Steelers 2013 Draft Prospect Profiles: OLB Barkevious Mingo – LSU

As promised, we will be highlighting several 2013 draft prospects of the Pittsburgh Steelers leading up to the draft for discussion. The Steelers will most certainly draft an outside linebacker at some point in the top half of the draft so we will start by looking at the often discussed Barkevious Mingo out of LSU. Below is my quick profile on Mingo along with his college stats and a few videos on him. In the comments below please add the strengths and weaknesses that you feel that he has and why you think that he is or isn\’t a prospect for the Steelers.

Mingo is a peculiar first round draft prospect that might be seen as a fit in some defensive systems as a defensive end or an outside linebacker in a 3-4 like the Steelers use. Mingo measures in right now at 6 foot, 4 inches and weighs 240 pounds, which might be considered a bit light by most standards for either of the two positions. He should be able to put on some bulk, especially on his lower half, by the time the NFL combine rolls around and it will be interesting to see how it affects his speed if indeed he does.

Mingo is long-limbed, athletic and possesses a very quick twitch and first step. He will come off of the snap a bit high at times, however, which opens up his chest for arms inside and on his upper torso.

At LSU Mingo predominantly lined on the left side of the defense in a down 3 point stance in the 7-technique, but there is a little tape of him playing without his hand in the dirt as a standup rush linebacker. Mingo also is not foreign to dropping into coverage every now and again, but it certainly is not what you would regard as a selling point right now on him. Like all college defensive ends that convert to outside linebackers, this will be the thing that he will need to work on most if drafted by the Steelers as an outside linebacker prospect. Playing without a hand in the dirt forces a player to see the game in a whole different light.

Mingo has a great motor, a great spin move and shows good ball awareness. He is strong at pushing the pocket off the edge straight up or dipping around the outside edge. A strong performance at the combine could cement him as a top 10 pick, however, and thus out of the range for the Steelers unless they were to move up to get him.

Mingo sort of reminds you of Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Manny Lawson.

Barkevious Mingo Career College Stats
Assisted Tackles59
Solo Tackles60
Assisted For Loss8
Solo For Loss25
Loss Yards175
Assisted Sacks4
Solo Sacks13
Sack Yards108
Pass Breakups11
Forced Fumbles4
QB Hurries27

  • steeltown

    This guy looks pretty quick, BUT he really looks like he’d need to put on 20lbs to not get overpowered by the enormous Tackles in the NFL.. putting on weight might slow him down some and reduce his speed off the edge, which seems to be his greatest asset

  • mokhkw

    Looks like a 4-3 OLB to me. Not a typical Steelers 3-4 OLB, They tend to favour guys who can play with leverage & power so they can set the edge in the run game. Can’t say I was impressed with his strength going by the above clips. I doubt he’s the type of OLB the Steelers will draft.

  • Ben Hardy

    Not a fan of his. Although I love his length and speed, he just gets pushed around to easily in the run game. Sure, the Steelers can use him this year on 3rd downs but I think this years first round needs to make a bigger impact than just a situational player in year 1. I’m still a fan of trading down and getting either Matt Elam or Alex Okafor and picking up an extra pick that could help this team plug some holes.

  • zbluez1

    Plays with very poor leverage, does not use his hands well for someone with his “wingspan”, if his first ‘move’ doesn’t work he is easily “stoned” in his pass rush, does not set the edge well, long term prospect to develop, if available Rounds 3-5 would be value, but not a Round 1-2 prospect.

  • JPDQ

    I agree that Mingo needs to bulk up to play in the NFL, but I think it’s worth pointing out that the Fat and Injured Woodley and the Old and Injured Harrison aren’t exactly blowing up opposing QBs these days. The NFL has changed folks, and as much as I hate it, it might be time for us to get with the program.

  • Thom Kay

    True that he looks less like James Harrison and more like Brandon Marshall, but he’s gifted. I think he could fall to the Steelers due to lack of production and bulk, but the Combine could change that.

