HarBowl Or Harbaugh Bowl? Whatever It Is, Get Ready For Super Bowl XLVII

Are you ready for the Harbowl? Or is it a Harbaugh Bowl?

Yes, the San Francisco 49ers will play the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII two weeks from today down in New Orleans after both teams won their conference championship games on Sunday.

In case you didn\’t know it by now, Jim Harbaugh and John Harbaugh are indeed brothers, and all of the media will be sure to remind you about that for the next two weeks.

In addition to that, you will also be reminded that this is the final season for Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who announced a few weeks ago that he will retire after the Super Bowl.

The 49ers, who beat the Atlanta Falcons 28-24 earlier in the day in the NFC Championship game, will look to win their sixth Lombardi Trophy, which would tie them with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most won.

The Ravens, who knocked off the New England Patriots 28-13 Sunday evening, will be looking to capture their second Super Bowl championship.

This is a pretty tough dilemma for Steelers fans and the two weeks leading up to the game will be very nauseating for sure.

The 49ers opened us as 5 point favorites but the line has already moved down to 4.5 thanks to early action on the Ravens.

So who are you pulling for and why?

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Ravens can have 1 more there headed for a decline and I really want to be able to say we have the most superbowls.

  • Ahmad

    3 reasons why I’m going for the 49ers: I HATE the Ravens more than anything, it’s only a tie in SB wins if the 49ers win, and being tied for the most SB wins might give the Steelers extra motivation for next season.

  • Superdriller316

    I hate both brothers. Jim is a bully and John is a cry baby. For years the crygirls and baygirls had more SB wins. I think I’m ok with the baygirls tying us with 6. That would be the best way to send Murder Ray into retirement. I think someone paid a lot of money to get this matchup. I think I’m going to throw up now.

  • RW

    This is the worst. The worst.

  • Crazy Bone

    I will definitely pull for the Niners. I think Jim Harbaugh is a tremendous coach. I also won’t be bothered by what is said by the media because I won’t hear it. I don’t watch ESPN unless a game is on that I want to see. People should try not watching all those stupid talking head shows. You will be much better off without them.

  • disqus_rsqUPzBrUp

    Let’s keep the title in the AFC North, the Ravens earned
    this opportunity; Joe Flacco with all the criticism, took advantage of
    opportunities that were presented and has set the standard for the AFC North.

    Over the years, watching the 9ers draft, most times I was
    wishing that the selection had dropped to the Steelers. I am happy to see that
    2 teams that play hard nose physical football are in the Super Bowl, shocking
    in this era of the NEW NFL.

    Time for fans to appreciate what players do on the field, with the trophy in
    Baltimore-it stays in the Division and should motivate the front office and
    each player and coach to do what is takes to return to the normal alignment of
    power in the AFC and the NFL, Steelers, Ravens (Browns/Bengals). Props to Marvin Lewis-good to see a local guy
    getting the job done.

    This offseason has some exciting opportunities–to find a
    quality OL coach, some high character impact O and D players in the draft. I
    was pleased with the hiring of Tomlin but did not think he did a great job in
    hiring assistants. Carnell Lake is doing the job, some other changes need to be
    made this offseason. Need to return to a more physical offense and defense,
    punishing running game and a large, fast physical receiver (WR or TE ) that
    opens up lanes for the speedsters.

    Need a quality back up QB, remember Bradshaw was pressured
    and benched for Hanratty and Gillam, but #12 was there when in counted, too bad
    his shoulder injury happened at the peak of his career or Pitt would have more

    Not advocating a return to the past, but a return to
    physical and explosive O and D style of
    play. Winning does take a toll on
    selecting top tier players, but gems are found in all rounds of the draft.

    Time to allow some players to pursue their life’s work, time
    for some young players to step up. The standard is the standard, so we need the
    depth and coaching up of players to make this a reality. I remember Donnie
    Shell playing special teams-was easy to tell he would be a starter—what special
    teamers are screaming for starting roles??

