Chris Rainey Out Of Jail Following Court Appearance; Girlfriend Claims No Crime Committed

Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Chris Rainey was in court on Friday to face the simple battery chargers that stemmed from a Thursday altercation with his girlfriend.

Rainey was released from jail Friday after his first appearance before a judge on his own recognizance after it was deemed that he would not be a flight risk or a threat to society.

His girlfriend, the alleged victim of the battery, is now saying that there was no crime committed on Thursday and that she wants the state of Florida to drop the charges, according to Rainey\’s attorney.

“The incident that occurred today is both troubling and unfortunate,” the victim wrote in an email to the judge, per  a report by Jon Silman of the Gainesville Sun.

“The incident was simply over a book bag with a cellphone in it, and possession of this bag. In no way did I feel physically threatened at any time,” the victim reportedly said in the aforementioned email.

“Over the course of our relationship together, I have never been verbally or physically threatened by Chris Rainey. What happened today was a misunderstanding and should not affect his future in any way.”

After his attorney spoke, the judge told Rainey that he was not allowed to possess any weapons or firearms and that he couldn\’t make contact with the victim. The judge did say, however, that he couldn\’t control whether or not the victim contacted him.

According to the Gainesville Police report on Thursday, several witnesses claim that they saw Rainey strike the victim with an open hand during the incident.

The Steelers wasted no time in making their decision on Rainey as it was announced on Thursday afternoon that the Steelers would be releasing him.

Rainey was arrested in September of 2010, while at the University of Florida after sending a threatening text message to his girlfriend at the time. He was charged with felony aggravated stalking. The Steelers fifth-round pick this past April pled to a misdemeanor stalking charge and was ordered to pay for the cost of prosecution and undergo evaluation and counseling for anger management/domestic violence issues.

Did the Steelers jump the gun here in releasing Rainey? Should they have let this play out in court beforehand?

Below is video of the Rainey court appearance on Friday.

  • steeltown

    Hmmm…. Chris Brown and Rihanna comes to mind

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Please sign him back..

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Deadspin also posted an e mail from a witness/neighbor that said the incident was overblown, as well.

    That said, the Steelers had a full season to get to know this guy. It doesn’t seem like they are that interested in his side of the story. Since we haven’t heard of any complaints from his teammates, I’m going to trust the Steelers judgment on releasing him.

  • NW86

    No surprises here, I think we all, including the Steelers, knew that this could easily be the outcome, as happens all the time with domestic disputes. They’re obviously a volatile couple and they have fights and make up (not to condone what he did). Like St_Joe said though, the Steelers obviously know a little bit about Rainey by now, and they must have decided that this is a good time to part ways with him and avoid such drama in the future.

  • WilliamSekinger

    An eye witnesses said much the same thing. That there was no slap and the altercation was only over the bookbag that contained the cell phone. Now I wonder how many people who vilified him the last several days will admit they were a little quick to judgement? Not many I suppose.

  • awlcohen

    I’m sure he was drafted with the caveat that one messup and he is toast. I suppose the casino thing wasn’t enough, but was troubling, so the second this thing came up he was done. Why do you draft someone in the 5th round who you are going to cut the second they do anything wrong? Especially someone with a history of issues, at age 21 in a new strange city making more money in a year than anyone in his family made in a decade. Maybe a 7th rounder or a UDFA makes sense for this philosophy, but a 5th or 2nd rounder – I’m hoping Adams, who they did spend a second round pick on doesn’t have the same deal….

  • Pete

    Disappointing but he’s a young man with a troubled past. Sometimes you can turn the corner and sometimes the past comes back to bite you. Good luck to you Rainey.

  • It’s just a sad situation period.

  • I believe the Steelers just did not think he was worth the effort… and I can’t sat we saw anything on the field to suggest that he could not be easily replaced…

  • LucasY59

    Also with the Jovan Belcher tragedy still fresh in the minds of everyone in the NFL I am not suprised at the reaction of the Steelers, however an effort to rehabilitate/ get counseling for him might have been better for both parties in the long run, instead of instantly waiving him before the whole story comes out, It looks like he may come away from this innocent from a legal standpoint (He shouldnt have put himself in the situation to begin with especially with his past issues) but now the Steelers look like they wasted a draft pick.

  • LucasY59

    I think if Kenjon Barner from Oregon is available in the 5th or 6th round he would be able to fill Rainey’s spot and probably be better than Rainey was anyway. too bad it takes two draft picks in consecutive years to fill the same roster spot

  • Reader783

    I think the Steelers made the right choice even though I think Rainey will get signed somewhere and have a pretty good career. Tough call, but the right call.

  • You see your cash cow losing his cash and so u tell another story…fairly typical.

  • JT

    Am I wrong, or isn’t he still on the team until after the Super Bowl? Maybe the team knew the rule, and simply waived him immediately since the action wouldn’t be permanent. If facts such as these came to light, or he repented in a manor the team deemed acceptable like Harrison, he might save his job.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    We need to draft a Main all purpose back and we have to many holes to draft two running backs, hopefully i am wrong and we decide to get him with a 6th but that is probably the only way

  • mghjr88

    Chris Rainey Out of Jail: Still A Dumbass

  • Weiss Chad

    Sometimes in America your guilty till proven innocent, and even after you are proven innocent however it may be your still guilty.If he actualy slapped her, then I’m glad they got rid of him, but if it was an accident that was blown out of poportion or never happened then this was a bad move by the steelers.II don’t understand how Ta ‘amu is on this roster.I’m guessing there is something besides raineys college history, something from this year that we don’t know about that already had them upset w rainey.

  • These guys got to know that you just can’t get your name in the papers for anything negative or illegal and expect to keep your job…, at least, not until you’re a starter for cryin’ out loud!

  • r4kolb

    Looks like Belichick will have another project to sign……

  • zyzak

    Steelers and Haley took a flyer on him, he didn’t make any plays ever

  • Garrett Hunt


  • Maurice_hill_district

    After she recanted, somebody needs to make her answer question of why then did she waste the police’s time by reporting it.

  • JohnnyV1

    To answer Dave’s question, no, I don’t think the Steelers reacted too quickly by releasing Rainey before letting this play out in court. We all need to keep in mind that the NFL, and NFL teams, have security departments, which have a lot more access to specifics on these types of things than we do. The Steelers did what they needed to do and have moved on, so should we.