Steelers Open As 7 Point Favorites Over Chargers & Game Will Be CBS Early Marquee Matchup

It took a few more days than normal, but thanks to the news on Wednesday that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will more than likely start Sunday against the San Diego Chargers at Heinz Field, the home team has now been installed as a 7 point favorite on even money.

It was also made known on Monday that CBS will have the Steelers/Chargers game as the early marquee matchup and that means Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are in charge of covering it. The duo also called the Steelers win over the Baltimore Ravens last week in addition.

This game, in all likelihood, will be billed as the “Return of Roethlisberger” as he looks to face off against his 2004 draft classmate, quarterback Philip Rivers. Rivers of course was selected fourth overall by the New York Giants, who then dealt him to the Chargers in exchange for Eli Manning, who was drafted number one overall, but refusing to sign with San Diego.

The Steelers of course ended up having Roethlisberger fall in their laps with the 11th pick of the first round as a result of the quarterback shuffle.

The Chargers have yet to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh in the regular season in their existence as they are 0-14.

  • Ahmad

    If it weren’t for Ben coming back, this game probably wouldn’t have been this hyped at all when it should have been regardless. Of course there is the story line of the 2004 draft class, but Ben has been way more successful than Rivers that it’s not even close. Plus, the Chargers have never beaten us in Pittsburgh before. Still, expect a close and exciting game because the Steelers are gonna let the Chargers hang around a lot longer than they should. I’m already preparing myself for that fact. I want a blow out, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Steelers Offense dropped from #10 to #20 with Leftwich and Batch in there. Also Leftwich and Batch turned the ball over waaaay too much. Thank God Ben is back, our #1 Defense has been playing phenomenal every single week since benching Ryan Mundy for Will Allen in Week 6.

  • Lamarr56

    Very Very True. Mundy has been my least favorite Steeler for a while and I was worried when Troy went down he would have to start for a while. I remember back in week 3, when the Steelers gave up that 75 yard touchdown to McFadden, Mundy mad a terrible effort to get him down, it resulted in 6. Allen has stepped up to the plate with Troy down.

  • SteelerDave

    Hate to say it guys but this is a classic trap game coming off such a big road win. I think we win but by a field goal at best.

  • I just want a win, can’t get caught up in who the favorites. Hopefully Ben is not rushing to come back.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    It’s a TRAP!!!

  • Cletus

    I’d love to see the Stillers take a colon-cleansing 48-point dump on these guys, especially since SD seems to be turning their focus to the draft already. But it’s my Stillers and ya just never know.

  • steeltown

    Unless Rivers throws a few INT’s it will most likely be a close game, but no turnovers by our Offense and we should win

  • steeltown

    The guys are usually pretty focused in December, lets hope the players and coaches stay the course after last weeks big win

  • Admiral Ackbar

    I live in SD and the Chargers are a complete mess. The fans have already fired the GM and coach. The Steelers may not capitalize on them but Rivers will make a few interceptable throws (he has every game this year). They have numerous injuries and their team leaders have no accountability. Steelers *should* win by double digits.