Report: Bill Cowher Open To Coaching Again – Cue The Omar Khan Speculation

Former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher told Newsday on Tuesday that he would be open to returning to the coaching again at some point.

Cowher, who was interviewed at a CBS function to promote the upcoming coverage of the Super Bowl, said that he probably will return to the NFL, but didn\’t say when exactly that would be.

“It would be a challenge,” said Cowher, per the report, “but I think that\’s probably why I would get back into it, because of the challenge.”

He also scoffed at the idea the game has changed too much since he stepped down as the Steelers head coach following the 2006 season in which he went 8-8.

“I did it for 27 years,” he said. “You don\’t just forget things overnight.”

Cowher\’s career coaching record when he walked away from the game was 149-90-1 after 15 seasons in Pittsburgh. He has been with CBS as a studio annalist since 2007.

The timing of the Cowher comments come at time when five teams are still looking for a head coach, but it doesn\’t appear as if he is looking for job next season. You knew the 55 year old coach would want to return to the game at some point and this now all sets up perfectly for a return in 2014.

Last August it was reported that Cowher bought a $2.65 million condo in Manhattan\’s Upper East Side that overlooked portions of Central Park and immediately there was speculation that he had his eye on the New York Jets job if it opened up after the 2012 season. The Jets look like they will retain head coach Rex Ryan for at least one more season, so that is definitely out should he indeed be trying to get back into the league in 2013.

Cowher of course has ties to the North Carolina area as well, so the Carolina Panthers certainly could be speculated as a landing spot for him should head coach Ron Rivera not be able to turn things around there in 2013. Panthers owner Jerry Richardson has long been an admirer of the way the Steelers organization does things so that is another thing to keep in mind.

The return of Cowher to the game would be well received by many around the league and there is no doubt that he will likely succeed wherever he winds up. You would also have to think that he would love to have Omar Khan, the Steelers Director of Business & Football Administration, as a General Manager or Director of Operations as well. It has long been speculated that whenever Cowher did return to the game that Khan would follow him to wherever he lands.

Stay tuned.

  • zyzak

    yeah and he might not. He had a great opportunity with the Browns for big money and turned them down

  • steeltown

    Good for Cowher, hope he does Coach again.

    I would HATE to lose Khan.. unless the Steelers get their salary cap woes under control in the next few years, which is entirely possible with all of the Vets soon to be retiring. The only BIG money guys we have now (long term) are Ben, Woodley and Timmons.. though I think Pouncey will be signed to a BIG contract extension soon.. and I guess you could also include A.Brown as well, though his is alittle less than the above mentioned, Woodleys cap hit will be almost double what Browns is over the next few years.. It’s crazy the money Woodley is making, he better get back to his double digit sack days.. and SOON

  • Mike Carroll

    I really don’t understand why Khan would be viewed as a GM candidate. While he has business credentials, he doesn’t have any scouting experience to my knowledge. I think there is a big difference between knowing how to negotiate and structure contracts and knowing who to be signing in the first place. Any thoughts on Khan’s GM potential?

    I might add that Khan’s pure “capologist” work is not necessarily the rocket science job people sometimes make out. The ownership has granted the current administration permission to spend (assign) future salary cap money and his job has been to structure contracts to accommodate that. I don’t believe other teams have assigned future salary cap money to the extent the Steelers have the last several years, but they most certainly could if they chose to do so.

    I’m not knocking Khan and I’m not suggesting his job is piece of cake either. He’s done well with what the team has asked him to do and I could see every reason why Cowher would want him in a business capacity.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Thats my take too. And he culda had any of many jobs which the same speculations happened every year.

  • Mark Carroll

    If he downs he needs to go to Pittsburgh his home town or Cleveland where he played.