A Harbaugh Bowl Warning Alert To All Steelers Fans

The outcome of the Divisional Playoff games on Saturday probably couldn\’t have gone any worse if you are a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers as both the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers won to advance to the Championship games in their respective conferences for a second straight year.

That\’s right Steelers Nation, a Harbaugh Bowl still remains a possibility and what a nightmare those two weeks will be leading up to the Super Bowl should that wind up happening.

Surely you remember the 2011 Thanksgiving night game and the coverage that led up to it. If you forgot, I posted a small video clip for you below to jog your memory. Now try to imagine that type of coverage for two full weeks.

The Ravens, led by head coach John Harbaugh, took care of the Denver Broncos 38-35 Saturday evening in overtime. Their attempt to send off linebacker Ray Lewis into retirement with his second Super Bowl championship is alive for another week. It doesn\’t matter who the Ravens play should the wind up making it to New Orleans on Feb. 3 as we certainly cant have them winning it all.

The 49ers, led by brother Jim Harbaugh, ousted the Green Bay Packers 45-31 Saturday night and they will now await the winner of the Sunday game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Atlanta Falcons. We simply can\’t have the 49ers win the Super Bowl as that would be their sixth championship and would thus tie the Steelers for the most.

So what does this all mean? It means that we should likely cheer for both the Seahawks and the New England Patriots on Sunday to win their Divisional round games as both are probably best suited to knock of the Ravens and the 49ers next weekend. No disrespect to the Houston Texans or the Falcons, but I worry that neither of those two teams will be able to get the job done next weekend.

That\’s right, we must root for the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick Evil Empire and a Seattle team whose fanbase still insist that Super Bowl XXL was stolen away from them by the referees and given to the Steelers.

The choices that we have here are not appetizing at all as a fanbase, but a Harbaugh Bowl simply can\’t be allowed to take place.

Gulp. Go Patriots! Go Seahawks!

NFL on FOX: A Harbaugh Thanksgiving by FOX_Sports_Interactive

  • SteelersDepot

    Yes, I know the Texans destroyed the Ravens earlier this season, but I do not think they are playing their best ball right now and I worry about Matt Schaub in the playoffs as well. Beating a team twice in one season is no easy task, so the odds that the Ravens would beat the Patriots again are slimmer in my opinion. The Seahawks split with the 49ers but are better built to beat them again.

  • mghjr88

    With a sword in one hand and a shovel in the other?

  • mghjr88

    Nothing was better than Belichick making fun of Harbaugh

  • mghjr88

    Did anyone else hear or see Jim Harbaugh call Colin Kaepernick “savant” like? That was great. #Rainman

  • Mike Carroll

    I certainly dislike the Harbros, but Belicheat/Lady are worse and I would take a Harbro winning over them if it comes to it. Thank goodness for the Giants pulling one out of the fire last year when they were the lone remaining option in the final four. Unfortunately, the options don’t look quite so promising this year. Go Texans and go Seahawks/Falcons winner!

  • SteelerDave

    As a die-hard Steeler fan in good or bad times since my youth in the 70’s, I have a severe hatred of Baltimore but at the same time I respect them as they traditionally play a nasty defense like us. This will be an interesting playoffs. I have a feeling about Seattle this season. They have the defense to win it all.

  • Weiss Chad

    What a bunch of great games yesterday.I am hoping Baltimore wins it all and that 32nd pick of the draft!

  • daniel_nfl2007

    You guys know that the Harbaugh Bowl has to happen though. Ray Lewis is making the NFL so much money now he can’t lose. Baltimore and the men in stripes beat Denver and will do the same next week. It’s all fixed for Ray Lewis’ goodbye.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    If Denver had beaten Ravens, all we wuld hear about is Peyton Manning. So either way media has nausiating stupid stories aleady prepared to try to get non-NFL fans interested. If Steelers had progressed into these playoffs media wuld keep over-analyzing for the thousanth time the 40-yr old immac reception interviewg relativs of the hotdog vendors who were there who didnt even see the play.

