Steelers Mock Draft: What Say You? List Your First Three Rounds Of Your Own Mock Here

I can\’t stand early mock drafts and have made that known several times over the course of the years. This is why I wait until right after the Senior Bowl before releasing my own versions of the yearly educated guesses as I like to pour over several hours of tape from the college season before creating a starting point.

That being said, I know a lot of you are itching to talk draft so I will give you a place to sound your thoughts on various draft topics until we get past the Senior Bowl. These post will sometimes include talks about a selection of players from various positions as well.

If you feel so inclined, list the players that you think the Steelers will draft in the first three rounds of the 2013 NFL draft and give your reasons as to why with each. It is fine if you are going to criticize one of the ones posted, but it is only fair that you throw your own selections out to be critiqued as well. Also, please spare us the “player x won\’t be on the board there” comments.

Keep it civil as I have a hard enough time babysitting myself.


  • reg38

    1) Manti Teo ILB Notre Dame

    2) Alex Okafor OLB Texas

    3) Phillip Thomas S Fresno St.

    If they cut Colon and let Foster leave via free agency, I wouldn’t mind picking Chance Warmack G from Alabama in the first round. That’s a lot of “ifs” though.

  • ed52

    Forget Teo…he was exposed last night. Alabama made him look like a high school kid. Look, I said this before…I said it last year when I wanted Kalil. When the quality for an OL is there… take it. Both Barret Jones and Chance Warmack will be available to us in the first round. These guys are plugnplay from day 1. These are top quality OLs for many years to come. These guys are why Alabama won. Don’t doubt me on this. Defense? Defense in round 1? We had the #1 defense guys.

  • Austin Jackson

    I like Kenny Vacarro in the first, Kevin Minter in the 2nd, and Marcus Lattimore in the 3rd.
    Vacarro: would seemingly relieve the heartburn I have when watching the injury reports and seeing Troy’s name there every week.

    Minter: Replacement for Foote. Tackling Machine. A little underrated coming into the year and outshined on his own D by Reid, Mingo, and Montgomery.

    Lattimore: Absolute stud. Unfortunate injury, but as a gamecock fan I watched him come back from the first one and he will be back. Probably ready to go by the end of the year. This will allow us to ride with Red and JD until Lattimore is good to go, then we have a first round pick for a third round price. How about that for value?

  • zyzak

    Thats what they said with Decastro and Adams

  • zyzak

    TE RB ILB not in that order

  • mghjr88

    I personally thought that Te’o was an overrated player going into last nights BCS Championship game. Obviously that game didn’t help him any

  • Austin Jackson

    What does that mean? Adams played great when in the game and DD got hurt. They were both great picks. This year, our O-line should pop together. DD was the best rated guard and Adams was the 3rd rated LT prospect behind Kalil and Reiff. What more do you want?

  • steeltown

    I dont like doing Mock drafts either, but here goes:

    1st Rd – Safety K.Vaccaro – I think it goes without saying that SS is a huge need and soon. The argument is always between Vaccaro, Reid & Elam, I like ALL in the conversation, but I like Vaccaro best

    2nd Rd – OLB Chase Thomas – Durability and intelligence, good footwork and good use of hands helps him to defeat pass blockers, he is also beastly against the run

    3rd Rd – ILB Nico Johnson or RB Montee Ball – Either one of these guys would be welcomed. Obviously we need more production at the RB position. At ILB, we really have no one behind Timmons and Foote (except maybe Spence)

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    1. Sam Montgomery DE/OLB LSU
    2. Justin Hunter WR Tennessee
    3. Tony Jefferson S Oklahoma

  • mghjr88

    I like rounds 2 and 3, but I am not buying all the hype on Te’o

  • ed52

    1st round one of the Bama OLs.
    2nd round – Heath’s replacement (Eifert – ND would be nice)
    3rd round – OK fine…someone for the defense

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    Although its true we had the #1 defense, there were far too few disruptive, takeaway-type plays. But, you have an excellent point as well.

