Not Surprisingly, Charlie Batch To Remain Backup Quarterback Moving Forward

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Byron Leftwich is not on the injury report this week for the first time since he injured his ribs in the 13-10 loss the Baltimore Ravens back in Week 11. Although he has apparently returned to full health he has not returned to his spot on the quarterback depth chart as Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports via Twitter that Charlie Batch will be the No. 2 quarterback against the Dallas Cowboys Sunday behind starter Ben Roethlisberger.

While Roethlisberger remained sidelined with his rib and shoulder injuries Batch started the two games after Leftwich went down against the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens and won the latter of the two thanks in part to his 25-of-36 passing performance good for 276 yards and a touchdown against the Ravens at Heinz Field. That win included Batch driving the Steelers offense 61 yards on 12 plays to set up the game-winning kick by Shaun Suisham.

The shake up of the depth chart is not surprising as Batch has earned the backup role with the win over the Ravens and he will most likely keep that role for the remainder of the season as a result. Leftwich is expected to remain the inactive quarterback moving forward with Roethlisberger now back healthy.

Both Batch and Leftwich will once again be unrestricted free agents at the end of season just as they were last year. There is a chance that one might be asked back year on a one-year qualifying contract, but the chances of both returning are slim. Batch has not given any indication that he plans on retiring after turning 38 years old just last week and Leftwich certainly intends to keep playing next season as well.

  • steeltown

    Ok, resign Batch next season, his football intelligence and sideline presence is umatched and he’s been a great Steeler, but PLEASE bring in some young blood. I know they were interested in Kirk Cousins in the last draft, so much so that Tomlin apparently had dinner with him when they visited. Obviously that didnt happen as with most drafts, things are unpredictable, but lets make it a point to get one of these mid Rd guys in the next draft. Batch can be the #3 or even #2 till the young QB is ready to step in as the #2, but lets do it Colbert! Batch will be a good sideline coach for a young QB. I think it goes without saying Leftwich needs to go, sorry Byron, but a Team needs a backup that can step in for more then ONE game a season. Not to mention the inconsistant play that you have shown over the course or your entire career.

  • Maybe that is because Batch is a better QB than Leftwich…

    I never understood what they saw in Leftwich. They must not have seen much in Hoyer at all to let him walk.

  • The last game Leftwich started and won was as a Jaguar. That should tell us something…

  • TJimmy

    Jared Johnson looked decent in preseason. Maybe he will be a consideration next year