Playoff Scenerios: AFC North Still Up For Grabs

We all know the current situation of the Pittsburgh Steelers as it relates to the playoffs and it starts with them having to win Sunday at home against the Cincinnati Bengals.

While it isn\’t advisable, they could still lose to the Cleveland Browns in Week 17 and still earn a Wild Card berth as long as the Bengals lose to the Ravens in week 17 and the Miami Dolphins to lose or tie one of their remaining two games.

So now that we have that recapped, the Steelers can also still win the AFC North as unbelievable as it sounds. They would of course have to win their final two games and hope that the Baltimore Ravens lose their final two games against the New York Giants and the Bengals in order for that to happen.

That scenario would leave the Steelers, Ravens and the Bengals all with 9-7 records and the Steelers would then win the AFC North based on head-to-head win percentage. The Steelers would have a 3-1 record against the other two teams while the Ravens would be 2-2 and the Bengals 1-3.

While all of this is fun to look at, the Steelers are facing a tough challenge Sunday in the Bengals, who have won 5 of their last 6 games. The Steelers of course have lost 4 out of their last 5 and they have a secondary that could be without all three of their regular starting cornerbacks.

Just win at let the chips fall where they may.

  • Reader783

    Still have yet to play a full, good game. Hope we’ve saved those for the last two games and playoffs.

  • Sven_Hunkstrom

    To get in with a loss to the Browns, we’d need not only a Bengals loss in Week 17, but also a Miami loss in either of its two remaining games. Dolphins would own tiebreaker at 8-8 based on conference record.

  • steeltown

    This is it.. playoff mentality.. seriously.. if we cant beat the Bengals in Pittsburgh then we DONT deserve to be in the playoffs PERIOD

  • steeltown

    I am disheartened.. I back my Team always, and I always have faith in my Team.. but damm this year has been tough. I am starting to look to the future with my thoughts humbly on the present. BIG decisions on the horizon. Do they keep Haley after one year of mediocrity? (guess that might depend on a playoff run or not) Do they resign Wallace.. or K.Lewis? Will they finally draft a backup QB? Will they bring in another special teams coach or WR’s coach? Does Lebeau step down? I thought last offseason was interesting, but I am left with more questions AFTER the 2012 campaign then I had before it began.

  • steeltown

    Just read from the Steelers website, Tomlin said in his tuesday press conference that Cortez AND K.Lewis should both practice this week and both might be able to play on Sunday!

  • Dan

    I’m right there with you. I’ll confess my thoughts have even wandered to draft position a time or two. There was a time this year (around October I believe) where things were looking good. Our O-line was playing well and we were consistently getting good rushing numbers. Hopefully that is a glimpse at the future. I do hope LeBeau is with us for a good while longer, but indeed we need some fire and passion on the defense to step things up. Maybe someone will come along as part of the player youth movement. I also hope we will keep Wallace with an above-average offer and he gets his head on straight. I think he could be an important component in a Super-Bowl run. I just won’t lose sleep over his contract situation like I did last spring. I’m all for younger, less-fragile backup QBs and some more depth in the secondary.

  • Josh Foriska

    Pittsburgh wins superbowl

  • steeltown

    Agreed. People wont admit it, but besides Miller.. Wallace has been our biggest playmaker in 2012, but like you, I wont lose sleep over his contract situation and wont be upset if he goes elsewhere. I really think its time for another QB to be drafted and groomed to be Ben’s backup. They were interested in Kirk Cousins last draft, that didnt happen, but man that wouldve been sweet! I also think another OLB and Safety are a must soon

  • Dan

    Maybe the new QB from the Pats (can’t remember his name now) will do well as a backup. As for OLB, I have to think Harrison is vulnerable as a cap casualty. Although, I’m not sure if he can go a whole season healthy, I don’t like the idea of him playing under different colors, especially a possible opponent. But unless we can be fairly confident of high production next year it will be hard to justify his cap number. I do like Worilds so far.