    Check out his Clemson tape (bowl game). Much more impressive than other games. Clearly has the size and athleticism to be special. I think Dave is right; pass coverage is the key. Woodley stinks in coverage, so it’d be nice to have one of the OLB’s capable of covering receiving TE’s. I’m not a huge fan (prefer Dion Jordan) but he could be good at 17.

  • Ben Hardy

    Dion is not a bad choice. He didn’t rush the passer much because they used him in coverage so much. He doesn’t use his hands well while shedding blocks. Very tall guy and former T.E so at least he can catch a bit.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Good analysis.
    A problem is every year every team knows exactly what the Steelers need in the first round. Each of past several years we were desperat for any good offensive tackle, teams knew that no good o-tackle wuld last past Steelers. All good OTs were gone, therefor we drafted Ziggy, then same situation Heywood the next year. So this year all teams will know before draftday exactly which ROLB prospects match Steelers system in middle of first round.

    So thats why be braced that might have to go to plan B in 1st round, which is other-than ROLB which i agree is our top need.

  • Lamarr56

    Not sure if I love this guy. Looks like a WR more than a linebacker, also needs to put on weight. I was not impressed by his leverage whatsoever and would ,uh rather go with the Ziggy kid out of BYU if you want a quick pass rushing a specialist.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    I agree that we cannot afford to wait for a developmental guy to develop. Need impact now & Steelers better not blow it.

  • Mark Zeigler

    3-5 round pick???? No way this guy falls out of the 1st round..

  • lefnor

    Leverage? Yes. Power? Not always.

    Look at Chris Carter. He can move but he is painfully weak against the run. I hate his play.
    For Tomlin it seems that quick first step and atleticism is more important at ROLB (Worilds had the best 10 yard split of the pass rusher class at the combine).
    Mingo’s skill set and outlook is very similar to Von Miller, but Mingo is taller, 6’5.
    I agree with Thom Kay, against Clemson he played his best game of the season.
    I would absolutely pick him if Dion Jordan is not available.
    Corey Lemonier at the second round would be nice a nice addition, too.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I would much rather prefer Chase Thomas from Stanford he beats Mingo in stats if you compare them and i feel that Thomas would be a better investment with a 2nd round pick and save your 1st round for another position then.

  • Kareem Daniels

    I would love to see the Steelers draft Ogletree or Womack. Womack would complete a young Oline for years. I doubt they will take Ogletree now because of Rainey and Taamu. But Ogletree and Timmons in the middle would solitify the middle

  • mghjr88

    I think Woodley would probably be regarded as one of the better 3-4 outside linebackers in coverage. His performance this season may not indicate as much, but his overall body of work, in my opinion, reflects adequacy in coverage

  • Totally agree! I think he’s the WR type we are missing in our roster.

  • No way the Steelers take a developmental defensive prospect like this in round 1. I don’t care how old the defense is. At the end of the season the Steelers offense was horrible, plus they’ll be saying goodbye to two of their better athletes in Wallace and Mendenhall. They better start investing into players to surround Ben with.

  • I like Thomas too, but Steelers need offense, and I hope that’s where they go in round 1. If Thomas is available with our 2nd round pick it will be a miracle.

  • Yeah, if Warmack is not available at 17, or a WR/RB they really like is either gone or it’s too high a spot to draft them, then I hope they trade down too.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    He is projected late second round so far.

  • steeltown

    SO hard to gauge.. would love to see them trade back and get an extra pick, grab one of the top Safety prospects and Chase Thomas and still have some options for a 2nd-3rd Rd WR/TE or RB

  • JPDQ

    Although I can’t disagree with your assessment about the running game, what this team desperately needs is someone who can get to the QB.