    Looking forward to the draft and 2013 season-here we

  • disqus_rsqUPzBrUp

    Move on from the drama and the story lines-real fans watch the GAME and appreciate blocking, tackling, running, catching, game planning, strategy, in short the Steelers came up short like 30 other teams, time to buckle it up, face reality, move beyond fantasy leagues, reestablish Pittsburgh as the standard for the NFL– let’s establish the line of scrimmage so playmakers on both sides can reak havoc! Need depth at all positions, let players use special teams as their stepping stone.. there is no seniority in the NFL, merit counts!

  • Dan

    Although I agree with hating the Ravens, we have to give them cred. They’ve earned this. Beating both Manning and Brady on the road is impressive. Let them have their ring so Reed can feel comfortable retiring too and let them suffer a real SB hangover. And Flacco will be more likely to get a contract that takes more away from their cap.
    Plus I don’t want to be tied for SB wins. I want to stay on top with six.
    It will leave a bad taste in my mouth, but I have to root for the opponent of any team with a QB who kisses his own bicept after a TD.

  • rg240nv

    The Whinerbaugh brothers bowl.

  • Mike Carroll

    Sure, the 49ers franchise might tie the Steelers for SB titles. And, sure the Ravens (ughhh, the Ravens) might win the SB. And sure, it’s an All-Harbro SB (double ughhhh).

    But, here are the reasons I am so glad to this morning:
    The duo of Belicheat and Brady will not tie the 1970’s Steelers with 4 SB titles this year. They will not tie Noll and Bradshaw. And, they remain only 1 SB win ahead of current Steeler team. Brady still only has 1 more SB than Ben. Brady looked bad again in the playoffs and that vaunted Patriot offense put up a meager point total, once again, when it counted most (chuckles for Plax Burress and anyone familiar with Brady’s history of supreme arrogance). The current Patriot team still has not won a SB since Spygate, and somewhere The Chin should be smiling. The football gods have long memories.

  • steeltown

    Agreed. Though I dont know if I can root for the Ravens.. I’m still indifferent.

    But I agree with everything else. Hoping we get Mike Tice as OL Coach (recently released as OC of the Bears) He had some very good Teams and numbers back in the early 2000’s as the OL Coach and eventually HC in Minnesota

    Hope they draft a QB this year to be backup.. not in the first 2 Rds or anything but somewhere in middle Rds maybe (think Kirk Cousins last year)

    Also hope we get a big WR and TE in the early-middle Rds this year.

    Lastly.. all I can say is McLendon and Worilds, these guys have been groomed for 2-3yrs and BOTH have produced when seeing the field on a VERY limited basis. LB’s Sly and Carter are both enigma’s and neither can stay healthy, time to move on, draft another LB hopefully in the early Rds and hopefully the Brian Rolle signing turns into a solid decision for the future of the Defense, atleast for depth purposes.

  • steeltown

    Ha! I mostly agree, especially about the kissing the bicept thing and while I agree that beating Manning and Brady was an incredible feat, I would still love to watch them fall short. Flacco will get his contract either way and that most likely means they’ll lose Kruger who has easily been their most dominant player on Defense this year besides Ngata, so they’ll be without Reed, Lewis and Kruger either way in my opinion

  • Rubem Dornas

    We’re all living a nightmare…

  • Go 9ers!!!

  • Mike Carroll

    Keep the faith Steelers – Defense is still the best path to championships. The two winning teams yesterday shut out the home team in the second half.

    Offensively based teams such as the Patriots (and Colts formerly under Manning) pay a huge price when they put most of their resources into building around one player, the QB. Sure, the team’s efforts result in huge regular season stats for the QB, and everyone will glorifiy Brady for it (and even bring an MVP title). But, the team’s formula (for the most part) blows up come playoff time. Brady is now 7-7 in the playoffs after starting 10-0. It’s no coincidence that Belichick mistakenly transitioned from a defensive to offensive focus during that time. He’s helped buy Brady a boatload of fantasy points, but his teams can no longer win the big game. And Peyton is of course 9-11 all-time postseason, with his lone title coming in a postseason in which his defense did much of the heavy lifting (Peyton had 3 TDs and 7 INTs that postseason). The Falcons and Matt Ryan are one of the new teams using this flawed philosophy (but hey, Ryan was an MVP candidate this year).

