Report: Jets To Interview Steelers Omar Khan For Vacant GM Position

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News is reporting Wednesday evening via Twitter that the New York Jets will interview Omar Khan, the Pittsburgh Steelers Director of Football and Business Administration, for their vacant General Manager position.

The Jets fired Mike Tannenbaum at the end of the season and Mehta is reporting that the organization is now expanding their search this week.

Khan has been with the Steelers since 2001 is considered one of the top young executives in the NFL. He was reportedly one of two finalists for the Seattle Seahawks GM job nearly three years ago and his name usually surfaces whenever a position opens around the league.

Khan has built a solid reputation in Pittsburgh as superior manager of the salary cap and also serves as the chief contract negotiator. He is, however, not necessarily regarded as a “football guy” in the eyes of several, but certainly has been around the game for a while now.

Khan got his start in the NFL with the New Orleans Saints in 1996 as a volunteer undergraduate assistant while at Tulane and was hired by the team in 1997.

  • Mike Carroll

    I don’t see why teams would view Khan as a GM candidate since he has no scouting/player personnel history. Khan certainly has business credentials, but the primary responsibility of a real GM must be player/talent evaluation to decide who should be on the team. Money and cap numbers are secondary requirements for a GM (and ones that can and should be delegated by the GM (and owners) to a salary cap guy (e.g. Khan)). Even with that delegation, the GM (and owners) are still responsible for providing direction and oversight to the cap guy. I think that Colbert, and perhaps more so Art Rooney, have much to say to Khan on a regular basis in terms of how they are handling contract/cap numbers. For these reasons, I don’t think Khan is necessarily a good GM candidate.

    Then again, the former Jet GM, Tannebaum was the same type of salary cap guy himself before he was hired as GM. I would think they would go in a different direction this time around, but I suppose maybe not if their GM is really more of a puppet in regards to player personnel with the coach making all those decisions. Come to think of it, this might explain why Cowher might be interested in Khan if he ever returns.

  • Thomas

    give him a raise!! Manage his cap number! give him an offer he can’t refuse, there isn’t an executive salary cap is there? if so elaborate on podcast or something…

  • spencer

    Im sick of everytime a person of color gets the opportunity to interview for a job its because of the color of their skin and not the content of their character and or abilities! Get over it

  • steeltown

    Dont go Khan! Atleast wait a few more years till Cowher returns to coaching and our cap issues are more manageable. I cant imagine ANYONE with success in any Organization wanting to leave that to go to the JETS.. that place just sucks the life out of anything it touches

  • zyzak

    The Jets have cap issues worse than the Steelers. They also have owner and coach issues

  • steeltown

    Lets see, Whisenhunt, Grimm, Horton, Spanos, Spencer, Goodwin, Davis, Kugler all in the last 5yrs and there’s more I just cant remember them all. (Whisenhunt has hired 5 different Steelers Assistants since ’07) Now, Haley and Khan being sought after….. gheez

  • nikgreene

    What are you talking about?

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Who cares. We can get another contract expert.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    We can get an accountant anywhere.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Congrats, you were the first person to bring color into the discussion.