2013 Steelers Mock Draft Version 1.0 – Post Senior Bowl

The 2013 Senior Bowl week has come and gone and that now means that it is time for my first 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers mock draft, or as I like to call them, educated guesses.

I usually do about 5 or 6 mocks prior to the actual NFL draft and you can find the links to all of those in this final mock draft post from 2012. Here is my first mock after the 2012 Senior Bowl from last offseason as well.

I have already posted my Steelers draft needs earlier in the offseason and you can read those in this post.

You will notice that I did not draft a quarterback in this first mock, but I will likely do so in future mocks after we know what round the compensatory draft pick will be that I expect the Steelers to receive.

************** If you are going to comment in this post please add value to the discussion. The rounds here are not important and you are not helping the discussion exercise by saying “Player X” will not last that long or is being drafted too soon. Please add what you like and dislike about a certain player and feel free to add your own mock as well. Remember, the discussion should be centered around the players, not the rounds they are drafted. Mock drafts are never perfect, but the value of them is in the discussion about the players. If I feel you are not adding value with your comments I will simply delete them. Go elsewhere if you want to be a nuisance. **************

Round 1 – S Kenny Vaccaro – Texas

– It is obvious that the Steelers first round pick could go in several different directions from a positional standpoint because of need and best layer available. Players such as Jarvis Jones, Dion Jordan and Ezekiel Ansah certainly could be in play here, but for now we will assume that they will all be off the board by the time the 17th pick comes around. The top of the wide receiver class will also be intriguing as well, but I think the top three to five in the class still need to be sorted out a little better. The Steelers will most certainly be on the hunt for a safety in this draft, so I will kick off my first mock of the season with Vaccaro. This is not to say that I do not like Matt Elam or Eric Reid, as they both could wind up being the first safety off the board, and thus the pick. In the Steelers defense the strong and free safety positions have become pretty interchangeable over the years with Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark being able to play both spots, and in my opinion Vaccaro fits that same bill the best. He is a physical defender that play in the box against the run, in the slot against a tight end, or in the backend as a center fielder. The Texas product has great instincts in zone coverage and is always around the football. He shows good balance on tape and above average quickness and first step. He has nice hip action and understands inside leverage concepts. While he wouldn\’t be a first year starter, he would be an instant contributor on special teams that could be groomed to take over when Polamalu and Clark are gone. Should the Steelers decide to wait a few rounds for a safety, I am also high on Jonathan Cyprien out of Florida International as a player that can likely be drafted around round three.

TacklesDef IntFumbles

Round 2 – WR Quinton Patton – Louisiana Tech

– Where will Patton shake out in the class? I have seen him as high as the second rated wide receiver and as low as the eighth. Right now I think he will wind up being a kid drafted somewhere in the second round, so right now I will assume that he will be on the board for the Steelers in the second round. His nice effort down at the Senior Bowl certainly turned some heads, including mine. Patton is nicely put together kid with good arm length and a big wingspan. He has a nice big catch radius and can play both the X and the Z positions. His football IQ is much greater than that of Cordarrelle Patterson, who will most likely wind up being selected ahead of him and he is a much better route runner than Patterson as well. While not a burner like Mike Wallace, he does carry his pads well and is explosive off of the line and able to get separation. His speed is deceptive and he uses it well to set up defenders. Patton is a hands catcher as opposed to being one that catches with his body like Wallace. He has excellent body control and plays bigger than his listed size. He is not afraid of contact and is a willing blocker.


Round 3 – OLB – Corey Lemonier – Auburn

– The Steelers love those tweener types and Lemonier fits that. He reportedly received a third round grade from the draft advisory committee, so his stock figures to be somewhere between the third and fourth round. While mostly playing down as a defensive end at Auburn, he did stand up a few times. Like most defensive ends that convert to the 3-4 outside linebacker spot, Lemonier would have to get used to seeing the game from a different view point, but he is regarded as a player with a high football IQ with a strong motor and quality character. He plays with a mean streak and moves well out on space. One scout pegged his play as being similar to that of former Steelers linebacker Joey Porter. Lemonier would be an instant special teams contributor while he refines the rest of his game and learns the right outside linebacker position. His upside is tremendous.

