Cardinals Hire Former Steelers Offensive Line Coach Larry Zierlein

Former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line coach Larry Zierlein is back in the NFL now as his son Lance Zierlein reported Monday evening on Twitter that his father will be named the assistant line coach for the Arizona Cardinals.

Zierlein coached the Steelers offensive line for three seasons after Russ Grimm moved on to join the Cardinals when Mike Tomlin was hired as the Steelers successor to Bill Cowher.

Zierlien was hired Monday by Bruce Arians and will work with new offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin, who followed Arians over from the Indianapolis Colts. Both Arians and Goodwin of course were on the staff of the Steelers back when Zierlein was and Goodwin was the assistant to Zierlein.

Zierlein coached three seasons with the Steelers before being fired in January of 2010. He was replaced with former Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Sean Kugler, who just left the Steelers this offseason to become the head coach for the University of Texas, El Paso.

The Steelers are expected to name their new offensive line coach sometime this week and it could wind up being former San Diego Chargers offensive line coach Hal Hunter Jr.

  • steeltown

    Of course they did

  • Cols714

    What is funny about this is that Arians and Zeirlein both were around the last time we won the Super Bowl. They have a track record of success yet everyone in SteelerNation hates these guys.

    Hopefully though the new OL coach can improve on the mess that was Kugler/Zerilein as coaches.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    This whole ex-Steelers to the Cardinals thing is getting ridiculous. It would be one thing if their plan was working. But they always lose. Their fans must be pissed. At this point it almost seems like the Cardinals owner has an addiction and needs some professional psychiatric help. He’s not thinking rationally. He just wants anyone who has the name “Steeler” attached to him, regardless of qualification. Use some common sense. If the Steelers let someone go, chances are there was a reason. We usually try to keep the “legit” people. If you’re going to hire somebody, go after Carnell Lake, or Keith Butler, or Keenan Lewis, or even Ramon Foster. Not the cast offs.

  • Buccos9

    Their “record of success” was a 22nd ranked offense in 2008, while the defense was ranked number one and had the lowest point against in the league. The defense under Dick Lebeau had far more to do with the Super Bowl win that the offense under Arians. Zeirlein was so good he was fired after three years with the Steelers.

  • steeltown

    Careful.. they very well may go after Lake in a year or two and I do believe they will sign Starks and try and make a move on Foster as well as Mendenhall

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I know. They are such f@ggots. Can I say that here?

  • steeltown

    To the facebookies above: In case you missed the previous SteelersDepot article, during his tenure in San Diego Hal Hunter’s OL have allowed the 5th lowest sack totals in the League, while averaging 1907 rushing yds per season… ..sounds like he could be worth a look see

  • You might want to seek some professional psychiatric help too.

  • Steelers just hired Jack Bicknell as the new OL coach

  • Ahmad

    Since Arians is the head coach, you can bet he’s going to make a move for all 3 players, especially Starks and Foster.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    You might want to keep your personal comments between you and your boyfriend. Nobody else cares what you think.

  • steeltown

    I think Starks is as good as gone for sure, will be a sad day

  • Hate speech just shows you’re simple minded and ignorant. I feel sorry for you.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Starks is the one player I would try to keep. I don’t think he’ll break the bank. And he provides excellent depth and veteran leadership for the young guys. How much could he possibly cost?

  • steeltown

    I agree.. but they’re letting all players test the market.. Arians will offer Starks more than the Steelers will