  • zyzak

    They were not plugnplay like we thought, with the Steelers they don’t like plugnplay, they like to hold them back for some reason. Pouncey played right away but his play is awful lately

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    Just a general question for anyone: what, if any, supplemental picks will we have? Any thoughts on compensatory selections? Any chance we could make a trade or two?

  • SteelersDepot

    when will you be posting yours?

  • I haven’t read or watched enough yet
    1. Alec Ogletree- faster then te’o more athletic
    2. Ezekiel Ansah
    3. Michael William TE- might be a stretch

  • 1. As of right now I’m not sold on any prospect that sits around #17 and Steelers have many holes. I trade down and select S Matt Elam. Elam fits right in to the defensive backfield and gets to learn behind Clark and Polamalu.

    2. OLB- Chase Thomas- Fills the hole at ROLB. He isn’t as quick as some of the other OLB prospects in RD 1 like Mingo or Okafor but think Clay Matthews clone on this.

    3a. WR Ryan Swope- this kid does nothing flashy. All he does is produce. A mix between Hines Ward and Jordy Nelson.

    3b. Received this pic by trading down in the first, RB Montee Ball. Finally get a #1 back who can run, catch and pick up the blitz.

  • zyzak

    This might be the year that all the poor draft picks after rd one come back to bite the Steelers in the ass. They should have repl for Harrison ILB NT TE RB

  • ed52

    That’s what I’m afraid of…I really believe someone is gonna dangle bags of money at Foster and he’s gone. Colon can’t stay healthy. We’re in the same mess trying to find fresh bodies to protect Ben and make holes…and it won’t happen. We need to be proactive. OK last year with DD and Adams…good…let’s round it out with one of those beasts from Bama.

  • steeltown

    Yes, but the Offense is still young and has room for growth. I do think we need RB and WR and another OL (especially if Starks and Foster are gone) BUT between this offseason and next Harrison, Foote and Hampton could be gone and soon after that Clark, Troy and Ike will be gone

  • The line coach has a lot to do with that. It’s good he is gone. They need more of a fundamentalist coaching that position.

  • mlc43

    1. Whatever OLB prospect is on the board
    2. Highest rated safety on the board
    3. DL or OL…whatever has the best value.

    I don’t understand how people don’t see our need for a solid pass rusher. The whole defense is based on QB pressure and it has been non-existent. Woodley is too big and slow it seems and Harrison is gone.

  • steeltown

    I like this mock

  • steeltown

    I think we may get one compensatory for William Gay this year… but 2014 we should get a few pending what happens with Wallace, Mendy, K.Lewis, Starks etc

  • zyzak

    BINGO!! He was hired after being let go by the Bills, then Urbik goes there and becomes a star

  • BB57

    1. Alec Ogletree, ILB, Georgia

    2. Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

    3.T.J. McDonald, S, USA

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I am okay with pretty much any draft in the first 3 which brings us an OLB, an ILB, and a S.

  • (*Steelers trade out of 1st round and pick up two 2nd round picks and a 3rd round pick. I know, it won’t ever happen. Piss off, I’m having fun.)

    2)LB – Chase Thomas 6-2, 230 Stanford
    -love this guy. absolutely relentless. 4 year starter that played in a 3/4 defense, and he could’ve come out last year, but he stayed to make himself better.

    2)WR – Da’Rick Rogers 6-2, 210 Tennessee Tech
    -speed. size. talent. failed drug tests, but he can be a #1 or #2 WR and was the Vols best receiver a year ago.

    2)CB – Tyrann Mathieu 5-9, 175 LSU
    -oh yeah, the honey badger. slot cornerback that can help with the turnover ratio. going to jail and a year away from football helped him to see what’s important.

    3)LB – Kiko Alonso 6-2, 245 Oregon
    -we need a MLB. this guy was suspended after a DUI in 2010, but the next year was MVP in the Rose Bowl. great football instincts and has more potential than probable 1st rounder Dion Jordan. the problem is he’s dumb as a rock off the field.

    3)DE – Margus Hunt 6-7, 280 SMU
    -the guy is a monster. if I had one player I’d like to see the Steelers develop it would be him. I’m not sure he lasts this long in the draft.

