Georgia Safety Bacarri Rambo Makes Picks But Eats Brownies

By Jeremy Hritz

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in need of a safety in this year’s draft, in addition to several other positions. While it is not as much of an immediate priority as outside linebacker, wide receiver, and running back, it is a position that they will address in later rounds.

A safety prospect that could be on the Steelers radar that is currently projected to go in the third round is Georgia’s Bacarri Rambo. Rambo measures in at 6’1, 215 pounds and is reported to run a 4.54 40-yard dash. He is described as a big hitter and an instinctual player, but most importantly, he was extremely productive at his position in creating turnovers. In four years at the University of Georgia against quality SEC competition, Rambo collected 16 interceptions, returning three of them for touchdowns, averaging 18.3 yards per interception return. Rambo even made a pick in yesterday’s Senior Bowl.

Rambo’s ball skills are something that has been missing for quite some time in the Steelers secondary, and if given the time to develop and grow into the complex Dick LeBeau 3-4 defense, he has the potential to be a fixture in the secondary.

So what’s the catch and why is Rambo not projected to be taken off of the board until the third round?

Firstly, because of his aggressiveness and desire to make the big hit, he comes in high and misses tackles, and the element of his game that makes him special, his tendency to make picks, can also hurt at times as he takes chances.

And oh yeah, there are the suspensions, too.

In 2011, Rambo was suspended for one game when he was pulled over and a joint was found in the purse of a girl that was riding with him. And then again in 2012, Rambo was suspended again for four games for failing a drug test, something that he has stated was an accident, and his story is quite bizarre. Rambo told his high school football coach Alan Ingram that while on Spring Break in Panama City Beach, he woke up hungry and happened to find a plate of brownies in the kitchen where he was staying. According to Ingram, he ate two brownies and began feeling high. He asked a friend who was on Spring Break with him about the brownies, and he informed Rambo that they did have marijuana in them.

Quite the story, but according to Ingram, he believes that the incident was an accident, and he has gone on record to say that Rambo has never lied to him before.

Would the Steelers be willing to take a chance on a player like Rambo if he happens to be available when they pick in the third round? While the team made poor decisions in selecting Alameda Ta’amu and Chris Rainey in 2012, they seemingly were successful with their decision to select Mike Adams who also had a fondness of marijuana prior to his career in the NFL.

There is no denying that Rambo is a playmaker, and he has the type of skillset that the Steelers need. The biggest question is whether or not his poor decisions in college will follow him into the NFL.

Below is some video on Rambo from the game against Alabama.

  • steeltown

    No, no, no, no more players with ‘known’ issues. If we’re talking about a 6th or 7th Rd pick, ok, or undrafted, ok, but we should be selecting high quality, high character guys from Rds 1-4 period.

  • mlc43

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about the “character issues” listed. He smoked pot in college…..who hasn’t?

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    You talk to him, study the tape, talk to a few people who know him and then make a decision.

  • Garrett Hunt

    I agree with mic43. Would be a steal in the 3rd. Always liked his style of play. If you only knew the percentage of college football player that smoke, you would be shocked. He just happend to get caught for it.

  • zyzak

    No problem with the pot, just dont think they need to draft a safety this year

  • Garrett Hunt

    Yea to 30+ vets with problems staying healthy, and no one to step in to the starting lineup anytime soon. Sounds like we have plenty of depth there to me too…

  • Bradys_Dad

    I don’t think that Rambo’s agent would want to promote this video. Can the guy tackle? This is the “show,” the only great DB that really got away with not tackling was Neon Dion. Rambo may be a late round project worth undertaking but his films don’t stoke my fire.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Really? we have 2 safeties in their 30’s and no heir apparents behind them…Troy is on his last legs as well. To me this is a high priority…1 in the top 3 picks

  • Shannon Stephenson

    mic…when u are looking at a potential pro career you dont…this doesnt come up with a lot of college athletes so its a concern if twice he just happened to be around it

  • gatorgonz22

    Agreed. I personally wld like our draft to go elam,okafor,rambo, gillislee, ilb from bama johnson I think his name is. That’s my wish list anyway