TacklesDef IntFumbles

Round 4 – RB Le\’Veon Bell – Michigan State

– Bell is a well put together back that rarely goes down after first contact. For a player his size he has good body control with above average lateral movement. He presses his blocks well and has the ability to runs bounce outside. He has good vision with controlled patience. He is average in the passing game but good in the open field when catching the ball. He is a willing pass blocker, but does need to improve his technique as he relies on the cut block often. He is a north-south runner that does not shy away from hits.


Round 5 – TE Gavin Escobar – San Diego State

– Escobar is a 6-foot-6, 255 pound tight end put up 1,646 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns in his career with the Aztecs. He is athletic and plays both on the line and in the slot. He could use some weight and core strength to help him become a better blocker as he is regarded as a better receiving tight end than a blocking one right now. His base is narrow, but can be filled I believe. His basketball background shows in his ability to fend off defenders that try to cover him and he possesses strong body control. He has good hip drop movement out of his breaks and can create mismatches easily against smaller sized defensive backs. He could develop into an every down tight end if he fills out a little more and becomes a better blocker.


Round 6 – ILB Vince Williams – Florida State

– Williams really caught my eye during the Senior Bowl week. He of course projects as an inside linebacker at the next level and must develop a quicker see-to-do. He is a hard hitter that must lower his point of contact as he likes to tackle too high at times. Williams generally does a good job at taking on blocks and seems to be able to shed more times than not. His instincts need to match his speed and his emotion. It will be interesting to watch his stock moving forward and I plan on digging deeper into his tape between now and the combine.

TacklesDef IntFumbles

Round 7 – T John Wetzel – Boston College

– Wetzel has tackle size and measurables and played on both the right and left side at Boston College where he served as the understudy to Anthony Castonzo. Could become a swing tackle at the next level. Athletic but needs to improve his core strength. Could see his stock rise over the course of the next month. The Steelers will need depth at the tackle position with Max Starks unlikely to be back next season.

  • Kysteeler

    1st “mock” of the year, and I have to say that it is very realistic. I like the WR and RB selections, and we add depth at ILB, TE, OT. I just don’t see a good OLB being there in the 1st, so I can see why that is addressed in the 3rd. Plus we still don’t know what we have in Worilds.

  • RW

    I really like the RB pick, but I do think that Elam is a much better player than Vaccaro. I know Vaccaro has reasonably good technique, but there is no substitute for Elam’s instinct for the ball and his aggressive tackling. We need a playmaker in the defensive backfield (someone who can catch). Also – why not Justin Hunter in the 2nd? We really could use a big guy who can go up for the ball. Patton is fine, but we have plenty of WR who can catch bubble screens and run with the ball. What we need is someone who’ll go up for the ball in the end zone. Lemonier is also a fine pick in the third, but if we’re going to go with a high upside player, why not Brandon Jenkins? He put up unbelievable sack numbers before his injury (from which he should be fully recovered). I do like the last two picks.

  • Nolrog

    I would be happy with this draft. Other mocks I’ve seen have either been too heavy offense, or too heavy defense. This has nice balance that I think we need right now.

  • SteelerPigeon

    Like the mock alot. I would rather have a linebacker either inside or outside in the first round. I know that rookies don’t play much on defense, but I feel like we could use more immediate help at linebacker rather than safety. Depending on compensation picks I really like Alec Lemon out of Syracuse at wide receiver for a late round pick. Depending on if we lose Keenan I’d like a cornerback too. Early mocks are tough though.

  • Alejandro Caballero

    first round I see them possibly trading up or down, if it is up it would be for picking OLB Jones Georgia and they will give their first and third for chargers or dolphins first and fifth. If they trade down I think could be the patriots or huston, they would give to steelers their first and third in exchange of steelers first and six and if it´s with patriots would be their first and second for steelers first and fourth. in that case they can pick ILB Te´o.
    second round they pick Lacy Alabama RB
    third round pick safety Rambo Georgia

  • CM

    Keep dreaming. Patton wont be there when steelers pick in the 2nd and Lemonier wont be there as well in the 3rd. Please try and be a bit more realistic with these mock drafts.

  • mlc43

    Meh, I like the 1st pick but not much after that. I wouldn’t draft Bell..I’ve watched him a lot and he would not fit for the Steelers. Also, I’m still not sold on the value of a WR that high.