  • Jeff

    If they re-sign Keenan Lewis
    1. Trade down to mid – late 20’s: Alex Okafor DE/OLB
    2. Eddie Lacy RB
    3. Landry Jones QB

    If they don’t re-sign Keenan Lewis
    1. Xavier Rhodes CB
    2. Eddie Lacy RB

    3. Landry Jones QB

    If Jones is unavailable in either scenario best OLB on the board

  • I like it.

  • I doubt Lacy will be there in the second.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    1.) Ezekiel Ansah – OLB BYU

    2.) Kevin Minter – ILB LSU

    3.) Montee Ball – RB Wisconsin OR Marcus Lattimore – RB South Carolina

  • steeltown

    If we re-sign Foster, I think OL is fine

  • steeltown

    I like the Chase Thomas pick in the 2nd.. and the early WR pick

  • Austin Jackson

    I like your mock. Replace Montee Ball with Lattimore and I agree wholeheartedly. Ball is gone by 45.

  • Tom

    I don’t watch enough college ball to get a good feel for specific players…but by position, my mock would be 1. OLB, 2. RB, 3. Safety

  • Garrett Hunt

    Warmack, Pouncey, Decastro would be a tough interior line. That would be pretty nice

  • kersosenzos

    1# I would love one of the bama backs – even if DD, Adams etc play great next year, the Oline is for me the fundament of offensive success! If that’s not the thought of the staff I would choose a OLB, preferably Ansah 🙂

    2# In the 1st case I would elect a OLB now – Okafor eg. or perhaps Ansah is still available here -> if we’ve selected an OLB in the 1st I would pick a Safety here

    3# ILB Mr. Nico Johnson is my pick or an safety – one of the two should be the 3rd or the 4th pick, if safety isn’t choosed in round 2!

    Some wish player are: Ziggy Ansah OLB, Chance Warmack G, Matt Elam S, Michael Williams TE
    -> emphasizing wish

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Both are play-makers at the RB position, i’d be fine with either. Also Ball could drop because 1 RB isn’t that big of a need for many teams and 2 Eddie Lacy will defiantly be the first RB off the board and a couple others could go before Ball.

  • Garrett Hunt

    Middle of the second for Eifert would be a steal

  • steeltown

    I like ALL of those ‘wish’ players

  • Ogletree is my early favorite.

  • Garrett Hunt

    1)Alec Ogletree, ILB Georgia

    2)Margus Hunt, DE Southern Methodist

    3) Marcus Lattimore, RB South Carolina

  • JT

    I’m happy taking BPA as long as it’s not OL, RB, or WR in the first. In a perfect world, they trade to later in the first. You don’t need an interior of first round picks. That’s insane with the age on the defensive side of the ball. There are no plug and plays out there for the D. The future needs to be planned for.

    As for players, my two early favorites are Ansah and Elam.

  • Chance Warmack will not be available at #17, but I would love the pick. I don’t care if people don’t want to take ANOTHER O-lineman early in the draft, but if he’s available you can’t pass him up especially will all the injuries we usually sustain.

  • Reese Dare

    I would be gleeful if this were to happen.

  • Cols714

    Poor draft picks like Keenan Lewis, Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, Cortez Allen, LaMarr Woodley, Larry Foote, Steve McLendon, Brett Keisel, Willie Colon, Antonio Brown?

    Considering that the Steelers do not sign many starters in free agency from other teams, the team’s success is directly related to the drafting success that they have had. Since they’ve been to 3 Super Bowls in the last 8 years, I think it’s safe to say they are pretty good at the draft.

  • Reese Dare

    1 – Warmack OG ‘Bama

    2 – Rambo S Georgia

    3 – Landry Jones QB Oklahoma

    1st – Could easily be Jones C/G from “Bama as well, but we take the future LG is Warmack is available at 17. Rambo lays the wood like the other Rambo and will do well learning for a season behind Clark & The Hair – He probly ends up playing 5-6 games due to injuries anyways.

    We begin sculpting our QB of the future in Jones, he starts at the end of Ben’s contract when we send him packing.


    Trade Ben to Arizona for this years 1st and 3rd round picks.

    With the first trade back to the mid 1st for a 1st and 2nd. Still with me?