  • shit i dont know about anyone else but i stopped watching rambo and was smitten by lacey… we have got to draft this kid, reminds me of arian foster but a little quicker… woulnt mind getting one of these brutal guards from bama either, hell draft all bama… even that freshman RB looked diesel

  • steeltown

    I understand “who hasnt” and I understand the amount of kids with off-field issues is high and theres no getting around it, sometimes you have to take a chance…. but we cant forget these are soon to be highly paid professional athletes. Again, if you’re taking a risk on a 6th or 7th Rder, fine, but if there are ‘known’ issues already and you’re talking about spending a valuable 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and maybe 5th Rd draft pick, not to mention putting the Organizations time and money (millions) into it, I’d steer clear of kids with ‘known’ issues. Atleast in the early Rds.

  • steeltown

    With Will Allen and Mundy both being FA’s.. and neither of them a lock to be re-signed.. I think Safety is high priority… so much so, they might draft one very early

  • zyzak

    They’ll both be back as per Bouchetti at Post Gazete

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Mundy is worthless. I cant believe anyone wuld count Mundy as solving anything. Getting at-least one more safety from draft or FA is vital. Drafting a S in top 3 rounds. No he wuldnt start in 1st year but noone does for LeBeau.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Absolutely right.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    NFL tests for pot & suspends players for testing positive. You are referrin to goin for regular jobs its ok bcaus those dont random test. Mike Adams large wingspan somebody wulda reached for him in lower half of 1st round. But risk of pot in NFL dropped Adams’ worth becaus the higher possibility that he’ll eventually do a Santonio Holmes = suspension.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    To say getting a safety isnt as high priority as those other 3 positions, I’d say safety is equal high priority as those positions. Isnt that the problem though, we need at-least 4 1st-rd picks but we dont have them. Its why I think trading down makes sense.

    A rookie safety wuldnt start his first year. But thats the problem with any defensiv position we wuld draft for LeBeau. The only 1st rd draft pick who wuld be starter in 1st year, wuld be Womack (OG, but Steelers wont spend 1st-rd pick on any G this year), or a RB.

    I think we badly need an OLB (actually 2), & safety (2 safeties if Will Allen goes away), but we’re in a pickle becaus most draftpicks wont contribute much their 1st year.

  • steeltown

    I hope Will Allen is re-signed… Mundy however should be allowed to walk, he has proven to be a liability

  • mghjr88

    Totally agree. Rambo’s stat line is impressive, but his tape underwhelming in my opinion.

  • Bob Loblaw

    I wouldn’t say the Browns need four first round picks this year, let alone the Steelers. Disappointing year? Yes. Bad enough to warrant the panic that says we need first round talent at four positions? No.

    Do we need a 1st round pick on an OLB? Not necessarily. Woodley was 2nd round, Harrison was undrafted. I’d say they turned out alright. People thought the defense was done for when Porter left, yet management didn’t seem to have much trouble fixing that gap.

    1st round pick on a running back isn’t necessary, either. Plenty of teams are having success with later picks. Our running game can be solved by a healthy and effective line (and maybe some zone blocking).

  • steeltown

    Kind of a strange article. I could see listing Rambo in a short list of other possible Safety prospects that the Steelers might target, but to write an entire piece on just Rambo is odd. I guess the pot brownie story gives this some appeal and a silly headline, but all in all I’d rather be discussing multiple Safety possibilities rather than one guy with known ‘character issues’

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Agreed. Long offseason tho & nothing happening w Steelers, so I understand he’s just havin some fun w this one, I dont blame him for that.

  • SteelerDave

    I agree with you on this, as you know.

    It is not so much smoking marijuana, that anymore seems as much a right of passage as drinking beer was when I was 16 to 22 and finally grew up. I think what we lack are players with a fire and passion on the field and off – a passion for helping. Troy, Hines, Charlie, Kiesel, etc.

    In everything I have read DeCastro and Spence are those types, as well as Pouncey. It is not so much taking players who have not been in trouble, it is selecting players with a history of being involved in positive things when not on the field.

  • steeltown


  • Shannon Stephenson

    really like Gillislee and Elam