Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Bengals – Week 16

Below are the coverage stats for the Pittsburgh Steelers following their 13-10 loss Sunday to the Cincinnati Bengals.

The completion percentage of 60% is a bit higher than what you would like to see as is the yards per attempt of 6.95. The 5.29 yards after the catch is also a bit higher than what you would like to see, but as a whole the tackling was much better this week as opposed to last week in the loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

The two interceptions by Cortez Allen really makes the stats above more palatable. It is too bad that the Steelers offense couldn\’t capitalize on them.

Keenan Lewis played on one leg in this game and played well considering it. Most of his day was spent covering Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones, but he did allow the final long completion to wide receiver A.J. Green that set up the game-winning field goal.

Allen, who covered Green for a good majority of the game, was targeted 14 times in total and allowed 7 catches for 79 yards.

Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Bengals


Steelers Bengals Pass Attempts By Play

112:30110CIN 12158COMP18-A.Green28-C.Allen
110:38210CIN 3758COMP18-A.Green92-J.Harrison
19:5835CIN 4261COMP88-R.Whalen31-C.Brown
18:44110CIN 4800INC18-A.Green28-C.Allen
17:57310CIN 4800INC84-J.Gresham94-L.Timmons
15:59110CIN 15111COMP82-M.Jones23-K.Lewis
14:4829CIN 2721COMP16-A.Hawkins43-T.Polamalu
14:1537CIN 2900INC82-M.Jones23-K.Lewis
28:3828CIN 22179COMP82-M.Jones23-K.Lewis
27:52110CIN 3993COMP18-A.Green28-C.Allen
26:3136CIN 4317COMP84-J.Gresham94-L.Timmons
23:52110PIT 4200INC18-A.Green28-C.Allen
23:41215PIT 472326COMP19-B.Tate50-L.Foote
22:1329PIT 2300INC18-A.Green43-T.Polamalu
22:0339PIT 2300INC82-M.Jones23-K.Lewis
314:56110CIN 2000INT16-A.Hawkins28-C.Allen
313:16110CIN 2083COMP18-A.Green28-C.Allen
312:4122CIN 2814COMP18-A.Green28-C.Allen
312:13110CIN 35233COMP82-M.Jones23-K.Lewis
310:52214PIT 4600INC18-A.Green31-C.Brown
310:45314PIT 46254COMP84-J.Gresham94-L.Timmons
39:20322PIT 3300INC16-A.Hawkins23-K.Lewis
39:15422PIT 3300INC18-A.Green35-J.Victorian
33:28210CIN 2000INC18-A.Green28-C.Allen
33:24310CIN 2000INC16-A.Hawkins28-C.Allen
31:14110CIN 1161COMP82-M.Jones23-K.Lewis
30:14310CIN 111916COMP16-A.Hawkins28-C.Allen
414:54110PIT 42120COMP18-A.Green28-C.Allen
413:23110CIN 3792COMP16-A.Hawkins43-T.Polamalu
412:4821CIN 4681COMP82-M.Jones23-K.Lewis
412:05110PIT 4600INC16-A.Hawkins28-C.Allen
411:21317CIN 4700INT88-R.Whalen35-J.Victorian
47:2929CIN 1100COMP42-B.Green-Ellis50-L.Foote
46:4539CIN 11120COMP84-J.Gresham50-L.Foote
46:06110CIN 23158COMP18-A.Green28-C.Allen
44:5926CIN 422116COMP18-A.Green43-T.Polamalu
43:27311PIT 3800INC18-A.Green23-K.Lewis
41:47110CIN 4395COMP18-A.Green23-K.Lewis
40:5731PIT 4800INC18-A.Green28-C.Allen
40:14110PIT 46210COMP18-A.Green23-K.Lewis
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