73 Underclassmen Players Granted Special Eligibility For 2013 NFL Draft

The NFL officially announced on Saturday the names of 73 players who have been granted special eligibility for the 2013 NFL Draft on April 25-27 in New York.

According to the release, each of the 73 players has met the league’s three-year eligibility rule and each has submitted a written application in which he renounced his remaining college football eligibility. The deadline for receiving underclassmen applications was January 15.

The NFL Draft will kick off in primetime for the fourth consecutive year. The first round will be held on Thursday, April 25. The second and third rounds are set for Friday, April 26. Rounds four through seven will be held on Saturday, April 27.

Below is the list of the 73 players along with position played and the college they attended.

Allen, KeenanWRCalifornia
Amerson, DavidDBNorth Carolina State
Bailey, AlvinGArkansas
Bailey, StedmanWRWest Virginia
Bakhtiari, DavidTColorado
Beckford, DwayneLBPurdue
Bell, Le’VeonRBMichigan State
Bernard, GiovaniRBNorth Carolina
Bray, TylerQBTennessee
Brown, TerrenceDBStanford
Carter, DuronWROhio State
Davis, KnileRBArkansas
Edwards, MikeDBHawaii
Elam, MattDBFlorida
Ertz, ZachTEStanford
Escobar, GavinTESan Diego State
Faulk, ChrisTLouisiana State
Floyd, SharrifDTFlorida
Ford, MichaelRBLouisiana State
Frederick, TravisCWisconsin
Geathers, KwameNTGeorgia
Gholston, WilliamDEMichigan State
Hankins, JohnathanDTOhio State
Harley, JajuanDBMiddle Tennessee
Hopkins, DeAndreWRClemson
Hunter, JustinWRTennessee
Jamison, JawanRBRutgers
Jefferson, StefphonRBNevada
Jefferson, TonyDBOklahoma
Jenkins, JelaniLBFlorida
Joeckel, LukeTTexas A&M
Jones, JarvisLBGeorgia
Jose, JoseDTCentral Florida
Kruger, JoeDEUtah
Lacy, EddieRBAlabama
Lattimore, MarcusRBSouth Carolina
Lemonier, CoreyDEAuburn
Logan, BennieDTLouisiana State
Maponga, StanslyDETexas Christian
Mathieu, TyrannDBLouisiana State
Milliner, DeeDBAlabama
Mingo, BarkeviousDELouisiana State
Minter, KevinLBLouisiana State
Montgomery, SamDELouisiana State
Moore, BrandonDTTexas
Moore, DamontreDETexas A&M
Ogletree, AlecLBGeorgia
Patterson, CordarrelleWRTennessee
Randle, BradleyRBNevada-Las Vegas
Randle, JosephRBOklahoma State
Reed, JordanTEFlorida
Reid, EricDBLouisiana State
Reid, GregDBFlorida State
Rhodes, XavierDBFlorida State
Richardson, SheldonDTMissouri
Robey, NickellDBSouthern California
Ryan, LoganDBRutgers
Sanders, AceWRSouth Carolina
Sentimore, DarringtonDTTennessee
Simon, TharoldDBLouisiana State
Sims, DionTEMichigan State
Spence, AkeemDTIllinois
Stills, KennyWROklahoma
Toilolo, LevineTEStanford
Ware, SpencerRBLouisiana State
Watson, MenelikTFlorida State
Werner, BjoernDEFlorida State
Williams, SteveDBCalifornia
Wilson, MarquessWRWashington State
Wing, BradPLouisiana State
Wood, CierreRBNotre Dame
Woods, RobertWRSouthern California
Wort, TomLBOklahoma

  • I prefer the draft to a regular season game but 3 days sort of ruins it.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    How bout Marcus Davis( WR Virginia Tech) as a middle round option the kid is 6’4 and could be the big bodied receiver we need with low cost.

  • Garrett Hunt

    No! Goodbye Nuke Hopkins 🙁

  • Garrett Hunt

    The Steelers should consider drafting him in the second. This kid is very under rated.

  • dgh57

    If no more Mendenhall we need RB Eddie Lacy!!

    If no more Harrison we need LB Jarvis Jones!! (I know we’ll have to move up to get him!)

  • steeltown

    Would love to get Vaccaro or one of the other TOP Safety prospects.. especially because Clarks heading into the final year of his contract and Will Allen might be gone.. but I doubt it happens.

  • Cody Younkin

    Eddie lacy is way overrated, ill take Kenjon Barner in the 5th over lacy in the 2nd

  • dgh57

    I’ll take Barner. Anyone that carries the rock 38 times for 321 yds. and 5 TDs in 1 game is alright in my book!! Question is can he be a feature back at the next level? His lack of size my say no. Feature back is one area the Steelers need to shore up in this draft.