Steelers Winners And Losers – Week 13 – Ravens

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens 23-20 Sunday to move their record 7-5 on the season. Below are the players, or group of players, that I thought had winning and losing performances in the game.


Charlie Batch – Batch provided the best 25-of-36 game of his career Sunday as he threw for 276 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception. Sure, he missed a wide open Mike Wallace in the end zone, and his interception was certainly and ill-advised throw, but his 8 for 8 performance on the final two drives is what won the game. If that was indeed the last start ever made by Batch, he certainly went out nicely. It wasn\’t flawless, but it certainly was good enough.

James Harrison – Harrison not only led the team in total tackles with 7, but his forced sack fumble with 9:50 left in the game ignited the comeback. Harrison is still not the player he once was, but he is certainly a much better player than what he started the season as.

Heath Miller -The effort that Miller made on the 7 yard touchdown reception is enough to land him on the winner list. He would finish the game with 6 catches for 97 yards with his first catch not even taking place until late in the first half.

Shaun Suisham – All three of the field goals that Suisham had in this game were from 41 yards or more out and he drilled every one of them. He also did a great job with his squib kicks and had two touchbacks in the game as well.

Kelvin Beachum – The rookie made his first career start at right tackle and did not disappoint. He faced off mostly against Paul Kruger, who finished the game with just 1 sack, which came via great coverage. Beachum did his job on that play as Batch had 5 seconds worth of time to get rid of the ball. Beachum didn\’t have a lot of help in the game either, especially in the second half. It was a sink or swim moment for him and he definitely swam.


Emmanuel Sanders – Sanders had the butter fingers this week. His fumble after a completion that might have gone for a touchdown was a huge turning point in the game. While known as being the best run blocking wide receiver on the team, he missed several run blocks on Sunday to boot.

Mike Wallace – Wallace ended the game with 5 catches for 44 yards, but he had a key drop on a free play down the right sideline that he has to make. The Steelers would have had the ball at around the Ravens 20 yard-line, and who knows how the drive might have played out from there. Both he and Sanders were certainly not backup-quarterback-friendly in this game.

Cortez Allen – The night started off good for Allen, who took over early for the injured Ike Taylor, but his pass interference penalty, combined with getting beat easily by Anquan Boldin off of a missed jam at the line for a touchdown can\’t be overlooked. The second-year cornerback did register 3 passes defensed to his credit, but he has to play more even moving forward.

Will Allen – His fourth quarter hold of the hair on a punt return was not necessary and it backed the Steelers offense up to their own 20 because of it. The special teams unit struggles enough without penalties and he did not do enough on defense to prevent himself from winding up here.

Greg Warren & Ryan Mundy – We might find out later in the week who indeed blew the responsibility on the partially blocked punt, but it certainly was one of the two that was at fault, if not both. The poor net resulted in the Ravens getting their first field goal of the game.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Why wasnt Emmanuel benched? At least our RBs were hit by Cleveland causing fumbles & benching. Sanders wasnt even touched when fumbled.
    My apologies to Beachum for he passblocked fine.
    Cortez got picked on by Flacco, ravens won more of those than Cortez did, & Cortez got beat by a TD run by Rice, but that game will improve Cortez.
    Ryan Clark team MVP this season, assuming Ben doesnt return.
    The reason calling aBrown to throw passes is because Charlie is our QB, aint calling that if Ben is playing.
    Wallace dropped a beautiful pass right into his hands.
    Ravens knew they will clinch division anyway. Gonna be tough for Steelers to carry this offense enough to get a wildcard.

  • zyzak

    Sander fumbled trying to move the ball from right to left which is asinine on a crossing route. Blame Tomlin for putting stupid football thoughts in his head

  • Mike Carroll

    No, I would blame Sanders for fumbling the ball.

  • Mike Carroll

    The “young money” receivers have been leaving a lot to be desired this year. Wallace has been awful for almost the entire season with the exception of a handful of plays he made on his speed alone. Sanders and Brown (and Wallace) have fumbled way more than wide receivers ever should. And someone should tell AB he doesn’t need to arrogantly celebrate every first down.

  • Mike Carroll

    Alright James Harrison! The forced fumble late in the game was probably the best defensive play of the year for the Steelers.

  • JT

    So reminiscent of Troy’s big strip.

  • JT

    While I disagree that Wallace has been “awful”, and catches like the one he made in KC had zero to do with speed, the WRs have not been what was advertised coming into the season. Is that on the new offense, bad coaching by Haley, or arrogance and lack of work effort? But it needs to change.

  • steeltown

    I think E.Sanders remained in the game after the fumble because Cotchery is injured and Burress doesnt know the Offense. He’s the best option when going in the 3WR set and he is usually pretty clutch.

  • steeltown

    I blame Sanders too, but, he still has played great this year. Dont forget he has missed alot of time these last 3yrs since being drafted with his foot injuries. I think he has proven he is worth re-signing.. I think he’s a Restricted FA next year, so they could just place the tender on him, but if you think about it, they could sign Sanders for a fraction of the price Wallace would cost

  • JT

    Nobody besides Ben and Heath has been great this year. Maybe throw in Starks and Pouncey.

  • Phil Heidenreich

    Based on last night and really the rest of the season, I can’t be sold on the Ravens clinching the division quite yet. They still have a tough schedule upcoming: @Redskins, Broncos and Giants at home and then @Bengals. Each have very capable QBs and at least 2 have good defenses. The Browns loss might still end up costing us as a tie-breaker though. Of course, this is assuming the Steelers can take care of their own business.

  • Matt Lipner

    I totally agree, and don’t let any Ravens fans tell you that they weren’t going as hard as possible last night to beat the Steelers and knock the Steelers out of the running for the division.

