Steelers S Ryan Clark Hospitalized After Win Over The Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark wrote on Twitter that he is currently in a Pittsburgh area hospital following the 24-10 win Sunday over the Cleveland Browns.

“Figures I\’s put myself in the hospital after the last game,” wrote Clark on his Twitter feed. Clark also added a picture of himself from the legs down in a hospital gown.

The Steelers safety did not mentioned why he was hospitalized so we can only guess that it might be for a concussion or an injury to his shoulder. Head coach Mike Tomlin did not mention Clark as one of the injured players during his post game press conference.

Clark had several hard hits in the game including one on Browns tight end Ben Watson. He finished the game with 6 total tackles.

  • zyzak

    Get well soon Ryan, you’re awesome

  • Shannon Stephenson

    He had a few hits that hurt me in this game…no quit in Clark

  • Richard Edlin

    His thigh has blown up … so probably neither the shoulder nor concussion.

  • steeltown

    Get well soon! Clark has been beastly this year! Next season is his last under contract but with they way he’s been playing I hope they extend his contract another year, through 2014

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Agreeing with that. But as you mentiond at a different thread Why wasnt Golden playing instead of him for this game? Were they thinking Clark needs the practice, its nuts, especially since Clark’s number of concussions left allowable is limited.

  • steeltown

    Agreed. Look at Keisel now with a knee injury going into the offseason. Doesnt make sense.