  • RW

    My post-senior bowl mock:

    1. SS – Matt Elam – Florida

    2. WR – Justin Hunter – Tennessee (we’ll see where he ends up)

    3. OLB – Brandon Jenkins – Florida State

    4. RB – Stepfan Taylor – Stanford

    5. QB – Zac Dysert – Miami (OH)

    6. TE – Gavin Escobar – SDSU

    6. DE/OLB – Devin Taylor – South Carolina

    7.G – Omoregie Uzzi – Georgia Tech

  • Drew

    While I agree with most of the positions, some of the rounds those positions were taken in I disagree with….like WR. While still having Brown and Sanders on the roster I don’t feel that a top 2 round player is needed. But when a mid round WR is drafted, I feel it MUST be a big bodied chain moving, redzone player like Plaxico was in the early years.

    I also think that money being spent on a FA would be better spent on QB Matt Moore (Mia), OG Andy Levitre (Buf), Ramon Foster, and Keenan Lewis at QB, OG & CB rather then resigning Colon, Mendenhall, and Wallace.

    RD1 NT Jonathan Hankins
    RD2 S TJ McDonald or Robert Lester
    RD3 OLB Brandon Jenkins (or Lemonier or Nico Johnson)
    RD4 RB Stephen Taylor (Cierre Wood, Mike Gillislee, Theo Riddick, etc.)
    RD5 WR Marcus Davis (Ryan Swopes, Emory Blake, Aaron Dobson, or Chad Bumphis)
    RD6 CB Brandon McGee – Miami
    RD7 Depth (LB/OL/QB/WR/ETC)

    I honestly feel that the number one need on this team is a NT. Big Snacks (Hampton) is done and should be moving on and McClendon wasn’t able to unseat him at all this season and the Rookie Ta’amu (If he isn’t locked up) couldn’t even make the 53 man roster. Having a NT will help to free up our OLB’s again and help Hood, Keisel and Heyward live up to their full potential. Hampton doesn’t require the double teams and attention that he used to so opposing offenses are able to use more bodies on other defenders negating our pass rush.

  • Chris92021

    Escobar will shoot up draft boards after he has a great combine/pro day. I expect him to go in the third round. Le’Veon Bell is an interesting pick but I have a feeling he might be available in the 6th round a la Jonathan Dwyer.

  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    Huh? Le’veon Bell is a great fit for the steelers. Better fit than Lacy and Ball.

  • LucasY59

    I like picks 1,2,6 & 7, (especially Patton and Williams) I also agree with the other commentors the picks are very balanced. If I were to change any it would be Jenkins from FSU instead of Lemonier, Lattimore SC instead of Bell (too similar to Redman and Dwyer) both are a little riskier because they are coming off injuries but both could be much higher impact types of players. I would also trade out Escobar for Williams from Alambama (very good blocker, decent pass catcher, better chance of filling in for Miller if his injury does not allow him to play early next season)

  • mokhkw

    A well thought out 1st Mock. 2 thoughts:

    1. Mike Mayock said at the Senior Bowl that this year’s Safety class is one of the best in about 5 years. While Vaccaro is a fine Safety he’s not in the Troy, Reed or in more recent times, Thomas or Barron category. I don’t think any of this year’s Safeties will end up being “elite” players and therefore cannot see the value in using a 1st on any of them. For a Safety to be taken in the 1st you’d have to think he’s something really special, not just a guy who can be a solid starter. I expect the Steelers to address this position but not in the 1st Rd.

    2. No NT/DT? I can really see the Steelers using a 1st on one as they need a replacement for Hampton. Of course this depends on whether you think McLendon is the man going forward(I don’t). Even if you think he is, there are plenty of questions behind him depth-wise & I’d expect the Steelers to select one at some point.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Dave. I will try to respond as you requested…

    1) I have watched a lot of tape on Vacarro and while I like his speed and knowledge of the game, I am concerned about his change of direction and short area explosiveness. I also think he plays too high. I believe both Elam and Jefferson will be better NFL safeties even though the pre-draft rankings are lower. I agree with you on need for a SS/FS hybrid. I just really feel like we can get equal value in the second round.

    2) Patton is looking more and more like a gem. My only problem is (IMO) we already have two of him on our roster. Brown and Sanders. In today’s NFL, I would really prefer a bigger more physical target who can go up and fight for the ball deep down field.