    With the mid round first take Ogletree – ILB Georgia
    The mid round 2nd – Eddie Lacy – RB Bama
    Cardinals 3rd – Chase Thomas – OLB Stanford

    … 😛

  • Tim Culligan

    most people on here as well as writers understand the need for a OLB.

  • Guest

    first round, steelers trade with titans their first and third soy they get Miningo LSU, second round they draft Eddie Lacy Alabama

  • Kysteeler

    It is way to hard to tell who will end up where, but since everyone else is doing it…

    1. Chance Warmack- Can’t pass up a LG this good. Foster is just avg.
    2. Zack Ertz TE Stanford- great all around TE, will help in the redzone and run game.
    3. Joseph Randle RB Oklahoma St. (Splash play guy lol)

    #1 ranked def and a offense that can’t finish games, we have starters on D, just need depth.

    4. LB
    5. SS

  • Tim Culligan

    The defense did way more than its job this year. Yes, “splash” plays are nice but the D got off the field and gave up very few yards. Point is put a 10-16 Offense in there and this team flourishes. Wayyyyyyy more room for improvement on the offense than defense.

  • Tim Culligan

    He had tons of hype b/c ND was 12-0. If they were 9-3 or 10-2, he would not have had all the TV segments and everything. I like to think most NFL scouts didn’t have him rated thattt high and last nights game probly didnt change their opinions too too much. Pro Day and the Scouting Combine will matter more for Manti.

  • Kysteeler

    Lacy is pretty good, and he really didn’t get all that many carries this year. I think he averaged something like 13 a game. Def wouldn’t mind him. I like Randle from Oklahoma St.

  • Scott Hamilton

    I don’t know who the steelers will draft, but I have a hunch that they are going to pick up Tyler Eifert from Notre Dame. He reminds me of Heath, but bigger and he could be developed into a better blocker. There’s also the possibility of drafting Montee Ball, has a high motor and can be developed into an all purpose back. And the steelers will most likely draft either Kenny Vacarro from Texas or Matt Elam from Florida. Both really good Safeties, and the steelers like their longhorns and gators… so yup!

  • Steelers are looking for a starter and someone to contirbute with more splash plays with their first pick. There are not too many options to choose from at 17 for starter material and Ramon Foster is not a mauler.
    1. Chance Warmack, OG
    2. Alex Okafor, OLB
    3. T.J. McDonald, S

  • Mingo LSU olb trading to titans, steelers give their first and third, second they get RB Lacy

  • I can’t see anyone giving Foster an outrageous offer. I think he’ll get interest, but nothing too far out of line.

  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    1.Kevin Minter,ILB,LSU
    2.Keenan Allen,WR,CAL
    3.Joseph Fauria,TE,UCLA

  • Yeah, I doubt he is there but it would be nice.

  • mlc43

    You would be absolutely surprised. I wasn’t necessarily referring to this chat board and more than a few “professional” writers don’t have OLB as the top priority.

  • 1. Alec Ogletree, ILB, Georgia

    2. Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida St./ Hunter or Patterson, WR, Tenn.

    3. Bacarri Rambo, S, Georgia

  • Few people thought it would be that simple, yet without the injury Decastro would have been the day one starter.

  • Urbik is a star? It was a mistake to let him go in favor of Hills, not doubt, but I would hardly call him a star.

  • RB is not a 1-3 need. TE only if the talent is there. OLB, ILB, OL and S are bigger needs.

  • mark davis

    1. Manti Teo ILB- they need help at ILB Spence could move to another position and Foote will likely be gone
    2. CB Desmond Trufant- Taylor is getting old and they will defiantly need a CB if Lewis doesn’t’ come back

    3. OLB Sean Porter- Harrison is getting old and Carter hasn’t done much( Worilds is better at LOLB than ROLB i don’t think he was very good when he filled in for Harrison on the right side

  • mark davis

    here is my whole draft that i did not to long ago
    1.ILB Manti Te’O
    2.CB Desmond Trufant
    3.OLB Sean Porter
    4.FS Bacarri Rambo
    5.RB Ray Graham
    6.WR Marcus Davis/or CB Tyranny Mathieu ( either one would be a good addition)
    7.QB Collin Klein

  • Donny Simmons

    so was DeCastro, I really like Matt Elam ss/fs Florida, Warmack or Jones from Bama, Jenkins OLB-Florida St in the 3rd, Rambo SS-Georga in the 4th

  • Donny Simmons

    Minter will be gone in the 1st, I like Teo but Minter is better and stronger than Ogletree.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Best available athlete at a position of need. Noone knows who will be available. So thats how to draft in each round.