    Now, full disclosure – I’m a diehard LSU fan – so take that for what it’s worth. But, when I think of Mingo’s skill set, it reminds me of what guys like Aldon Smith and JJ Watt bring to their teams – an athleticism that disrupts plays at or behind the LOS. And that’s what Mingo is best at.

    Sure, he wouldn’t come in and take Harrison or Woodley’s job – but who comes in as a rookie as a meaningful starter in Lebeau’s defense? Not Troy, Harrison, Woodley, Porter, Timmons, Hood, Heyward… none of those guys came in in their first year and blew it up. And I know that they weren’t all first round picks, but the point is that we need production from the guys whenever they DO get on the field. If we drafted Mingo to be just a situational rusher and he excelled at it… Hell, if he produced even a half-dozen sacks, he’d STILL be tied for the lead in this year’s “No. 1 ranked defense.”

    I’d be okay with taking him… and I’d totally understand if they felt it was a reach at No. 17 and passed, but nobody that we draft in the first round is gonna come in and be a beast right out of the gate. All I really care about is getting to the QB with this first round pick.

  • zyzak

    Steelers have too many players that came to the NFL not ready to contribute. To be brutally honest Woodley and Harrison can be replaced by a rookie. Woodley too slow and fat and Harrison is about ready to join Ray Lewis

  • I’ll stand on a table yelling give me Ezekiel Ansah

  • Kolie Oak

    Praying that Hankins falls to us…

  • Tom

    Don’t the Steelers already have a young guy named Adrian Robinson, who can rush the passer……but is suspect as a run defender and in pass defense?

    I know the defense has some age and depth issues…..but after watching this weekends playoff games, I am convinced that the putrid offense needs help more than anything. It’s become an offense driven league…and right now, the Steelers don’t have the firepower to compete with the top teams. The ability to score 30-40 points on any given Sunday.

  • mghjr88

    I agree with the comparison to Manny Lawson

  • mghjr88

    Does anyone know anything about Florda State’s Brandon Jenkins?
    I do not know much but I do know that before sustaining a season-ending foot injury, Jenkins was regarded as a first round prospect. He projects best as a 3-4 outside linebacker.

  • LouPGH

    True enough, but last year DeCastro fell into our laps because of a run on pass rushers. My guess is our needs won’t dictate what other teams do in April.

  • Clint Martin

    He is not a 3-4 OLB. Damontre Moore Texas A&M if available is a beast!
    A formula the scouts use is sacks+tackles for loss divide by the number of games played. The higher the number the more productive they are.

  • Clint Martin

    The kid from BYU has horrible sacks to tackles for loss ratio like the worst.The kid had 1 big game against San Diego State Big deal! They are looking for the guy that does it against top talent every week.
    He played three years had only 39 solo tackles and only 4.5 sacks in 3 years.
    If you are speaking of Ezekiel Ansah from Ghana Africa

  • LouPGH

    Right now I’m guessing they take an OLB and an ILB in Rounds One and Two, in that order unless Manti Te’o is there at 17.

  • Clint Martin

    Chase Thomas won’t be a Steeler. Very low on the athletic side and ranked around 15th to 20th best available for a 3-4 defense.

  • LucasY59

    I agree with Ansah over Mingo if I had to pick from the two, Ansah is bigger which is needed for 3-4 OLB (like you said Mingo looks more like a WR) I would rather pick a guy like Okafor in the 2nd round (has the 3-4 size and less of a developmental player than both Ansah or Mingo)

  • 15th-20th best available for what? 3/4 OLB or overall prospect in the draft?

  • Clint Martin

    some team will pick him but it will be a 4-3 defense team not 3-4 he is 3rd overall in a 4-3. Anywhere from 15th to 20th for a 3-4

  • Clint Martin

    Ansah is 270 lb he is without a doubt a DE for a 4-3 defense

  • Clint Martin

    WHY? He has terrible numbers even playing at BYU.

  • I would love to see your list of the 15-20 players you have rated better than Thomas at 3/4 OLB.