Keenan Lewis Refutes Tribune-Review Report By Alan Robinson & Says He Was Misquoted

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Keenan Lewis took to Twitter Tuesday evening to refute a report made by Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that stated Lewis said the Steelers made a mistake by not locking him up long term.

“I was misquoted by a reporter saying it was a mistake not to give me a contract last year,” Lewis posted via Twitter. “Try to make my image look bad, but here Wat it is, I\’m not money greedy, I had my exit meeting today and it went great. I know we in the right direction as far as a contract, I believe strongly I would be apart of Steeler Nation next season. To do a three peat as the number one pass defense period. Here we go.”

Robinson posted on Twitter Tuesday, “Keenan Lewis plans to test free agency. He told #Steelers “they made a mistake” by not offering multi-year deal before 2012 season.”

You can see that Lewis certainly has a right to be upset if indeed Robinson misquoted him. Until Robinson has a rebuttal for this accusation, however, we are at a standstill. Robinson has not deleted his tweet as of the time of this post, so apparently he is sticking with his quotes.

Lewis also added via Twitter, “I just want to clear this up: I never said anything about @steelers making a mistake by not signing me last season. I love the Rooneys, Organization & fans. I only stayed that my agent will handle the contract talks.”

  • Tim Culligan

    after his playing days, maybe keenan can be a writer for this blog…..

  • MRav

    Well played, sir!

  • Bob Loblaw

    Forget Wallace, keeping Lewis with this team should be the first priority during the offseason.

  • Garrett Hunt

    Good sign Keenan is gonna be back. He knows the value in playing for a quality defense and team.

  • TJimmy

    Either way its.true… in hindsight they should have signed him last year…. but it was not yet known what kind of year this would be for Keenan

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Shock journalism to rile up Steeler fans instead of having made any easy effort to have gotten it right, unfortunately is not new. Similar to when one media person announced Al Gore the winner of the prez election, then other media ran with it instead of trying to get it right. So when I had read the Keenan quote on here a day or 2 ago I wondered if someone wrote it just to start a debate about Keenan vs Cortez Allen. At least Depot had foresight on that by included name of the author of that quote. Now readers of steeler fansites should be aware of shock journalism & be leery when reading in future.

    Unfortunately Keenan had to then spend his time refuting the bullcrap.

  • SteelerDave

    Lewis had and excellent season and needs to be signed, even if it means cutting ties elsewhere with older players making too much money like Harrison. Lewis is just now coming into his prime and his best seasons are ahead of him in a system he understands and excels in. In Taylor, Lewis, Allen we have three great corners each with their own strengths.

    Business side tells me Lewis will wait until after the draft to sign. If management decides they might not sign him then taking a corner in the first round makes sense and a couple good ones will be there when we pick. If we do not take a corner and take a LB or Safety in the first round then we are gambling we can sign Lewis who is likely to cost at least 4 million a season.

  • steeltown

    I hope what Keenan says is true.. would love to have him back. We need to start locking in our young talent (K.Lewis, Pouncey, Foster, McLendon) especially considering they basically refuse to draft a CB in the 1st Rd and Ike might only have one more good year left in him. The exit meeting went great is a good sign and him saying theyre in the right direction as far as a contract is also encouraging. Obviously alot can happen between now and next season, but this is encouraging

  • steeltown

    Someone on here was saying the past week that Lewis was not that great of a CB or a big play maker. I will admit he, like I.Taylor, does not get many INT’s, but I think pass deflections are huge in todays pass happy League and Lewis was tied for 1st going into the last game and I believe finished the season with the 2nd most PD’s in the entire League. Covering the WR and NOT allowing them to catch the pass is the job, yes, we need more turnovers, but that starts upfront with MORE pressure on the QB’s which in turn causes ill advised passes. For the amount of pressure we were getting (or not getting) in 2012, I am amazed that our pass defense was again really solid

  • steeltown


  • steeltown


  • CW

    Well regardless of whether Keenan Lewis made the comment or not, it’s right on the money. Lewis had a great year. Locking him up for an extended period of time will now cost a whole lot more than it would have prior to this season. Of course prior to this season Lewis had yet to prove he was worth a four or five year deal.

    Hopefully the Steelers get him signed to a long term deal this offseason prior to the open free agency period.

  • Clint Martin

    Who in the F is Alan Robinson? please someone tell me