    The Steelers are still on the right track, though I think they wavered recently. They certainly still focus more resources on defense, so the foundation is in place. People will criticize Ben and the Steelers for only scoring 22.6 PPG in the regular season. But, that comes with having a team that is built around the defense. Ben can get it done when it counts as evidenced by a 10-4 playoff record and 26.5 PPG. If anything I think the team faltered a little bit the last few years, beginning to focus things a little too much around Ben, at least on the offensive side. But, that could be the reason Rooney stepped in with the switch to Haley. The team will be better off if they resist the urge to focus everything on offense around the QB. That doesn’t mean Ben is not a great QB. It just means the team understands fantasy points are not the real prize. I sure hope these thoughts are going through the minds of not only Rooney, but also Tomlin, Haley, and Ben.

    I think the offense struggled this past year because they are transitioning away from the QB centric offense they lapsed into recently, and back to their old style, which coincidentally was on display with Baltimore yesterday. That consists of running more to start a game to establish a physical presence and beat up and soften up the defense. Then things become easier in the second half and you can open up your offense and go downfield more. The Steelers won a Super Bowl that way in 2008, in spite of a fairly poor running game. They’ve gotten in trouble the last few years by trying to pass their way to wins in the first quarter as their primary strategy. I think it’s clear Haley ran the ball a whole lot in the first halves of games this past year, getting back to the old strategy. But, there were some bumps in the road, as Ben was asked to play the way he used to play in 2008 and before. He threw 3 killer picks late in the 4thQ which almost never happened before. But, I think that could be expected since he had become accustomed the previous few years playing from the “win the game in the 1stQ strategy”, not the “be physical and win the game in the 4thQ” approach. I am convinced Rooney recognized this and made a great decision to switch to Haley and last year was nothing more than growing pains of sorts as the offense re-learns to play the old way. They will be a more effective, winning offense this upcoming year and the results will show through clearly in the playoffs.

    Interestingly, the Ravens have employed the philosophies and strategies I’ve listed above, and Flacco is now 8-4 in the playoffs in his career. The “all time great” Brady is 3-4 in the same period. QB stats that are obtained based on an offense first (and a QB centric offense) philosophy are over-valued and come at the expense of the rest of the team. In fact, I would argue that the supposedly best QBs actually are overvalued these days. Of course, you still need a great QB to win games and win a SB. But, the supposedly best QB’s are not all they are made out to be, and are actually more products of their team’s philosophy than commonly believed. Someone like Flacco is actually much more comparable as a QB to guys like Brady and Manning than the commonly held belief. Keep this in mind: if Flacco wins one more game, he will tie the “unbelieveable” Peyton Manning in both career SB and postseason wins. I know, these ideas are complete blasphemy in a fantasy football world, but I really believe it’s true. Fantasy QB stats are fool’s gold, and the best teams don’t invest in them.

  • Reader783

    I’d rather have the Niners be tied with us than Ray go out a champ. At least Tom is sitting at home now. Hey, the worst it would be is hearing “The 49ers are now tied with the Steelers….” all week, and I think I can enjoy being reminded that we have 6 too.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    All that plus plan better. Planning was not good, even going back to offseason.

    Kevin Colbert & Ed Bouchette both said recently: “We had less injuries than some playoff teams”. So any excuse-makers can sit on that one, because those 2 guys know Steelers & other NFL teams better than excuse-makers.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Not a good idea to let Ray Lewis ride thru backstreets of New Orleans, he can cover up more double-murders.

  • TJimmy

    If the Ravens win the Superbowl, they are more likely to experience the “Superbowl Hangover” next year, plus they’ll have to pay more money to their good player, which in the long run can degrade the team.

    So I prefer the Ravens winning, so the Steelers have an easier road to #7. Though it would be great to see Steelers Vs. 49ers next year in the vie for #7.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    U are right about lack of impact players on STs arent pushin for starting roles. Polomalu & Greg Lloyd were beasts on STs, then they became ready to met “the Steelers Standard” when ready to move up to starter. Contrast to Mundy stunk every year getting juked on STs, then when had a chance to start he had no positiv impact.