Charlie Batch Says He Definitely Wants To Play Another Year With The Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch was a guest Thursday on 93.7 The Fan to talk about his playing future and the upcoming Super Bowl. During the interview Batch was first reminded of the Steelers turnover last offseason that included the exits of Hines Ward, Aaron Smith, Jame Farrior and Chris Hoke before being asked if he still wants to play next season in Pittsburgh, and more importantly, if he thinks that he will be back.

“I definitely want to play another year,” Batch said. “The body feels fresh in order to do that and this time of year you have a sense one way or another to know. When you talk about changes, you have to expect changes, because the names that you mentioned, we went 12-4 and that happened. And here you are sitting here 8-8 and you\’re just like, what the heck? So you know at some point they\’re going to do that, but right now, I don’t know what’s going to happen. You have to figure at some point changes will be made, because they were made previous times before and the expectation levels are very high in Pittsburgh, and not making the playoffs won’t be tolerated by the Rooneys much longer.”

Batch was next asked how his exit meetings went with the Steelers following the season and if he got any sense that he was still wanted.

“They didn\’t say they didn\’t want me back,” said Batch. “So I kind of feel good a little bit walking out of that door, but you just don\’t know how they\’re kind of go about the process. You have Byron. You have myself. Is there going to be a young guy in the mix? You just don\’t know, but I\’m sure at some point that will happen. For me, I just have to continue to be ready, and hopefully if they want me back, Id be more than happy to come back.”

Batch, like Byron Leftwich, is once again an unrestricted free agent and unlikely to get any attention on the free agent market at the age of 38. Despite beginning the 2012 season as the third string quarterback, Batch overtook Leftwich on the depth chart following him beating the Baltimore Ravens in Week 13. The Steelers most definitely will add a younger arm this offseason via the draft or free agency, but there is an outside shot that he could return for one final season.

Ultimately the decision most likely won\’t be made on Batch until way after the draft and free agency take place. Last year he was re-signed 10 days before the draft took place, but it would be very surprising if he is re-signed that early this offseason.

  • mghjr88

    Well I think Batch definitely needs the money

  • TJimmy

    They should keep Batch. To help teach another quarterback the system, his experience and teaching ability would be good to have. And he is proven to be a good backup

  • The players seem to respect him and he seems to keep Ben calm. He can still make the short to intermediate throws and can help groom a young QB. I would keep him as the 3rd QB and bring in a Tough smart guy via FA or Draft (4th or 5th round) to run with the second team. I am sorry but I have no faith in Byron staying healthy any longer.

  • NO, NO, NO!!! You had your last game already. You won, so now go away. I’m sure we can find someone cheaper than the $990,000 Batch made last year.

  • steeltown

    Re-sign Batch.. he’s the perfect #3 for any NFL Team respectively, a guy that loves the city, loves the game, knows the system and can teach the young guys… and knows his place on the Team

  • steeltown

    Leftwich must go.. no more… no more… please

  • Mike Carroll

    Batch counted only $605,000 against the salary cap last year because he signed a qualifying contract. That’s not a whole lot more than the rookie minimum and I’m sure he’d get the same deal this year.

  • Mike Carroll

    Definitely agree. The Steelers are nowhere close to looking for a number one quarterback, so an experienced winner is exactly what the team should want in a backup. I think Batch is 6-3 as a starter for the Steelers. And Charlie showed he could go one more year when he was able to take that huge hit from Ngata and still get up and come back to win the game. I’m sure Patriots fans wish 35 year old Tom Brady was able to play with that level of toughness against the Ravens.

  • steeltown

    How could you possibly find a proven backup or #3 that knows the system, the players and the coaches all while having a winning record when starting in place of the #1… $650,000 – $995,000 is a small price to pay

    Not saying we dont need to draft a young guy to be the eventual #2, but for the time being, since we DONT have a young guy primed and ready for that #2 spot, I’d say Batch is a great deal at his asking price

  • Douglas Andrews

    And for that price he’s a bargain at number 3. What the Steelers must do is draft a proven guy to be their number 2 that is durable and capable of managing one to two games that BR might be out. I believe Batch would be a great teacher to a young backup QB.

  • Michael Mazanowski