Is Bruce Arians A Threat To Poach Away Steelers RB Isaac Redman During Restricted Free Agency?

Several teams are now just a few weeks into their offseason and there are still a few head-coaching spots left to be filled in addition. One of the candidates for the few remaining open jobs around the league is Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, who of course was the offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers prior to being let go around this time last year.

Wherever Arians winds up in 2013, be it with a new team or back with the Colts, you have to wonder if he might just have his sights set on Steelers running back Isaac Redman during the free agency signing period.

Redman, a restricted free agent this offseason, likely wouldn\’t even be in the league right now if not for Arians, who watched tape of the Bowie State product at the urging of Redman\’s uncle Todd McNair, who once played for Arians when both were at Temple. Arians look at Redman resulted in him being signed by the Steelers as an undrafted free agent in 2009 and the rest is history.

The Steelers are expected to restricted tender Redman at the lowest level this offseason which will likely wind up being in the neighborhood of $1.32 million. Other teams, if they feel so inclined, will then be able to sign Redman to offer sheet once the free agency signing period begins, but the Steelers would hold the right to match whatever offer Redman gets should that indeed happen.

Generally restricted tendered free agents aren\’t pursued by other teams because normally they are former draft picks that would cost the team attempting to sign them away an original round draft pick as compensation in addition to the contract. Being as Redman was an undrafted free agent, however, there wouldn\’t be any draft pick compensation involved.

For that reason, and that reason only, is what would perhaps make Redman attractive to someone like Arians, especially if he winds up staying put in Indianapolis as they will have roughly $40 plus million in cap space to work with this offseason. Now just because they have a crazy amount of cap room to work with doesn\’t mean that they would overspend on Redman, but they could make him an offer just lucrative enough where the Steelers likely wouldn\’t match it.

The Steelers could ward off any and all attempts of Redman being poached in restricted free agency by tendering him at a second round level, however, that amount is projected to be in the neighborhood of $2.02 million and that simply isn\’t going to happen being as that they will need every available cap dollar possible.

Now that I have laid all of this out, is it likely to wind up happening? No it is not, but if were to happen Arians would most likely be behind it and it would only be because he thinks that Redman could be a key contributor, or even the starter, wherever he winds up in 2013.

Redman has rushed for 1,136 yards and 5 touchdowns on 272 carries during his three regular seasons in Pittsburgh for a 4.2 average. He has also chipped in 46 catches for 394 yards and 2 touchdowns in addition and is fairly solid in pass protection. The Steelers want and need him back next season, and that should wind up being the end result as long as Arians doesn\’t want him more.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Doubt any other team wuld offer $1.3 mil, BA culd not convince any GM. I like Redman! But it’s not Bettis nor a guy with speed; all teams have good or decent RBs at backup RB. BA will not be dumb enuff to offer $1.3 mil for it.

    If saying bcause BA was here, BA wuld be much more likely to want our Ramon Foster. Next choice Starks, or maybe even Legursky if BA doesnt have a center. He might even want Makecki for cheap, ir Keenan for $ since he saw Keenan. Culd go on & on, so instead just wait to find out.

  • NW86

    If you read the post at all, the point wasn’t that they were both in Pittsburgh, it was that BA is the one that first saw Redman on tape, and brought him into the league.

  • I could see Redman and Wallace in Colts helmets this summer. 40 million in cap space? He could bring half our offense over to go with Mewelde and Saunders.

  • steeltown

    I’d like to have Redman back, mainly because he is relatively cheap still as a Restricted FA, other than that he is just servicable. He does get the tough yds and can catch out of the backfield, but he has ongoing ankle issues. Seems whenever he has been named the starter he goes down with injury after the 2nd or 3rd game. Dwyer is just as good if not better because he seems to have a bit of extra quickness in his feet and doesnt get injured when given the majority of the snaps week in and week out. He had over 620yds with around 150+ carries in 2012, if he wouldve received the average number of carries that starting RB’s usually would in a given season, im guessing around 230-250carries he wouldve been right around 1,000yds… and thats with a beat up OLine playing “below the line”

    I like Redman and If Redman could stay healthy, my opinion might be different as he wouldve started more games this past year and probably put up some OK numbers… but also wouldve made him more attractive in free agency

  • Ahhh, I forgot about the lack of draft pick compensation if someone else signs Redman. Him and Dywer basically fill the same role, so I suppose it wouldn’t be the worst thing possible to lose him especially with the teams inability to stick with one running back this past year. I would like to see both guys fight it out next year though, but neither of them are anything more than above average backs.

  • steeltown

    I would like a feature back with Dwyer or Redman as the #2.. so, if Redman was lost in FA, no biggie, retain Dwyer for relatively cheap and go from there

  • zyzak

    If the Steelers rely on either Redman or Dwyer they will be 5-11. BA can have them both.

  • steeltown

    Its funny to see all of these RB’s in the playoffs this year… Alfred Morris and Foster went undrafted, the Packers were using D.Harris who ran well also undrafted, Patriots have Steven Ridley who I believe was a late 3rd Rd pick, he’s tearing it up and look at Atlanta they have Michael Turner and J.Rogers I believe both were 5th Rd picks, both tearing it up.

    Just goes to show you, you dont need to draft RB’s early, unless their name is Adrian Peterson

  • steeltown

    They did that exact thing in 2012 and went 8-8 and that record was not a reflection of Dwyer or Redman

  • Bradys_Dad

    The Steelers could have a boat load of cap room too if they had the nuggets to let some aged vets and deadwood (aka always injured for some reason or another) go. If there was ever a time to rape and pillage a roster it’d be now. THEN we can talk about signing a big name RB.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Right, but how da ya know BA isnt who found Foster, Legursky, Wallace & many offense players brought in when BA was here, there’s probably a connection story with many of those other players & the OC of the team at that time.

    After Redman got here, BA obviously liked Mendy much better. Despite Redman was the star of several successive training camps, BA didnt give him a chance in regular season, til too late. Since BA liked Mendy better, he can have Mendy now (& that’d be ok with me).

    Its like if years ago if woulda debated whether Chan Gailey wuld take our players back then, Chan didnt & has not. I dunno why exiting coaches in NFL dont take more FA players with them, but they dont do it often.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Lotsa aged vets & injured-too-often dead woods here, for sure.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Man aint that right. Our Mendy being a 1st-rd pick glares that comparison. Tim Worley & Greg Hawthorn were first-rd zzzs for us, tho Franco was our AP. Id love to get a another Barry Foster who long ago we got in 4th rd.

  • SteelerPigeon

    Eddie Lacy 2nd round or Montee Ball 3rd round. Either one of them as the feature with Redman and Dwyer spelling them as necessary

  • sean mcmartin

    use all three for trade bait fot stephen jacskon..

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Jackson is finished bro.

  • Alan Felicia

    Dwyer – 6th Rd/2010, Redman- undrafted/2009, Arian Foster (HOU)-undrafted/2009, Jamal Charles (KC)- 3rd Rd/2008, Ahmad Bradshaw (NY)-7th Rd/2007, Priest Holmes – undrafted/1997, Willie Parker – undrafted/2004, Bam Morris- 3rd Rd/1994, Barry Foster- 5th Rd/1990, Merrill Hoge- 10th Rd/1987