    When lose & not in playoffs, all people can do is whine.

  • steeltown

    I love the Seattle story, R.Wilson is fun to watch and root for, like that Defense too!

  • steeltown

    Sad, but I am rooting for the Patroits and/or the Seahawks, I really cant stand SanFran since becoming mentionable again and of course I cant stand the Ravens

  • LouPGH

    Denver — with some help from the refs — did just about everything in their power to give that game to Baltimore.

    (Incidentally, that game also confirmed everything I believe about John Fox; that is, he’s not a very good coach. Bet he wishes he had that 30 seconds and two TOs to do over. Or running the ball on 3rd and 1 when PEYTON MANNING is your QB. I respect Peyton, but I’m glad to see Elway, Fox, and that obnoxious fan base lose.)

    Frankly, all of the teams left in the AFC have rather glaring weaknesses; however, I’m confident that either New England or Houston can defeat Baltimore. If Houston makes it through New England today, watch Arian Foster run all over the Ravens next week.

  • You obviously aren’t a part of any forum with Ravens fans, because we all know that’s the last thing we’d want given the boost in ego they’d all receive. If you’re trying to just get them a bad draft pick then how about predicting them to get to but lose the Super Bowl. That would give them the 31st pick.

  • What’s wrong with San Fran? They’re an exciting team to watch in my opinion. How on EARTH can you be rooting for the Patriots!?! Maybe you should have a checkup with your doctor, because I do believe you’ve gone mad!

  • Guest


  • Totally agree, Seattle D is fun to watch. Go Sea Hags!!..Throwing up in my mouth as I say this but go Pats too.


  • RW

    I don’t even want them in the Super Bowl. To me, there’s no difference between the 30th pick and the 31st…

  • mokhkw

    Both of the Harbaughs remind me of Bill Cowher tbh. Good luck to both of them as I enjoy the POs.

    Ravens /Ray Lewis situation reminds me a lot of the 05 Steelers and Bettis.

    I think if both of the above involved the Steelers we’d all be loving it instead of rolling our eyes. 🙂

  • Crazy Bone

    I like Jim Harbaugh. I think he is one of the best coaches in football. I don’t like John because he and the Ravens whine about the Steeles too much (terrible towels, Steelers music, etc).

  • True, I respect the Ravens, because I love our rivalry, but I would have been much happier if they just lost to the Broncos. What a fantastic game to watch though, besides the officiating of course.

  • Tim Culligan

    i like peyton a lot. hes an absolute clown off the field if you ever see behind the scenes footage

  • steeltown

    I like some of their players but SanFran fans are terrible and it is impossible to like their Coach

  • Ahmad

    I’d rather hear about Manning than the Harbaughs any day.

  • Ahmad

    Ravens/Pats again this year. Smh the football gods must enjoy putting Steeler Nation in misery. As a die hard Steeler fan, I could never EVER root for the Ravens unless it benefits the Steelers. So I’m going to have to go with the Pats. Hopefully the Falcons can take care of business against the 49ers so I can root for them in the Super Bowl. I’d hate to have to root for Brady against the 49ers.

  • I can’t root for the Patriots..ever. Their fans are the most obnoxious, their coach is the evil emperor from Star Wars reincarnated, their QB is coddled by Goodell and their dynasty is built on a BS call! The only team I can possible root for at this point is the Falcons b/c I would like to see Tony Gonzalez finally win something

  • Dan

    This is a tough playoff season for Steeler fans. Bad enough we’re not in it but there’s now a 75% chance, that a Lombardi will go to, either:
    New England, giving Brady a 4th ring, trying Bradshaw and many of our favorites from the old days….can’t have that.
    San Fran, giving them a 6th Lombardi, tying with the Steelers….can’t have that (plus Kaep is a brat…did you see him kissing his bicepts? Bleaachh)
    or Ravens…can’t have that for many reasons.
    The Falcons are the only acceptable team to win, but I think the odds are against them.

  • I would like to see the ravens lose to the falcons in the SB…I know its probably the least likely of the possible outcomes but to me that is the least of the evils.