Could Another Steelers Offensive Position Coach Be Out The Door Soon?

Pittsburgh Steelers team president Art Rooney II talked to the members of the media on Wednesday about several topics during his year-end wrap-up interview but he declined to say if any more coaching changes will be made moving forward.

The team already needs to fill the vacant offensive line coach position that was a result of Sean Kugler leaving to become the head coach of UTEP, and Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said Wednesday during online chat that it wouldn\’t be surprising to see a coach on the offensive side of the ball be fired soon as well.

If indeed Dulac turns out to right, then that means that running backs coach Kirby Wilson, wide receivers coach Scottie Montgomery, tight ends coach James Daniel, and quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner are the personnel that would be candidates for the pink slip.

Wilson has long been speculated as being the man that would eventually assume the offensive coordinator job, but that did not take place after Bruce Arians was let go. Of course the home fire accident likely played a huge role in Wilson not getting the job, but we do not know for certain if indeed he would have been promoted even if he hadn\’t been severely burned. It certainly wasn\’t a banner year for the Steelers running backs in 2012, however, so you have to wonder if he is as safe as we all think that he is.

Like Wilson, Montgomery, Daniel and Fichtner are all position coaches that never receive much media coverage. There is hardly anything ever reported about each of them during the regular season so we only have the results to go on. On the surface you would expect both Daniel and Fichtner to be safe as quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was having a great statistical season prior to being injured in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Tight end Heath Miller was a main focal point of the offense in 2012 and posted career highs in both yardage and touchdowns.

That leaves us with Montgomery. The Steelers young wide receivers had a dismal 2012 season that was filled with drops and lack of separation at times in the new offense. The focus certainly wasn\’t there all season long from all three of them and that falls back on Montgomery ultimately.

Based on what little we know at this point, Montgomery could very well be the offensive coach that gets the ax, if indeed one is wielded like Dulac speculates.

What about special teams coach Amos Jones? He is not considered an offensive coach but there is certainly enough evidence on tape from last season that would suggest that his unit was very offensive. He might very well be walking on egg shells right now as well.

  • zyzak

    The only position coaches that should be safe are carnell lake and dick lebeau. The rest should be on a short leash.

  • WilliamSekinger

    If indeed another coach’s job is in jeopardy, I’d put my money on Scottie. The receivers were utterly terrible this year.

    Edit: There is a reason for the running backs not doing well – The O-line. There is no reason for receivers dropping passes and running the wrong or sloppy routes.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Agreeing, except I wuldnt even make Lake a lock. Lake couldnt make Mundy anything, nothing. & Curtis Brown didnt progress. A few other DBs here progressed so AOK Lake but maybe Rod Woodson culda had that amount if success with our CBs too.

  • I can’t agree. Mundy is the one who made nothing of himself. Brown is a huge question mark, but Lake has done and outstanding job with Lewis and Allen. Lewis made no progress until Lake came.

  • Jones should be fired either way.

  • Ahmad

    If Amos Jones is not fired I will seriously question the sanity of the powers at be.

  • Yup, receivers led the NFL in fumbles too.

  • I loved Dave’s short take on Jones..the ST’s were pretty “offensive”..Personally, I would let Kirby, Scotty and Amos go.

  • exactly

  • agreed mr duncan

  • agreed

  • Mike Carroll

    If any offensive coach is to be fired, then I would agree Montgomery should be the one to go. Of course, I am also a bit disappointed in Haley regarding the wide receivers. I had hoped he might be able to help their development since he has been praised for helping other receivers during his prior stints as WR coach.

  • Tim Culligan

    u kidding? Carnell is the main reason why such a young secondary finished #1 in the NFL… AGAIN. Remember before the steelers brought him in, the secondary was always the liable part of the #1 defense (remember those Tom Brady games). Now, the secondary is the reason the defense is #1.

  • Guest

    Remember where this is coming from

  • steeltown

    Amos has to be the one leaving, the only way he stays is if they bring in an assistant on special teams to help him OR actually make Amos return to the assistant role and bring in a new ST Coach.

    Otherwise, Scottie is the only other position coach in danger, the WR’s had a bad season, new offense or not, they were not disciplined and failed to meet expectations. We had one of the deepest and most diverse WR cores that I can remember. From Wallace to Cotchery to Sanders, Brown to Burress these guys shouldve been tearing it up. Im not placing all of the blame on Scottie, the Wr’s have to shoulder some of the blame as well, but someone has to take the fall.

  • steeltown

    Couldnt agree more, Coach Lake helped K.Lewis turn the corner and is grooming Cortez in the same mold. Im hoping he can do something with Golden as well.

    I’m worried next season or the one after that someone will offer him DC position somewhere, in typical fashion of outside Organizations trying to acquire Steelers Coaching staff members

  • steeltown

    Agree, Mundy lost the confidence of the Coaching staff all by himself. I think Lake has done an amazing job. I think Brown still has potential, he started to come on late in the season. I have to remind myself that he didnt see the field at all (except special teams) his first season, while Cortez saw limited action and was given more of an opportunity early. This year is huge for C.Brown though

  • Robert Truax

    Kirby has to go, rb position has sucked since he was hired.

  • Garrett Hunt

    ^ prob the cardinals ha

  • tequila0341

    Look at the material the Steelers give him to work with. Mendenhall had productive seasons before injury and his own head did him in, while everyone else is a free agent or a 6th or 7th round pick, or undrafted. Redman at least has improved steadily, though his talent ceiling is sadly far lower than his grit and heart.