    3) I was on the Lemonier bandwagon earlier in the season but as I watched him more and more I have become very concerned with his lack of quickness. I think that’s why his stock dropped from a 1st rounder to a 3rd rounder on most boards. He is somewhat easy to block IMO.

    4) Bell is a terrific fit for our current OL. We don’t really blow open gaping holes like the Cowher days. Maybe the new OL coach changes that. I don’t know. But for now we must get a RB who can generate yards after contact.

    5) The Steelers need to adapt better to the new NFL. Meaning we need to incorporate the hybrid WR/TE much better than we have in the past. It’s not so much about blocking anymore. We need a guy who can get mismatches on the opposing LBs and Escobar can do that.

    6) I’m going to be bold here. I would rather draft Vince Williams than Mant Te’o. I think his first few steps are quicker. I think he hits harder. I think he gets off blocks better. And he brings something the Steelers have been lacking for some time now. A vocal emotional swagger that intimidates opponents. I love love love this guy.

    7) Nice find. I’ll have to watch some more film but he looks like a fiery dude.

  • hicksc14

    1 17 Jesse Williams DT Alabama

    2 49 Sean Porter OLB Texas A&M

    3 81 Marcus Latimore RB South Carolina

    4 113 D.J. Swearinger FS South Carolina

    5 145 Kevin Reddick ILB North Carolina

    6 177 Michael Williams TE Alabama

    7 209 Braden Brown OT BYU

  • mlc43

    He will not translate well to the nfl…mark it down I said this and watch and see.

  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    My post senior bowl mock draft

    1.Giovani Bernard,RB,UNC

    2.Quinton Patton,WR,Louisiana Tech

    3.Bacarri Rambo,FS,Georgia

    4.Dion Sims,TE,Michigan State

    5.Vince Williams,ILB,Florida State

    6.Cornelius Washington,OLB,Georgia

    7.Marquess Wilson,WR,Washington State

  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    Why not? I disagree, but we’ll see.

  • zyzak

    Leveon Bell??? Does he have much left? 382 carries wow.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Totally agree on Vacarro being a good match for Steelers. I worry the only S worthy of anyone’s 1st rounder means he’ll b overvalued by teams needing to reach down & take him before Steelers. I despise drafting UTx players because too many of them been busts in NFL. But I think all teams will know Steelers have an eye on Vaccarro..

  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    As for your mock…….

    1.Eh, Vaccaro is a solid FS, but doesn’t have great ball skills, and taking poor angle in the pursuit of the RB/TE/WR prevent me to take him in the first round. Rather draft Baccari Rambo or Phillip Thomas in the 3rd round.

    2.Love the second pick. Patton is the best WR in this class IMO. Good hand, isn’t afraid to go over the middle of the field and catch the ball in traffic.

    3.Not a fan of Lemonier, Give me a Solid S like Baccari Rambo, Phillip Thomas or Jonathan Cyprien here. Agree with StarSpangledSteeler regarding Lemonier.

    4.Love Le’veon Bell. Big patience runner that has the ability to make cuts, make defenders miss,block, and catch the ball! If we don’t take Giovani Bernard in the first, I hope we either get Bell, Stepfan Taylor, or Dennis Johnson in the 4th round.

    5.I like Travis Kelce and Dion Sims more though(Better Blockers IMO), But getting Gavin Escobar in 5th round is a steal. I have no problem with this pick.

    6.Wow Vince Williams is a vicious monster at ILB. I would love for the steelers to draft him.

    7.Meh, Rather take a chance on Marquess Wilson(WR,WSU), or Travis Johnson(OLB,SJSU) in the 7th round.

    Best 2013 Steelers mock draft I even thus far. Good Job, Dave.

  • Jason

    Good a mock as I’ve seen. I’d like to see a player in the first rd that can step in and help on D but that rarely happens.Patten and Bell would contribute immediately on offense. Nice first mock

  • grw1960

    I love the balance and position selection of this mock draft.

    I like Vaccaro,just not sure he is round one worthy

    I like Wr or RB in the 2nd , Patton , Hopkins. I also like Harper from Kansas in the 4th – 5th.

    RB Bell is ok, but he is another big RB,,I would rather see them
    draft a little smaller RB in the 2nd or 3d, like Franklin,, Gillislee ,, etc. if they are still there ,

    Wish the Steelers had 4 picks in the first 3 rounds.