  • Don

    It was reminiscent of the old James Harrison is what is was. He used to be so good at stripping it from behind like that.

  • steeltown

    I would throw in Ramon Foster and E.Sanders, minus the fumble last night, Sanders has been pretty clutch

  • Robert Truax

    I have to admit I was wrong with Beachum……the guy played well. Well done Kelvin!

  • I think you are being tough on Cortez Allen. The PI was a tough call and later the game they let the same thing go against Wallace. The TD? Well, that was a nice throw…I thought if you take away that one series Allen was very solid.

  • You do know the reason he was switching hands? The same reason our RB’s carried the ball with 2 hands all game. The coaches might have actually “overcoached” the importance of ball security and putting it in the proper hand. he never needed to switch hands since no one was going to touch him. My guess is he heard Tomlin in his ear and all he thought of was moving the ball to the proper hand…

  • The saw something in Beachum. I guess we got to see it Sunday.

  • Sanders fumbled trying to do the right thing…

  • steeltown

    Agreed. Seems like things are working against the Steelers week in and week out, call it bad luck or whatever, but I like Sanders, he’s been called the best blocking WR on the Team besides Cotchery

  • Clint Martin

    CORTEZ ALLEN? That is just plain funny! His penalty actually saved a touchdown they got held to a field goal. Sometimes you get beat it is best to grab the receiver instead of letting him catch it in the end zone!
    I put Troy on the loser list He was taken out of the game due to free lancing he cost the defense a long reception to a tight end because he is so worried about the run!
    The defense is 1st in the NFL without him. If he would just get on board and run the play that is called and cover his guy or play over the top. He is confused he thinks he is a linebacker!

    Will Allen REALLY! FOR ONE SPECIAL TEAMS PLAY If you don’t want the hair pulled tuck it away!


  • Clint Martin

    The problem with Wallace is he set the stage by throwing Fitzgeralds name in the mix. Lets face it he is not even close to that talent.
    THE END! Big money receivers make those catches !

  • SteelerFanInMD

    I think Keenan Lewis should be one of the “Winners.” I believe he took over coverage of Torrey Smith after Ike Taylor was injured. Torrey SMith was limited to 3 catches for 33 yards.

  • JT

    There’s still no proof he EVER said that.

  • JT

    The right thing is switching hands after he has complete control.

  • steeltown

    Like some of my fellow Steelers fans below, I think Cortez Allen played well, he had 3 pass defenses, almost had that INT and he was all over whoever he was covering, he did allow the TD, but as someone mentioned that was a good throw and an even better catch. Cortez is still young, look at Ike and Lewis, both of those guys were groomed for 3 full seasons before becoming trusted starters, I half expect the same with Cortez Allen

  • Mike Carroll

    You’re right, Wallace has not been awful. But he has been very disappointing with a lot of mistakes week after week. He has not proven to be a quality number 1 receiver. Maybe an average number 2 at best.

  • JT

    Find me an “average” #2 with 11.8 YPC and 6 TDs so far this year, and I’ll agree with you.

  • Tim Culligan

    if your honestly trying to blame Tomlin for this your insane. Ask Sanders whos fault it was and he wont even try to say anyone else.

  • Tim Culligan

    you guys love to hate Wallace because he did what he felt was best for him during the offseason. Listen, he’s not a crazy Steeler fan, and if he thinks he deserves more money, he’ll do what it takes. We shouldn’t expect unparalleled loyalty from every player.

    Now with that out of the way, his numbers have dropped. He’s dropped a number of balls, but right now he doesn’t have Ben at all, and hasn’t really since the Giants game. He had a big time TD if Charlie hits him in the end zone. Hop off the Wallace hate wagon.

  • Tim Culligan

    average #2 at best? Are you #$^&* kidding? thats just stupid. He’s more of a priority to resign than Mendenhall. 3 good WRs are better than 3 good RBs in the NFL today.

  • Mike Carroll

    Can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t hate Wallace. Just don’t think he’s worth a big contract.

  • Mike Carroll

    Stats don’t tell the whole story. Wallace is not a top receiver for numerous reasons: he drops too many easy balls, he fumbles in traffic, he rarely makes catches in traffic, he seems to have no idea how to get two feet down in bounds, he waits for perfect passes to drop in his lap and doesn’t jump and fight for balls, he can’t catch with his hands alone. Basically he’s not great (or even good) inside and he’s not great outside. He is a soft receiver who can make an occasional splash play, but does not bring any real consistency on a play by play basis.

  • JT

    So because he’s not Hines Ward, he’s not a top WR? He’s gotten his feet in PLENTY of times, but hey stats don’t matter….Has he had the drops this year? Yes. But so has EVERYONE but Heath Miller.

  • JT

    Guys with more drops this season that Wallace? Cruz, Megatron, Graham, Demarius Thomas, Reggie Wayne. Guys with as many? Dez, Welker, Marshall, Jones, Nelson.

    Wallace, as a matter of fact, has only two fumbles this year. Guys with as many? Wes Welker, Megatron, ANTONIO BROWN, Dez. Demarius Thomas has 3.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Pro Bowl performing level players are
    Offense: H. Miller, R. Foster, W. Johnson…M. Pouncey(?), A. Brown(?), B. Roth(?)
    Defense: R. Clark, K. Lewis
    ST: S. Suisham

  • JT

    Brown has definitely not been on a Pro Bowl level this year. I know, because I drafted him on my fantasy team. Will Johnson has done really well, but guys like Leach are just on another level than him. Ben was playing at PB level, but this downtime hurts his chances.

  • I think your comment sums it up perfectly. My biggest problem is the apparent lack of effort he puts in. Specifically, he allows defenders to run through him to the ball and doesn’t fight for the ball in a jump ball situation. Simply put, he plays weak on the ball when it’s in the air.