  • zyzak

    Ok 1 Eifert TE ND

    2 Stepfan Taylor RB Stanford
    3 Reddick ILB UNC

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Best available athlete at a position of need. Noone knows who all will be available, so thats how to do it, at each round.

  • SR88

    1) Alec Ogletree ILB Georgia
    2) Barrett Jones C/G Alabama
    3) T.J Mcdonald FS USC
    4) Brad Wing P LSU
    5) Christine Michael RB Texas A&M
    6) Larry Black Jr. DT Indiana
    7) Andre Debose WR Florida

    Black Jr. is just another guy to take a chance on late to see if he can bulk up and play the position and Debose would be okay as a 4th or 5th WR that they can just run deep (which is what Wallace is really) Of course, Brown and Sanders arent much more, just capable of running a few more than go routes.

  • SR88

    Need a QB and OLB too, but those are the guys that may end up being the best need fillers in those rounds… Denard Robinson would be nice late, use him as emergency QB and a WR but probably be gone before they could throw the pick away. If they would sign Brandon Jacobs and keep Keenan Lewis, I think that would be enough to compete next season

  • zyzak

    Lewis is gone, so is Wallace they have no ILB and no nose tackles. mcLendon wasn’t drafted. They have failed to develop key players 25-30 years of age. Look at all their drafts and some have nobody on the team after rd one. Willie Colon stinks

  • lefnor

    1) OLB Dion Jordan – Fantastic fit, best OLB cover skills ever, great speed, unlimited upside
    alternate: OLB Barkevious Mingo – speed, speed, speed with good fundamentals

    (both prospect need to muscle up)

    2) WR Justin Hunter – finally a tall, red zone WR with reliable hands, unlike Sweed. Perfect fit in the Haley O, great route running, good deep speed, huge upside

    alternate a): WR DeAndre Hopkins – fantastic route runner

    alternate b): ILB Arthur Brown – great fit, good speed, good play recognition, sound technique, great tackling, hard hitter (unlike Spence)

    3) backup QB Zac Dysert – very underrated, maybe the best pocket QB in this draft with great intangibles, precise and strong arm, good pocket awareness. The next big thing out of Miami (OH)

    alternate: Stephon Taylor – superb inside runner, all-down back

  • Frederik Palle

    Ryan Swope and Pittsburgh Steelers is a perfect match! Great mock.

  • mghjr88

    Possibly when I learn more about all of the players available in this years draft. Or I guess when I feel inclined to do so.

    If my Manti Te’o sentiment was too critical for you and you’re upset that I haven’t posted a mock draft for you to criticize, just go after my opinion of Te’o.

  • mghjr88

    I like what Xavier Rhodes brigns to the table

  • NEEDS: RB, TE(2), NT, ILB, ROLB, S
    LG: Resign Foster
    WR: Resign Wallace
    QB(2): Sign Hoyer or Orton
    CB: Sign Lewis

    Now obviously this offseason is full of assumptions. I think this draft can help address some of the problems we currently have.

    1. Manti T’eo ILB, Notre Dame. This kid will bring a face to our Defense once Harrison and Polamalu retire. This kid had one bad game against an OL that will have three 1st round picks this coming April. This will allow Timmons to stay in his natural weak-side spot. Sean Spence will be able to come in on third downs to provide relief for either T’eo and Timmons throughout the season.

    Alternative: Barkevious Mingo OLB/DE, LSU

    2. Eric Reid S, LSU. This kid can play either S position more natural as FS. He is a clone of Ryan Clark. Can cover a lot of ground and can put on a big hit in the run game.

