Steelers Winners And Losers – Week 17 – Browns

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the to the Cleveland Browns 24-10 Sunday in the season finale to even their record at 8-8 heading into the offseason. Below are the players that I thought had winning and losing performances in the game. Feel free to add your own in the comments.


Cortez Allen – For the second week in a row Allen produced turnovers as he had two forced fumbles and one recovery Sunday against the Browns. Last week in the loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, it was Allen who had two interceptions and a forced fumble in the loss. The Steelers second-year cornerback totaled 6 tackles in the game to boot and did not allow a receiving touchdown. All of that added together gets him easily onto our winners list.

Lawrence Timmons – Timmons will head into the offseason on a very high note as he had back-to-back  sacks in the final two minutes of the game, and also forced a fumble on the second of those sacks that wound up being recovered by Ziggy Hood. The Steelers former first round draft pick also recovered a fumble in the game and had six tackles, including one for loss.

James Harrison – In what very well may have been his final game in a Steelers uniform, Harrison closed out the 2012 season with 11 total tackles, which led the team, and one sack, his sixth of the season. 7 of his 11 tackles were 3 yards or less from the line of scrimmage. The veteran linebacker did incur a roughing the passer call on the lone touchdown pass by the Browns in the game, but that is forgivable when you consider his total effort.

Troy Polamalu – Polamalu looked as healthy as ever in the season finale and recorded 1 interception, 2 passes defensed and 3 total tackles.

Jonathan Dwyer – Dwyer really ran hard in this game and compiled 52 yards rushing on 11 carries. He also chipped in another 9 yards of offense with his one reception in the game. His running effort produced 3 runs of 12 yards.


Drew Butler – It hasn\’t been a great season for the rookie out of Georgia and 3 of his 6 punts Sunday were 40 yards or less. Butler almost seemed to have a dead leg in this game in addition and he will have to improve greatly during the offseason.

Maurkice Pouncey – Pouncey seemed way too occupied with defensive tackle Phil Taylor following his hit on Kelvin Beachum that knocked him out of the game. The Steelers center was in the middle of several skirmishes that could have resulted in him getting thrown out of the game. That would have been brutal had that happened as the Steelers had all offensive linemen that weren\’t injured ion the game at that time. If that weren\’t enough he got worked over up the middle a few noticeable times as well.

Josh Victorian – The Steelers young cornerback gave up the deep pass interference play that led to the Browns only touchdown. He was also picked on a few times underneath in this game with no significant plays to his credit.

Keenan Lewis – We all know that Lewis is gutsy enough to try and play through injury, but he kept himself in way too long against the Browns and was victimized a few times as he was playing on one leg in coverage. He had no business being out there and was only hurting the defense early in.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    The winners are whichever team played fewer starters this game, to look at unknown players. So Timmons had another good game but should not have been starting that game. Ditto Harrison & Keisel.

  • grw1960

    I am glad the Steelers finish with a win, But I look for Timmons to be fined for putting his face mask into the back of the QB Lewis on that sack.

  • Victorian i feel will get better an Lewis will get better. Allen us a beast an needs to stay.

  • zyzak

    Cortez makes Lewis expendable, Pouncey is a jerk.

  • I’m not so sure an injured Lewis hurts the defense when he plays considering Victorian replaces him

  • steeltown

    What about Foster? He should be on the winners list. Also, McLendon AGAIN played great with limited time. He continues to show promise.

  • steeltown

    Except Ike Taylor will be 33yrs old before the season starts next year and he very well could be a cap casualty come 2014.. we need K.Lewis & Cortez

  • steeltown

    Agreed. Why not play R.Golden in this game instead of Clark or Troy? Why not play A.Robinson more instead of Harrison and Al Woods instead of Keisel??? ALL of these guys need reps and it would be good game film going into the offseason, would help with some decision making

  • steeltown

    I think Butler will improve in the offseason, he ranks 18th overall in yds and with punts inside the 20.. not great, but not terrible either. He’s a rookie, he’ll improve

  • That’s fine. That’s 2014, and the Steelers will definitely be drafting secondary help for 2013. What the Steelers don’t need is to pay another solid but unspectacular player a large amount of money so he can sit on his ass for the remainder of his contract.

  • steeltown

    Unspectacular player? K.Lewis is 2nd in the entire League in passes deflected and had over 70tackles in 2012.. that’s a stud. We cant just be constantly grooming players year after year, at some point you lock up your talent

  • Mike Carroll

    Great to see Cortez Allen showing some big signs of being a playmaker as the team desperately needs some new ones to emerge. His play the last two games should give the team much more confidence in him and should allow them more flexibility and leverage in deciding how to proceed at the corner position in the offseason.

    At least Timmons’ play this year has shown some justification for his huge salary. Woodley, however, was as huge waste for the 2nd season in row, now $20M down the drain when he should be in the prime of his career.

    Glad to see Troy can still play if healthy since it seems unlikely the team will cut him. Lets hope he works on conditioning his damn calf muscles for the entire offseason.

    I think Pouncey has been a disappointment the whole year. If he is really the All-Pro player his reputation says he is, then what does that say about the rest of the O-line? The line was terrible for large portions of the year and Pouncey should take some real blame for it since he is supposed to be the anchor of it.

    I agree with vbarzey: would be great to see Winners/Losers list for the entire season.

  • RW

    Yeah there’s no way they should let Lewis go. He should be priority number 1, over Wallace (and certainly Mendenhall). We do need secondary help, but if we’re going to get younger it will have to come at safety through the draft, not CB. We have two young, promising CBs. We can afford not to draft a CB with Ike back for at least next year, giving us 3 solid CBs, two of which are young. We need to draft a young safety in the first or second round. In reference to your unspectacular comment, see steeltowns comment. We absolutely need to lock up our young talent (much the same way they did with Timmons two years ago, when half of Steelers fans were scratching their heads)…

  • Mike Carroll

    I have no problem with Troy playing this game. I think the team needed some evidence he can still play since he missed most of the season with calf injuries that have plagued since the middle of the 2010 season.

  • steeltown

    I can agree with that.. but some others should not have, heck even Sylvestor couldve played some for Timmons

  • So what, he tipped passes. Big deal. They threw at him at him a lot. How many interceptions did he have? That’s right, ZERO! I could also care less how many tackles he made. Spectacular players make big time plays and that’s why they get paid big money. Lewis is gonna hit the lottery this coming year for having a SOLID year. Can the Steelers afford to pay him that? It sucks to lose him, but that happens. Cortez Allen stepped up at the end of the year and showed the Steelers he’s a capable starter, and therefore they can afford to let Lewis go. No way Cortez is the 3rd corner next year. If Ike was done it would be a different story.

  • Did you actually watch the steelers play this year? Keenan was easily the most consistent corner all year round. Ike doesnt make interceptions so is he a sub par corner also? We had the number one pass defense in the league without a dominant pass rush and thats because of the play from our corners and safety’s.
    Keenan was constantly disrupting passes and if you go back and have a look at those passes, many of them would of been for HUGE plays. He showed great technique in his coverage and this is someone who plays a defensive back position.

    Cortez showed a lot of promise but he had TWO big games at the end of the year. You dont tamper with the number one pass D cause a third stringer had two big games. This team lacked leadership at times and you would let Lewis walk after 4 years service and finally getting this complex Lebaue defense down? Completely illogical.

  • Yeah, I know Keenan had a solid year. I’m not saying that he didn’t. Did he make the pro bowl? No. Will he be paid like he made the pro bowl? Yes. With Cortez showing he can handle himself the Steelers don’t need to break the bank trying to match other teams that will surely overpay for his services.