2012 NFL Wild Card Round Playoff Stats – Adjusted Net Yards Per Passing Attempt Differential

Wild Card weekend is now behind us as the Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans all advanced to the divisional round with wins. Below are the ANYPPAD (Adjusted Net Yards Per Passing Attempt Differential) stats for this past weekend for all of the teams that played. If you want to get a better understanding of the stat, read here and here is the final 2012 regular season ANYPPAD stats as well.

If you have followed this stat closely throughout the season you certainly know that the losses by the Indianapolis Colts and the Minnesota Vikings are not surprising on many levels. Both teams had a negative differential of 1.00 or worse in the regular season and it finally caught up to them. The Vikings were handicapped even more with Christian Ponder sidelined by an elbow injury, but the outcome likely would have been the same against the Packers regardless.

The Ravens and the Packers had the most impressive offensive numbers but keep in mind that Joe Flacco only completed 12 of 23 passes against a Colts defense that was more than suspect. The Ravens had 8 explosive plays in that game, 7 being passes, and that was easily the difference. The Ravens will have a huge test next week against the Denver Broncos.

The Houston Texans will play a New England Patriots team that is not as strong defensively as the one that they played Saturday in the form of the Cincinnati Bengals. This game might wind up being a little closer than many think. The Packers game against the San Francisco 49ers should be a great one as should the Seahawks game against the Atlanta Falcons. As I mentioned previously, do not sleep on the Seahawks now that they have made it past the Redskins. They match up great against the remaining NFC teams. They will have to get to the Super Bowl on the road, but I like the product they have right now, especially defensively.

BAL 1223282201 1312.8828 542880 1321 3.898.98
GBY 2333274103 247.5011 301801 1323 4.003.50
HOU 2938262010 05.7114 301270 129 2.283.43
SEA 1526187105 315.6813 291152 1216 3.032.65
WAS 1329115212 163.0315 261871 0531 5.68-2.65
CIN 1430127012 92.2829 382620 100 5.71-3.43
MIN 1130180113 234.0023 332741 0324 7.50-3.50
IND 2854288013 213.8912 232822 0113 12.88-8.98
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