    Alternative: Alex Okafor OLB/DE, Texas (if T’eo)

    3. Sean Porter OLB, Texas A&M. This kid has dropped on most boards because they switched from a 3-4 Defense to a 4-3. He was projected at the beginning of the year to go in late 1st- early 2nd.

    Alternative: Le’Veon Bell RB, Michigan St.

    4. Michael Williams TE, Alabama. This guy is a great run blocker and can make plays through the air. With Heath Miller due to miss some time next season and Paulson as the only back-up, I think it’s time to find some help.

    Alternative: Duke Williams S, Nevada

    5. Marcus Lattimore RB, USC. Teams are gonna be scared away by his back-to-back knee injuries thus dropping him to this point. This is the same spot we drafted Dwyer with concerns about his weight. Lattimore when healthy is a workhorse and a beast. This would be a gem to an already loaded draft.

    Alternative: Braden Hansen G/C, BYU

    6. Ryan Allen P, Louisiana Tech. Top punter behind Brad Wing. Wing has failed multiple drug tests and the Steelers will never bring that character into the locker room.

    (William Gay Comp.) 6. Alex Carder QB, Western Michigan. Bring is some young blood to compete for the backup position.

    7. Kenny Okoro CB, Wake Forest. Has the size and speed to play cornerback. Look to use as a project.

  • grw1960

    I am not into mocking that many rounds yet.
    1st round- WR DeAndre Hopkins .

    2nd round RB Eddie Lacy. But Lacy probably will be off the board between pick 25 and pick 40. So this pick probably has no chance.
    Unless the Steelers do some trading or are very lucky.

  • grw1960

    Good players, but you might have to switch first and seconds round players

  • grw1960

    I like Jordan , but I would take Hopkins before Hunter.

  • Not a chance Rhodes Drops to our pick in the 2nd round

  • maybe desmond trufant from wash but then again i would just go ahead and draft Patterson if that were the case.

  • Reader783

    I’d love Eddie Lacy, but I think his stock went up too much from that national championship game to get him in the second. I hope though.

  • Reader783

    You think Lattimore will be worth a 3 with all those knee injuries? He won’t be ready for the combine, so it’s pretty much a risk. In fact, as gruesome as his injury was he might not even be ready for his rookie season. Very good player though, so he might be worth a risk in the 3rd; interesting.

  • RW

    1. Elam – SS, Florida
    2. Brandon Jackson – OLB, FSU
    3. Montee Ball – RB, Wisconsin

  • Reader783

    Free agency losses have nothing to do with draft performance and I don’t quite understand the “they fail to develop key players 25-30” part. That being said, however, the Steelers have, so far, struck out with the D-Line picks in recent years, but it has been way too short to call it failure now.


    1. OJ Simpson
    2. Ray Lewis
    2. That dude from the Panthers who whacked his girl friend
    We kill everyone with that line up

  • Haha, a punter with bad character. Funny shit!

  • RW

    I’m all for taking a chance on a player, but taking a chance on multiple players makes for a bad locker room atmosphere (potentially). Take a chance on one of those guys (Mathieu/Alonso)

  • Awww, c’mon, you’re one pick away. Shoot for the stars!

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Only if you include pacman jones


    good point, maybe in the 5th

  • Reader783

    Do you think we trade up to Te’o? Because assuming we do, we would probably lose one of our picks from this draft depending on how far we go

  • Reader783

    I don’t think we go TE in Round 1

  • Reader783

    Some mocks have McDonald going in the 1st round

  • Reader783

    You and a few others have McDonald as a potential 3, but I seem him as a 1 in a few mocks. Also, I do not see Wing in the 4th. Or at all.

  • Reader783

    Why the hostility for our two-time Superbowl winning QB who is only 30 years old? Because he had one rough season? Not even, he had a rough end of a season. Don’t see many people that want to trade away or send a franchise QB packing.

  • I personally do not think we will have to trade up. Most of the teams ahead of us are looking for outside pass rushers including us. I know one game will not blow up his draft stock, but his numbers at the combine are not gonna help too much. Most sites I have read say 4.65 – 4.8 which might actually hurt his stock more and cement him in the middle of the first round. I think their is more than a football player in this guy that brings added value. A leader who gives all out effort and devotion to the team. Finally a replacement for James Farrior.

