Chris Rainey Has Battery Charges Reduced To Disorderly Conduct

Florida Today is reporting Thursday that soon-to-be former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Chris Rainey pled no contest to disorderly conduct charges to settle his case from an early January arrest involving a dispute with his girlfriend.

The report also states that Judge Walter Green withheld adjudication on Rainey, fined him $200 and imposed court costs of about $300.

The battery charges were reduced to disorderly conduct because neutral witnesses, according to Gainesville State Attorney Bill Cervone, were contradictory as to whether or not battery actually happened, and also because the alleged victim denied being battered during the January 10 altercation in Gainesville.

According to the initial police report that was released following the incident, officers were called to an apartment complex regarding an argument between a Rainey and his girlfriend that had turned physical. Witnesses said Rainey and the female accuser were arguing over Rainey\’s cellphone and that Rainey pulled the woman out of a vehicle and slapped her in the face with an open hand.

The Steelers wasted no time in making a decision on their 2012 fifth round draft pick out of Florida as they announced in a statement later that day that Rainey would be released.

The Steelers can’t actually waive Rainey until after the Super Bowl, but general manager Kevin Colbert has said in interviews since the decision was made that they would not be going back on it.

  • I am kind of shocked they have not started bringing any RBs in on future contracts yet considering the current state of the position. Maybe now that an OL Coach has been brought in, they will be looking to sign a few to fit his schemes…This is bound to get interesting.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Women always retract & decline to press charges, if the guy was a boyfriend or husband or related.

    I think Haley will get another Rainey but this time he’ll do it the way shulda done it last year which is, no reason to spend a 5th rounder on it. Any year, can get undrafted rookie or cheap FA like when we got Stefan Logan for nothin. They are guys too small to play HB or WR in NFL therefore not drafted but they are quick. Their job is be an elusiv kick returner. They are 5th WR or 4th RB on depth chart, & can be inserted for gadget plays on offense. Tons of them will be available this offseason & always.

    Speaking of criminal charges, what happened to criminal trial of Taamu? Anyone know the status of criminal proceedings of Taamu?

  • steeltown

    Exactly.. we have a poor mans Rainey already in D.Gilreath.. guy was a stud special teams guy in college and like Rainey he can play 5th WR at the drop of a hat

    I have no idea whats going on with Ta’amu… I thought he had court in January.. it sure seems to have been swept under the rug.. BUT when the time comes if convicted and given jail time they will release him. They already brought in Fangupo which I think is a great signing, Fangupo is a strong man (36reps on the bench press) with perfect size for 3-4 NT he could very easily be the #2 behind McLendon

  • steeltown

    I agree.. I guess they dont see anyone on the street thats tempting. I’m sure the plan is to bring in a few undrafted guys post draft, as well as draft a guy of course

  • steeltown

    We have enough undersized speed guys.. Brown, Sanders and Gilreath and then Bert Reed and Kashif Moore currently on futures reserve/practice squad.. all speedy, quick guys who can play WR/RB and return kicks…. I’m over this whole Rainey experiment….. moving on

  • Yeah, I like the Fangupo signing. He has alot of potential and is inexpensive depth when it comes to the cap.

  • steeltown

    Heading into the draft last year there were two potential NT prospects that I was hoping the Steelers would target..and no neither of them was named Dontari Poe… I wanted Ta’amu or Fangupo

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Good point & idea.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Sounds great about Fang. Plus maybe Fang will play hungry for not gotten higher $ contract of our draftees. I am a anxious to see if Fang can do anything on the field for us.

    Re Taamu, I had always suspected Taamu will hand the judge a Polomolu jersey autographed by Troy, & that’ll take care of it.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Cut! Smile and wave boys. . .smile and wave!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Why aren’t u smiling?