreed…but still hope we can sign him (but not at risk of losing important others). Would be good if we could get the long pass game going again. It would be helpful to balance out other phases of our game. But if the O-line is strong we’ll be fine either way.

  • steeltown

    Well, lets think, from what I’ve heard we will be approx $20million over cap entering the 2013 season. (Im sure Bryan will touch on this later with correct numbers) Thats far less then last year, almost $10million less. Now its already been discussed the likelihood of Ben, Woodley and Timmons being restructured, those alone could get the Steelers close to cap compliant.. I would assume that maybe even Antonio Brown could be restructured to lower his cap hit and maybe even Heath Miller?? Add in the possibility that Harrison ‘could’ be a cap casualty (especially with Worilds looking like he might be ready, plus he’ll be in a contract year in 2013, might as well see what we have, if not, draft another OLB) I think Dave said in an earlier article that releasing Harrison after June 1st would save another $6-7million in cap, but would create some extra 2014 dead money. ALL of this could add up to retaining Wallace or Lewis

  • Mike Carroll

    It will be interesting to where he lands and how much he gets. I never hated Mike and I think he actually handled himself OK with his comments and interviews in general. But, this year proved he is mainly a deep threat and not much else. He simply does too many things wrong or poorly. His speed may be best in the league, but his role as a deep threat is more fitting of a number two type guy, not a number one the Steelers were asking him to be. It was like fitting a square peg in a round hole in Haley’s offense. I think it’s clear the team will be best served to let him walk.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    To say Wallace wuld play if this were a meaningful game & that his not playing is because its a business decision by him, unless u know his injury or he told u that, thats not fair, even to say bet on it. Do u know how injured he is?? How minor is his injury, in your personal medical inspection of him?

    And wasnt this the website which kept writing articles during the holdout that people who know him said he’s gonna report real soon, though all those turned out wrong?

    Then when he reported, noone called out the players & coaches after they said Wallace didnt need camp or preseason.

  • Reader783

    I think it’s fair to say that if this game mattered, Wallace would play through the injury because he played through the Cincinnati game with it. As for the rest, I don’t think Dave had any agenda regarding Wallace this season and if he did he didn’t push it on the readers and it’s unfair to say he did. As for Steelers’ fans, I think everyone overreacted to his late reporting and then every single mistake he made this year was blown WAY out of proportion. If AB had reported late, he would have been skewered for the fumbles he had that KILLED us this season. I would love to see Wallace stay. If we give him a good offer and he wants more, then that’s that. I don’t think he played poorly enough this year to not even get our respect for an offer on the same level of AB. He has earned the same money as AB over his career.

  • Cols714

    Yep. Brown didn’t have a good year at all. Neither did Wallace. Yet Steelers fans are super angry at Wallace because he held out and because of some unconfirmed report that he wanted a ton of money. That report was probably bogus.

    I really hope they figure out a way to keep him. Losing our best WR from what was a terrible offense will not help us win next year.

  • Mike Carroll

    There’s no doubt the entire young money crew disappointed in many ways. It’s time to bring in a new guy in the draft, preferably a bigger body which is not as difficult to find these days.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    Do I hate Wallace? No. Do I think he deserves to be paid as one of the top WR in the game? No. He didn’t show up for camp, but yet wanted a new contract. The Steelers kept telling him show up and we’ll talk…Mike still stayed away. Then came the drops and the lackluster effort and an occasional fumble. Then Mike said it was hard to stay focused. And even more drops came. Sure you can say Sanders and Brown had down years. Most of he entire Steelers team did. But does Wallace deserve top WR money? No. Give it to Lewis and Foster. Guy who showed up, played hard all year and didnt complain.

  • Pete

    There’s a lot of anger towards Wallace because of his money attitude hold out. Yes, all players want to make the big dollars but many fans don’t want to see that desire put above the team. If he had gone to camp and all and left as a UFA, there would’ve been a different reaction. He is free to take the biggest offer he can get. I say Ciao, see ya.

    Although AB had a sub par season like Wallace, fans support him because his attitude was different from Wallace. Brown even went so far as to say he wouldn’t hold out as a RFA. I think the fans and Steelers management like Brown’s attitude. The Steelers will find another very good WR like they always do. I’m comfortable with that. Just as we do not miss Santonio, we’ll forget Wallace too.

  • JT

    Definitely just a weird situation. When has the fanbase of such a bad offense been so desperate to dump it’s #1 WR? I see people calling Wallace soft. If he’s soft, what the hell does that make Sanders? He’s no TO. He’s not a problem in the locker room. He’s missing the first game of his career tomorrow. By all accounts he’s a good teammate. Do they need him? Maybe not. Are they automatically better without him? Hell no.

    Keenan is obviously priority #1. But who wouldn’t be happy if we could keep both? I want him back, but have no delusions about the price having to be right

  • Mike Carroll

    Sanders is soft too, but he will only cost $1.2M as an RFA this year. Brown is the only one of three who has some toughness, even though he is the smallest among them. If you draft a bigger guy this year, the team could feature Brown and the new guy by 2014, providing the team with a more pronounced physical presence at wide receiver. Chances are decent the team could even keep Sanders on as the 3rd receiver, at a relativley low cost, where his finesse style is less significant and less detrimental.

  • 20 bucks says he goes to Indy because of Arians throwing the ball all the time. Who else throws as much? Well Saints, Chargers, maybe Seattle…yea hes gone…goodbye Wallace may u fumble many balls