Steelers Drop To .500 With 27-24 Overtime Loss To Cowboys – Game Recap

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr picked off a pass from Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger intended for wide receiver Mike Wallace on the second play of overtime and kicker Dan Bailey kicked home the game-winner one play after that to give the Cowboys a 27-24 home win at home Sunday.

The loss drops the Steelers to 7-7 on the season and now they must win their final two games of the regular season with no momentum against the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns if they are to make the playoffs.

Roethlisberger finished the game 24-of-40 for 339 yards with 2 touchdowns in the loss, which he took full responsibility for after the game.

The Steelers wide receivers certainly played a big part in the loss as once again the trio of Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown all registered drops in the game. Brown also had a crucial fumble on a punt return with 10:18 left in the game with the Steelers up 7 points at the time. Had Brown not been stripped of the football the Steelers would have likely been set up in Cowboys territory with a great opportunity to extend their lead.

The Steelers young cornerbacks were also victimized early and often in the loss and the poor tackling, especially in the secondary, led to several yards gained by the Cowboys after the catch.

The Steelers played the game without starting cornerbacks Ike Taylor and Cortez Allen, who both sat out the game injured. The remaining cornerback with experience, Keenan Lewis, left the game in the second half with a groin injury. That left the Steelers with only Curtis Brown, Josh Victorian and Robert Golden, who coming into the game had a total of 64 defensive snaps played between them.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo finished the game 30-of-42 passing for 341 yards and 2 touchdowns to wide receiver Dez Bryant and tight end Jason Witten. Wide receiver Miles Austin led the Cowboys with 7 catches for 79 yards, most of which came against Victorian.

The Steelers defense only allowed 4 out of 11 third downs to be converted in the game, but most of the damage was done by the Cowboys offense on first and second downs.

In addition to losing Lewis during the game to injury, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said during his post game press conference that reserve cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke suffered a separated shoulder early in the game and that Sanders suffered a rib injury.

  • JT

    Mike Wallace would be run out of town if he made the mistakes Brown has made the past two weeks. It’s time he is held as accountable. ST and WR coaches need to be evaluated heavily this winter. Those units have been backbreakers all year long.

  • zyzak

    This team looks like they’re stupid

  • Tim Culligan

    Fortunately the result won’t matter. Offense needs to take up more time on the clock. Lately the defense had held it down and kept them in games, but when they’re banged up like they are now, especially in the secondary which was the best unit on the team, they cant be relied on.

    WRs need to play better all around, and the o’line hasn’t gelled lately. We’ll see another preformance sunday, hopefully it’ll be better

  • Buccos9

    Antonio Brown had a horrible game. Dropped passes, a fumble, letting a punt bounce for an extra 17 yards, running out of bounds with about a minute left so the Cowboys did not have to use a timeout, etc. That’s two weeks in a row where his brain was somewhere else. It’s clear that Wallace has poor hands, and he doesn’t work hard enough to keep his feet in bounds, but if he ends up on a team with a QB that can throw the ball accurately and early enough (which Roethlisberger fails to do much of the time) he may again be a lethal deep threat even if he can only catch by trapping the ball against his body. If the Pats or Denver pick him up, look out.

  • r4kolb

    First thing I’d like to say is if you check some of my posts from early in the season you will see that I predicted them to go 8-8. Looks like that may be a reality. Also this is one of the most poorly coached teams I have EVER witnessed as a Steeler fan. For all this talk from the announcers on how great Tomlin is, its mind boggling. He’s an average coach at best. Halely makes BA look like a friggin offensive coordinating genious. How we are one of the top D’s is beyond me. You lose to teams like the Raiders, Titans, Browns, Chargers, and Cowboys? That’s embarassing. Tomlin is like a politician with his words of wisdom. Maybe he will tell us they are going to unleash hell for the next 2 games. When in truth he should say “we played like hell all year”. The STANDARD is the STANDARD??? If this is the STANDARD is Rooney should pack up and move the team to Cleveland. Oh, wait, the Browns may sweep us this year. What a joke.

  • TJimmy

    Before every game, players gather and pray that everyone will stay healthy. Last two years those prayers have been unanswered. The problem with the team is spiritual.

  • Why do we have so much trouble running the football

  • I feel you, Antonio Brown makes some bonehead mistakes.

