Steelers Injury Report: Heath Miller Tore His ACL, MCL & Possibly PCL – Surgery Soon

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin met the media on Monday to talk about the loss on Sunday to the Cincinnati Bengals as well as the upcoming season finale against the Cleveland Browns.

Tomlin gave an update of the injuries suffered in the game sand said running back Baron Batch (arm) suffered an arm fracture and that he had surgery to repair it Monday morning. He will be moved to injured reserve this week.

Tight end Heath Miller suffered a torn ACL and MCL in his right knee and Tomlin indicated that he might have hit the trifecta with a PCL tear as well. Tomlin did not want to speculate as far as what the recovery time will be his tight end. Miller of course will be facing surgery but Tomlin did not disclose if that has been scheduled yet. Tomlin called the play of Miller this season, “rock solid”.

Wide receiver Mike Wallace (hip) has a hip rotator strain, guard David DeCastro (hamstring) has a left hamstring strain, and cornerback Curtis Brown (ankle) injured his left ankle on Sunday.

Tomlin did not indicate whether or not cornerback Ike Taylor (ankle) or tackle Mike Adams (ankle) would play Sunday.

Tomlin said that injuries will drive the personnel moves that will be made this week. You can expect Batch and Miller to be placed on injured reserve for starters.

  • Tom

    Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Heath.

  • Dan

    I wish it mattered.

  • zyzak

    That’s coul;d be career ending for Heath, looking at 12 months of recovery and at his age the team wil have to draft a TE early. This may have been the worst Steelers season ever.

  • JohnnyV1

    Sad, Heath seems like a good dude, never creates any drama, just does his job. I wish him well, and a speedy recovery. He’ll be back.

  • dgh57

    I second Tomlin’s take on Heath Miller is “rock solid”!! They should get that same doctor that did Adrian Peterson’s knee! He tore up his knee around this same time last year and didn’t even miss any pre season games!! And look at the season he is having!!! He tore his ACL and MCL if I remember right.

  • steeltown

    Good luck Heath.. 2012 Steelers MVP… best wishes for a speedy recovery. Dont know the extent of each particular injury or how bad he tore each ligament but could end up missing some time in 2013.. Just hope to see him play again, a Steeler Great!

  • SteelersDepot

    12 months of recovery? What year do you live in?

  • Dajon Marzett

    Dajon Marzett•4 minutes ago

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    the only positive about this season is alot of or rookies and second year player played in big games and should learn from there mistakes. Decastro should be better next year. Mike Adams got alot of reps this season. Both those guys should bulk up next year. DeCastro and Adams will play better because now they understand the speed of the game compared to college. Was i the only one watching the game. Mendy is still one of the top backs in the NFL. Please sign this guy. Troy has about one to two years left. He needs to have surgey asap on his calf and get off this practice once a week stuff. Troy is playing like he practices. Colbert and Tomlin need to draft a pass rusher in the draft. Keep Keenan and Allen. Please cut Colon!!!! Big Ben needs to watch more film read defenses better and stop relying on his escape ability all the time. As you can see Big Ben has lost aleast 5 games for the steelers this year with poor reads and throws during and at the end of games. Im so sick of hearing about this young money crap. Grow up young money and learn how to catch the ball. The receivers arent that good, Im sorry to say it but Wallace and Sanders are soft. I hope we draft some strong run after the catch WRs this year.00



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  • Garrett Hunt

    Can we get him out there against the Browns? I still feel like he would be our best offensive player.

  • Garrett Hunt

    A lot of that is on AP’s work ethic though. And it helps he is just a physical freak

  • Garrett Hunt

    Are you sure you are a steelers fan man? About every time I see a comment from you its got some negative in it for the Steelers. If you would like to discuss all of these negatives a Ravens fan site may be more satisfying for you. Just Saying.

  • Heath is a freaking BEAST! Ben as Offensive MVP when doesn’t make dumb throws!

  • Reader783

    Sadly it may with an injury like that. Get well Heath. One of the quintessential Steeler players left.

  • zyzak

    I live on planet UPMC sports medicine what about u

  • Reader783

    Move to planet Earth, where Rashard Mendenhall and Adrian Peterson returned after 8 months.

  • Bob Loblaw

    For what purpose? This is a major injury, and the season is over.

  • Garrett Hunt

    I was just joking. Just saying he’s so good Heath doesnt need 2 ACL’s and MCL’s.