  • Reader783

    Mel Kiper has him as #2 on his board right now, so I think that it would take a massive bomb at the combine for him to drop to #17 or within 5 picks of it. I see him as a top 10 pick easily

  • Cody Younkin

    1. Matt Elam- this is the next Polamalu, hes a monster and this is your only chance to get him. HOWEVER i feel the steelers will go with an OLB in the first round because they have troy/ryan for at least another year, and need more pressure on the QB.
    2. Chase Thomas/Alex Okafor- Getting Okafor in the second would be a dream come true if we got elam as well but Thomas is more likely. Obviously we need a pass rusher (or a healthy one at least)
    3. Ryan Swope- hes a beast reciver, hopefully he will be available, either way the best reciver needs to be taken in this round
    4. Nico Johnson- he was a great run stuffer, lack in man coverage but that timmons job. Johnson can command the defense and play the middle zone well while solid on the run. He got a lot of media attention for the championship, despite having an average game. I say let him compete for middle and attempt Spence move to saftey, he has the speed if he can drop 10 pounds.

  • Garrett Hunt

    It is a big risk, but I think he is up for the challenge. I went to high school with him and know him and his mentality. Plus everything was fixed with one surgery which is bonus and a good start to recovery.

  • Garrett Hunt

    that’s why we guess

  • I personally feel an OLB would be best, but if he is there I would take him. I honestly have Warmack as my #1 favorite right now. Warmack, Pouncey, DeCastro would be a lethal inside game.

  • SR88

    Probably not, I saw McDonald is projected at a 2-3 on I think ESPN and CBS, so I figured maybe he would slide to 3, maybe they would have to trade up. They desperately need a P and Wing is the best in the draft. Dont know if they would ever go that route again though since Sepulveda was a 4th rounder as well I believe.
    Would also like to see a DT come off the board quicker than 6 as I think its a pressing need and CB is needed as well if they are letting Lewis walk.

    However they do it, they need to figure out a way to bring Barret Jones in, pick up a Ray Graham or Michael late for the RB and spell them with Dwyer if need be and try to add depth at LB and line on both sides of the ball.

  • RyanW

    Omfg did you just really say trade Ben to AZ? And for only 1st and 3rd round picks? You are a complete FAIL

  • mghjr88

    What position would Spence move to?

  • Phil Heidenreich

    No Donte Stallworth, no go for me.

  • Phil Heidenreich

    1. Ziggy Ansah – DE/OLB – BYU
    2. Da’Rick Rogers – WR – some small Tennessee school b/c he was (is?) an idiot
    3. Travis Kelce – TE – Cincinatti
    4. Rambo – S – Georgia

    Call me crazy, but I don’t see a need for RB until late. Our OLine should become better w/Decastro and a Foster resign – get Lattimore late. Not a big fan of Tyrann Matthieu but if he’s a 6 or 7, go for it with a compensatory pick. I also see Foote staying for cheap and Spence contributing more as the year goes on.

    Also wouldn’t mind if Swope went in 3rd w/Eddie Lacy going in the 2nd. I like Lacy.

  • 1) Manti Te’o, LB. ND
    2) Eddie Lacy, RB. AL
    3) Sean Porter, OLB. A&M

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Rd. 1 -C. Warmack (OL) Alabama
    Rd. 2 -M. Hunt (DE) SMU
    Rd. 3 -T. Kelce (TE) Cincinnati

  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    If Minter runs a 4.6 or under and Keenan Allen runs a 4.53 to 4.55, there a possibility that Minter rise to the mid to late first round range and
    Keenan Allen fall to us in the second round.

  • grw1960

    I definitely believe a defensive player and a RB will be selected in rounds 2 and 3. Probably DE , ILB or SS. Its going to depend a lot on who’s still available when the Steelers pick. One RB I like in round 3 is a Soph. who declared. As of today my two favorite selected (Hopkins and Lacy) above have not declared for the 2013 draft.

  • Phil Heidenreich

    Silas Redd comes out this year, right? He’d be another one to keep an eye on if Ball is gone.

