Steelers Offensive Line Breakdown – San Diego Chargers – Week 14

Below is the week 13 offensive line breakdown for the Pittsburgh Steelers loss to the San Diego Chargers this past Sunday.

Ramon Foster6461395%1312192%5149296%0200
Max Starks6456888%13130100%5143884%0701
Kelvin Beachum6456888%1312192%5144786%1610
Willie Colon2320387%880100%1512380%0201
Doug Legursky4640687%54180%4136588%0410
Maurkice Pouncey6455986%1312192%5143884%1420

The offensive line blocking in this game was atrocious. Let\’s start with the running game. Don\’t get caught up with the scores as it only takes one bad block on a play from one linemen to result in a run failing. There were only 13 designed running plays in the game with 1 being an end around by Mike Wallace. There are 13 listed as I included the blocking on the play called back where Wallace was flagged for holding. As you can see there were 4 total fails listed for the runs and on 2 other runs Jonathan Dwyer made bad reads. If you do the math you see that there were only a few plays that there was complete success on. The Ben Roethlisberger scrambles are listed in the pass blocking section.

Pass blocking wise it was horrible. Max Starks was beat around the edge on the speed rush several times for pressures as was Kelvin Beachum. Bad footwork for both. A few times both allowed hands inside the frame. Beachum was even given help by Miller to help protect the edge several times in this game. Beachum hand fights well, but sometimes will get lazy and drop too deep instead of attacking at the snap. Ramon Foster was the best of the group as he only allowed 2 pressures and no hits in the game. Now he will be shifting over to left side moving forward.

Maurkice Pouncey had a miserable game at both center and guard, especially when bull rushed back a few times as he was put on skates. He looked very uncomfortable at guard this week and did not work well on the inside stunts with Doug Legursky, who also was bull rushed back a few times or slanted in on thus losing his angle and leverage at the snap. The Chargers did a great job at disguising who was coming, especially in the first half when it mattered. That\’s no excuse though. Thank goodness Pouncey is going back to center now.

Willie Colon was playing on one leg in this game quite a bit before finally exiting with his injured knee.

I hate to spend too much time on this game as it was bad all the way around. The scores only reflect the individual efforts and it is deceiving as the demerits were spread around almost equally enough that everyone looks to be just below average. Trust me, it was way below average.

40 of the 64 plays had no demerits listed and that does not include fails outside of the linemen. That number alone works out to be just 63% of the plays and that percentage is way too low.

On to Dallas.

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