  • lefnor

    Vaccaro is a great fit and he is an underrated leader. He is not a turnover machine but he can play a lot of different things on the field. He would be welcomed. But only with the Lemonier pick, because OLB is a greater need and he is a great pickup in the 3rd round. He is a great fit also. I like his atleticism, power and cover abiltiy. Doesn’t have a lot of pass rush technique but he has a good motor. A few month ago he was in the first round discussion, I don’t know what happened but in the 3rd round we should absolutely pick him. I think the combine will help his draft stock.

    Patton is a very good route-runner, good fit into Haley’s dink-and-dunk but he is a little bit limited to me and does not have a lot of upside. He is a 1dimensional player because he has not real burst and deep speed. I think the Steelers needs playmaking ability and versatility rather than reliability at their skill positions. West coast offenses also needs playmakers not just the Arians type offenses. And this is why I don’t like the Bell pick. He is a good inside runner but that’s it. There is Redman and Dwyer for that role. We need an all-down back who can run outside of the tackles, who can catch the ball, who keeps the defenses thinking!

    This year we used 2 short yardage inside RB without real outside runnig and pass-cathing option and the results: the Steelers run inside the tackles at one point of the season above 90%. That is unaccaptable, even for a Steelers team. This can’t be the foundation of an effective running O these days. Versatility. That is what we need. Will Johnson and Heath Miller fit the bill but that is 2 player.
    Escobar is a pass cathing TE. We have Paulson. We don’t need another one.
    We need a Travis Kelce type TE (look at his video vs. Duke and USF) who is a real dual threat. We need a Deandre Hopkins/Justin Hunter/Marcus Wheaton who are not only good route runners but deep threats also. At RB I would pick a Johnathan Franklin type player who has “3rd down RB” playmaking ability AND the toughness to be an all-down RB.

    ILB is a strange position. After the Spence pick and the play of Foote (i would bet he wasn’t above 220 pounds…) I don’t think that our staff is targeting a 2 down run stuffer ILB. (Was Hightower a real possibility last year? I don’t think so.). A Sio Moore type athletic inside LB around 240 pound is more possible to me.

    Sorry for the grammar mistakes, my native language is not english.

  • steepens

    I was wondering if Elam in the 2nd or 3rd round would be better for the Steelers. I’d rather go after LB, DL, WR or stud TE in the first. I know there are some LB and DL available there, what about WR and TE? Any values at 17?

  • SteelerDave

    Patton if there in round two is a steal, however I think he is off the board by early 2nd round.

    I like Vince Williams. He is smart, had his degree early. Has a huge mean streak and leadership abilities to be the next Farrior within a few seasons. To me, ILB problem solved. Williams also seems to be of a “high character” type which we need.

    Escobar is an interesting choice, certainly has the size to become a great receiving threat at TE but will not likely ever block at an even average level for the NFL. Do we have an OC capable of utilizing him? Probably not.

    My sleeper picks for this draft are as follows….

    RB: Fresno State’s Robbie Rouse … could be the Willie Parker of the draft.
    TE: Rutgers’ D.C. Jefferson … big and tall could be a late round steal.
    OG: Kent State’s Brian Winters … pure nasty and has played LT but will be a LG
    DT: Brandon Williams from Missouri Southern… 341 pounds of mean.
    FS: Syracuse’s Shamarko Thomas…. fastest FS and remarkable character.

    Out of all my sleeper picks I would most love to see us get Thomas. Read his history, his story, his challenge. He is a special young man with awesome potential.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    U of Alabama is the NFL’s minor league (except QB). Seems like that every year. Always already NFL sized players, too. Can we just make UA the next NFL franchise, dump a perrenial crap team if need to.

    Good mock tho, I’d be happy with all those except that WR. Noone wuld agree with all of anyone’s mock drat, so thats as good start as anyone else’s.

  • TJimmy

    Mock drafts are difficult (if not a mockery) because you aren’t sure who will be available. Perhaps another kind of mock draft could be implemented where players are ranked according to draft value to the Steelers at a particular round. For instance, few mock drafts had DeCastro available in the 1st round last year.