  • Mike Carroll

    All great points about Antonio Brown. I don’t think the Steelers did themselves any favors by snubbing Ben and picking Brown for team MVP last year. Brown had a very good year, but he’s not their most valuable player. With his inflated ego, he has become obnoxious on the field and may not even be aware just how poor of a game he had today.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    We need to start to have a disciplinarian for our receivers. Even if we brought in one, would our receivers pay attention or instead count their money.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Ouch, But true. Only in past years was the standard is the standard. And its a good thing Tomlin doesnt say The Standard is the Standard because if he does, I hope everyone cslls him out in it.

  • awlcohen

    That huge Woodley contract was clearly a blunder. Harrison is on his last legs, although still fairly effective. Timmons is legit, and Foote is playing beyond his abilities, for now. I feel as if all the D-line players in isolation are OK (with the exception of Hampton), but as a unit, they don’t do much. Hampton is the weak link and should be cut without even a discussion after the season. Given their level of experience, I didn’t think the young DBs played terribly. I’ve seen almost as poor play from Ike Taylor in games over the past 2 years. If it wasn’t for Offensive woes – Ben’s poor throw and Brown’s multiple blunders, the game could very well have been the Stillers. Giving up 24 points isn’t that bad in the NFL these days.
    The coaching is not good. The camera panned to Tomlin after Brown ran the KO out of bounds failing to make Dallas use a TO…Tomlin basically seemed pleased, given it was an OK return in terms of length. This guy (Tomlin) has absolutely no foresight whatsoever. Every decision is for the minute, no regard that the game is 60 minutes (or longer).

  • steeltown

    As much as Wallace has frustrated me over the course of the offseason and into the regular season.. he has been our biggest playmaker, besides Miller

  • steeltown

    This Team gives me a heart attack every week, way too many fumbles, the INT in OT sucked but when you pass it 40times its bound to happen eventually. Dallas’ OLine has been mediocre all season but they looked like probowlers last night. With all the speed we have on Offense I just dont see why we struggle to move the chains (unless Miller catches a pass) I know its the first year in Haleys Offense, but it has been mediocre at best. How can we be soo good on 3rd down, yet terrible on 1st and 2nd down???

  • Mike Carroll

    Nice points. And I agree Tomlin’s reaction did not seem appropriate for Brown’s run out of bounds (off a short pass, not KO). And judging by the fact Tomlin put him back to receive another punt AFTER multiple errors in a span of minutes, you’d have to question Tomlin’s thinking and coaching.

  • steeltown

    Everyone wants to be down on the DLine.. while agree the front 7 has not been creating enough pressure this season, lets not forget that the DLine (front 3) is basically eating up blockers and trying to create lanes for the LB’s.. Hood and Keisel both have 3sacks a piece, while Woodley and Harrison have only 4sacks each? Really??? I still feel the OLB’s are not showing up on game day. Though Harrison has recently started playing ‘above the line’ and Worilds has shown flashes, but Woodley has been none existent.. I see them drafting another OLB next year in hopes of finding a playmaker…. I know I know, Woodley is a beast in the postseason, but that doesnt matter much if you dont make the playoffs!

  • Buccos9

    Some fans and writers point to injuries as one of the key problems for the Steelers this year, and there is some validity to that argument. However, I saw an article on the Drafttek web site recently that calls into question the quality of the Steelers drafts in recent years. Only four teams drafted worse than the Steelers in the three years from 2009 to 2011 as measured by players who are no longer with the team that drafted them. If Mendenhall leaves at the end of the season, the only player left from the 2008 draft would be Ryan Mundy, a shaky backup at safety. The Steelers might be at the bottom of the barrel if 2008 were included in the data. Don’t forget that this is a team that likes to re-sign its own players rather than sign free agents. Maybe this data explains why we seem to lack quality depth at many positions. It would support the argument of some writers that this team isn’t as good as we thought. And maybe Kevin Colbert isn’t as great as his reputation would lead you to believe.

  • RW

    If Lewis, Allen and Ike can’t play this weekend, I would seriously consider throwing Troy in the fire and playing him in man coverage on AJ Green and then throwing Will Allen out on the field to play SS. I know this is a crazy suggestion, but it’s much better than the thought of Curtis Brown or Josh Victorian covering him. Thoughts?