Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Ravens – Week 13

Below are the coverage stats for the Pittsburgh Steelers following their 23-20 win Sunday over the Baltimore Ravens. The completion percentage of 48% is outstanding and the 5.70 yards per attempt was great as well. In the two meetings with the Ravens this season quarterback Joe Flacco was 36-of-66 (54.5%) for 352 yards (5.3 YPA) with 1 TD 1 INT and was sacked 5 times.

Cornerback Cortez Allen was targeted a whopping 13 times with one of those being a penalty that is not listed below. Allen allowed the lone touchdown pass and 101 of the 188 passing yards in the game. He did, however, defense 3 passes.

Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Ravens

TOTALS33 1648%1885.707411

Steelers Ravens Pass Attempts By Play

115:00110RAV 20100COMP81-A.Boldin23-K.Lewis
114:22110RAV 3000INC82-T.Smith24-I.Taylor
114:14210RAV 30124COMP82-T.Smith28-C.Allen
113:41110RAV 4200INC81-A.Boldin23-K.Lewis
113:37210RAV 4280COMP82-T.Smith28-C.Allen
15:54110RAV 2900INC81-A.Boldin23-K.Lewis
15:48210RAV 2954COMP27-R.Rice94-L.Timmons
15:1735RAV 3400INC81-A.Boldin28-C.Allen
12:0634RAV 4052COMP30-B.Pierce25-R.Clark
10:4525PIT 5060COMP81-A.Boldin28-C.Allen
10:04110PIT 441110COMP44-V.Leach28-C.Allen
214:2628PIT 3154COMP44-V.Leach93-J.Worilds
214:0233PIT 2600INC82-T.Smith31-C.Brown
211:24110PIT 4800INC81-A.Boldin28-C.Allen
211:19210PIT 4800INC82-T.Smith28-C.Allen
211:10310PIT 48130COMP82-T.Smith23-K.Lewis
29:4924PIT 400INC81-A.Boldin28-C.Allen
29:4234PIT 400INC81-A.Boldin50-L.Foote
26:13210RAV 3200INT88-D.Pitta25-R.Clark
24:01110RAV 41316COMP81-A.Boldin28-C.Allen
23:23110PIT 28282TD81-A.Boldin28-C.Allen
310:2329RAV 271210COMP44-V.Leach50-L.Foote
39:07211RAV 3800INC27-R.Rice93-J.Worilds
38:24326RAV 2300INC12-J.Jones23-K.Lewis
35:33311RAV 471915COMP88-D.Pitta94-L.Timmons
35:08110PIT 3400INC82-T.Smith28-C.Allen
30:18220RAV 1654COMP12-J.Jones28-C.Allen
415:00315RAV 2100INC12-J.Jones23-K.Lewis
410:59110RAV 2762COMP81-A.Boldin92-J.Harrison
47:24110RAV 201211COMP44-V.Leach94-L.Timmons
46:43110RAV 3200INC82-T.Smith23-K.Lewis
46:34210RAV 3200INC17-T.Doss50-L.Foote
46:30310RAV 3200INC88-D.Pitta23-K.Lewis

  • steeltown

    Man, K.Lewis is a beast this year. I really hope they can resign him. Think about the Offense compared to the Defense in terms of age and upside. The Offense is pretty young and has alot of up and coming talent. The Defense needs to reload with some young guys, Ike, Clark, Troy, Will Allen are all playing great, but they are not spring chickens anymore. I sound like a broken record, but I think the cap needs to be spent on guys like Lewis and McLendon this year, not Mendenhall or Wallace

  • Clint Martin

    How do you figure Troy is playing great? He barely played. Will Allen,Clark,Ike,Lewis,Cortez, and Curtis Brown are the reason the secondary is so strong this year and coaching of course! I do agree about Mendenhall and Wallace

  • steeltown

    I kind of meant as a whole, over the years, Troy, Clark, Ike, etc. have played great for us, but we need to retain the younger guys now, before the Defense does become ‘too old’

  • Clint Martin

    I got you They do need to retain the young guys I agree
    Go Steelers

  • The best is yet to come, with Ike out for a minute, we’ll really get to see what we have. Bring on Dez Bryant and A. J. Green.