    If there were a Steelers leaderboard/draft board kind of post for players likely available in each round rather than trying to guess who would be available, that would certainly be more valuable to me. That’s how the Teams actually draft, and discussion would still be on the players without the the distraction of “stab in the dark” attempts as to who is going to be available when.

  • mjfsteeler

    Great mix of players but few impact guys that can contribute early. Colbert & Co’s repeated use of the 8-8 record makes me think Steelers may be more aggressive in the draft. I also think the Steelers need DB’s who can catch the ball. Do U think Steelers will move up/down the board? Draft seems full of good to very good vs. elite players. Here’s my player wishlist vice a mock: Manti Teo or Shayne Skov @ ILB due to smarts, instincts, experience in 3-4; Tyler Eifert or Zack Ertz @ TE due to smarts, size, versatility; Philip Thomas, Bacarri Rambo or Robert Lester @ S because we need guys who can catch other than Troy; David Amerson @ CB because he’s big, fast & his downyear was 5 picks= Ike’s career total; Ben Gardner@ DE because he’s nasty, smart & can rush the QB & play run. There’s a lot of good pass rushing OLB prospects & I’d be happy with almost all of them. If spinal stenosis in neck drops Jarvis Jones should we make a move or any chance he drops like the kid from Clemson a few yrs ago?

    LOVE THE BLOG! Good mock!

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    As of right now it appears Jefferson, Reid, McDonald, will all be available at 2.17 (Elam will probably go earlier). If you draft a safety at 1.17 he better have Polamalu type skills and i don’t think Vaccaro fits that bill. Looking at the talent that is projected to be on the board I would say LB, DL, WR, TE are the most reasonable possibilities. Ansah (DE/OLB), Patterson (WR), Hankins (NT), all look like good value to me.

  • Ahmad

    I have to admit this is one of the best mock drafts that I have seen for the Steelers this year. It’s a tad heavy on the offense but the rounds they are picked in are ok. Personally, I think the Steelers will trade down in the first round to pick up some extra picks and here’s why. Unless the Steelers plan on drafting the best player available, there are very few, if any, players that I think would be worth the 17th pick given our biggest needs at S, ILB and OLB. Vaccaro would be worth the 17th pick, but the safety class is really deep this year so I think you could still get a good safety in the 2nd round, preferably Tony Jefferson.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    real big fan of both Lattimore and Swearinger.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    agree with Thomas the Kent St kid and Brandon Williams were both outed at the Senior Bowl…no longer steals.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Not a fan of Vaccaro…not sure if he fits our defensive scheme for us…played a lot of man to man coverage where Clark plays a lot more zone for us. 2nd round I would consider him…Really do not like Le”Veon Bell…we have Redman, Dwyer and Clay…what do we want with another plodder.

  • Kysteeler

    Patton is 6’2 .. Brown and Sanders are around 5’10.. Bigger doesn’t always mean better

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I like you picks especially the Lemonier but i would rather take our ILB earlier, here is my mock draft criticize it critic it or share what you guys think.

    Manti Te’o ILB Notre Dame
    I don’t care about any of that girl friend
    crap that’s been going on about him he came out told the truth end of story.
    This guy is a great player who could add a boost to our line backing corps and
    could become a Leader on our team
    Brandon Jenkins OLB
    I think this guy could turn out to be an
    amazing pass rusher for our team he has good upside except for his Lisfranc
    injury that ended his season this year and is why I think he could fall this
    far in the 2nd
    Montee Ball RB Wisconsin
    Good Vision and feet he can make shifty
    moves to make people miss and can break tackles too. Also has a knack for finding
    the end zone.
    Baccari Rambo S Georgia
    Good safety and is a good ball hawk as well
    Marcus Davis WR Virginia Tech.
    Big bodied guy at 6-4 he is fast and is not
    a bad route runner. I believe he would fit nicely into Haley’s scheme on
    offense. Although he is new to this position he has a whole lot of upside.
    Zac Dysert QB Miami(OH)
    Project QB who could learn a lot under
    C.Batch should he stay. Could become a great backup.
    Mike Shanahan WR/TE Pitt
    Used to be a WR at Pitt but is big enough to
    be a tight end and can block but more importantly he is used to the WR position
    so we could line him up in a couple of places

  • Ahmad

    I would be shocked if Vaccaro fell out of the first. That would mean the Jets, Steelers, Bengals, Packers, Pats, Ravens, and 49ers, teams that really need safety, help passed on him. it could happen but it’s highly unlikely. With that said, LeBeau has switched to a more man coverage scheme so Vaccaro would actually be a great fit.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Smaller doesn’t mean better either. Patton measured in at the Senior Bowl at 6’0″. I would like to see at least one of our WRs at 6’3″ or taller.

  • Good point, although I still think the Steelers are better off taking a WR with the first pick and offense with their next two picks. Vaccaro is probably seen as a best-available-player pick, which is probably the smartest and safest route. Doesn’t mean it will work out to be the best pick.

  • Superdriller316

    The kid we signed from Penn State is 6’5″ and has 4.44 speed

  • LucasY59

    I agree there is a big ? for the depth at NT

  • Kusko_Ken

    As long as the kid isn’t in jail we have our NT. Ta’amu was a steal in the 4th last year. If you TIVO’d last years draft go back and listen to Mike Mayock when the Steelers were picking in the 2nd. Prior to the pick, Mayock says “Alameda Ta’amu makes a lot of sense here.” Thats the 56th pick overall! The kid might be stupid but he can play ball, not saying McLendon can’t cause i like Steve, he should have been on the field more.

  • LucasY59

    as long as he isn’t in jail… I thought he was a good pick during the draft last year. he has done nothing but make you wonder if he was worth it after that, didn’t show anything in training camp or preseason and then makes one of the stupidest mistakes he could possibly make getting arrested. I hope Ta’amu turns it around, stays out of jail, and plays great next season. I just think there should be some concern if neither of those things happen.

  • mghjr88

    I hope the Steelers stay away from T.J. McDonald(USC), especially that high(2.17). He reminds me too much of Taylor Mays.

    I agree that drafting a safety in the first would recqurie a player with a great skill set (as you put it, Polamalu type skills) and I also agree that Vaccarro doesn’t quite fit the bill. That is not to say he is not a great prospect though.

    I have read that Patterson(WR,TENNESSEE) struggles with the mental aspect of things, but other than that he looks like an intriguing prospect.

    Ezekial Ansah(BYU) isn’t a player I personally feel the Steelers should draft, especially in the first round. I know that the above article states that the round isn’t significant, but it is. Ansah may turn out to be a great player, but I personally don’t think he is a fit with the Steelers. He is extremely raw and lacks football knowledge and playing experience. I would rather have a player who eats, sleeps and drinks football and I believe Ansah projects best as a 4-3 defensive end given his size and length. Just me though. He may end up a great 3-4 outside linebacker.

    I really like Hankins(OHIO STATE) and Jenkins(GEORGIA) as possible nose tackle prospects. In my opinion they are both sure fire early draft picks

  • mghjr88

    This is an interesting mock. I really like the first 4 picks.
    Reddick and Williams aren’t bad prospects either. I have read that Reddick has an on and off motor, but haven’t taken the time to watch any video of his play for myself.

  • mghjr88

    This would certainly be a nice draft. I really like Brandon Jenkins(FLORIDA STATE) and think he will end up being a solid pass rusher in the NFL. In my mind he is one of the best fits at outside linebacker for the Steelers available in the draft.

  • mghjr88

    I agree that Williams seems like a player capable of filling Farrior’s vacancy. Hopefully his stock doesn’t rise too high for the Steelers to get him. I specifically remember one play he made early on in the Senior Bowl practices where he absolutely layed out an opposing lineman in pursuit of a ball-carrier. Mayock and Davis were chirping about it for several minutes afterwards.
    Of your sleeper picks, Williams(MISSOURI SOUTHERN) is my favorite. There are actually a lot of good nose tackle prospects in this years draft. It will be interesting to see if the Steelers end up even taking one.

  • mghjr88

    Cornelius Washington(GEORGIA) is definitely an interesting prospect. He played outside linebacker in Georgias 3-4 scheme but he probably projects a bit better as a 4-3 defensive end. It also can’t hurt that he is one mean looking dude.

  • mghjr88

    Can’t say I would mind the Steelers trading up or down. I agree that if they trade up, it better be for Jarvis Jones. I really think he would be a terrific replacement for Harrison. Who knows maybe his spinal stenosis winds up making this possible without trading up, although I highly doubt it.
    With what seems like a surplus of great prospects on the defensive side of the ball early in the draft, I actually really like and favor the idea of trading down.

  • mghjr88

    I think Mclendon is capable,but there are an almost overwhelming number of potential nose tackle prospects in this years draft compared to recent years. I do not think they need to necessarily draft a nose tackle, but its definitely something to consider.

  • mghjr88

    We’ll have to wait and see what direction the Mike Wallace and Keenan Lewis situations turn.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I agree with a lot of your assessment.

    McDonald definitely has some flaws that concern me, but he does tackle fairly well (when he doesn’t try for the KO hit). I really do like Jefferson at 2.17 though. I believe he’s a true FS/SS hybrid with the all around skill set the Steelers look for.

    Patterson’s greatest asset IMO is his instincts in the open field. I believe is explosiveness and vision make him worth the risk at 1.17, even though he is raw.

    I personally like Hankins a lot better than Jenkins, as I believe Hankins shows decent pass rush moves as well as anchor. I would not be disappointed with that pick.

    Ansah is a tricky one to evaluate. LeBeau may look at him differently than we do. He may be able to devise a scheme for a guy who can literally play DE on one play and then bounce outside to OLB on the next. I don’t know. If LeBeau thinks he fits then I’m fine with him. If not, I’m okay also.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Also, I think as the draft gets closer, the two TEs (Eifert and Erst) will both start looking more and more like viable choices in the Steelers point of view. I think many fans are underestimating the loss of Miller. Drafting a 1st round TE not only gives us an opening day starter, but a dual TE threat once Heath returns. It gives Ben a tall receiver. Additional help in the run game. And a huge boost to our red zone packages. And any pick that directly increases TDs is 1st round worthy IMO.

  • Ben Hardy

    Ok Dave, here is mine. We think very similar. I am a big fan of trading down this year and picking up an extra 3rd round pick to help fill some holes. I do not like the OLB prospects in RND 1. With the Steelers sitting at 17 I think the OLB prospects have too many question marks. Plus, the Steelers never had any luck drafting a OLB in the 1st round that panned out. I am basing my picks on videos have watched and draft rankings from a reputable draft site run by CBS. I will assume we trade down in the 1st RND and pick up an extra 3rd RND pick and receive a 7th round compensatory pick in the 7th RND in this mock:

    1. (after trade down into mid 20’s) Eddie Lacey RB- he is rising and would be a clear cut #1 back for the Steelers. He can fit both power and zone schemes. How can you not like his running style.

    2. Quinton Patton WR- This guy can be the best receiver in the draft when it’s all said and done.

    3a. Jonathan Cyprien SS- He can play FS or SS. He’s aggressive and never lets up. He is high effort w/ good speed. Could be the steal of the draft.

    3b. Corey Lemonier OLB- Loads of talent but needs a lot of coaching. Doesn’t have natural bend and needs to improve awareness. He doesn’t need to play right away since he will be behind Worilds.

    4. Gavin Escobar TE- (see what Dave wrote about him)

    5. Vince Williams ILB- another riser after the senior bowl. He will push Sylvester out of job here in Pittsburgh and will be an eventual starting in year 2 or 3.

    6. Brandon Kaufman WR- 6’4 215 small school junior. Nice size and deceptive speed. Produced well vs. FBS competition. Gives Ben a big young target.

    7a. Joe Kruger DE- brother of the Raven’s Paul Kruger. 6-6 280lbs. Could be the future Keisel…maybe.

    7b. John Wetzel OT- (see Dave’s video on Wetzel)

  • Kysteeler

    1. Matt Elam S Florida
    2. Terrance Williams WR Baylor
    3. Andre Ellington RB Clemson
    4. Sio Moore OLB Connecticut
    5. Chris Harper WR Kansas State
    6. Vince Williams ILB Florida St.
    7. Omoregie Uzzi OL Georgia Tech

  • Alejandro Caballero

    so what did you say about Bell?

  • mlc43

    Lol. Damn phone alerts!! I remember I didn’t like how he ran so high in college. I’d like to say I was drunk when I posted this but I don’t drink. So..I guess I was wrong and very happy to be so!! Lol

  • Alejandro Caballero

    jajajaja, I´m also glad you were wrong, in your defense, when they draft him I thought it was a reach, well, I was wrong as well