  • Me too. I think Warmack is the best pick we could make, but we don’t get a chance to grab him at #17.

  • chitownsteel

    1. ansah-DE
    2. jefferson-S
    3. hamilton-WR

  • mokhkw

    This is difficult without knowing who the Steelers will re-sign, I’m picking assuming that the vets (Harrison, Colon, Hampton, Foote, Keisel etc.) & Wallace + Lewis all return in 2013 & Mendenhall leaves.

    Rd 1. Jesse Williams NT Alabama. Hampton’s replacement, will learn while Casey plays for one more season before taking over in 2014. (projected at 20)

    Rd.2. Ed Lacy RB Alabama. Low mileage combo-back similar to Mendenhall but runs much harder. (projected at 49)

    Rd.3. Alec Ogletree ILB Georgia. (either ILB or OLB – dunno why others here have him as a 1st Rder) assuming he will slip to this spot (projected at 53). Needs a year to add size & strength while gaining valuable experience as a back-up. From his Bio –

    STRENGTHS: A former safety, Ogletree showed off his terrific range
    and athleticism, making plays all over the field in 2012 and was often
    the best player on a defense loaded with NFL talent.

    Terrific quickness around the edge, capable of making stops in the
    backfield and is fast in pursuit. Doesn’t shy from making the big hit.
    Arrives with deceiving power and violent intentions. Lengthy frame,
    athleticism and experience in coverage. Has the long arms scouts like
    from linebackers.

    Excellent special teams player whose ball skills were demonstrated
    when he leapt high to snatch an onside kick early against LSU in the SEC
    Championship game.

    WEAKNESSES: Needs to be more consistent filling against the run and
    tackling with better pad level. Leaner than ideal frame. He’ll need to
    show greater strength in disengaging from blockers. Off-field concern
    following a four-game suspension in 2012, reportedly for violating
    Georgia’s substance-abuse policy.

  • Think Thomas will be a really good surprise…Te’o scares me.

  • Have np with taking a HB in the 3rd but do not like the style of HB

  • margus would be interesting

  • why on earth is anyone talking about drafting a receiver? Personally, trade Wallace and your first round pick and move up in the draft to take Barrett Jones. Move Pouncey to guard. Two birds, one stone.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Adams sucked this year. Played like a rookie who was not ready to play. I too thought DD was a steal or gift fell to us, but before injury & after returned he got schooled by any lineman. That doesnt mean he cant get better.

  • Think Luke Keuchly from last year. Top ten linebacker without the hype.

  • Love the concept. I know people get all worked up about Ben, but I think he’s seen better days. He’s beat up, doesn’t get the ball out quick enough, and doesn’t seem like he can read a defense as well as some of the rookies coming out.

    Im also in the camp to get rid of Hampton, Harrison and Polamalu. With me on that one?

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Good point.

  • man… would have been nice to have drafted Ty Cody from Bama instead of the Ravens.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    1. a punter
    2. a deep snapper
    3. another punter

  • kersosenzos

    Interior lineman rarely get picked early – look at DeCastro who was one of the plug&play-players in last years draft – and even if the two bama’ lineman are that highly rated, one of them will be available at pick #17!! I personally hope Warmack and guess it will be him – and then he’s one of the guys where the staff will forget their Draft Plan and pick the BPA.

  • Weiss Chad

    I agree fosters not a mauler but he was our besrt lineman last yr

  • James

    1) Barkevious Mingo OLB LSU – Our pass rush sucks, Harrison could be released in the summer and Worilds & Carter don’t look like the long term solution. Mingo fills a big need and if he can add some muscle whilst retaining his speed he could be a top pass rusher in the league.

    Other possibilities: Te’o if he slides, Sam Montgomery or Chance Warmack.

    2) Larry Warford G Kentucky – Warford is a big mauler who could start immediately at LG. He’s good in pass protection and can open holes in the ground game. Watch for him at the senior bowl as I expect his stock to rise.

    3) Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M – Swope can be a great receiver in the league. Underrated speed and not afraid to go up and catch a ball in the middle of the field. But up big numbers against LSU and Bama this year. He could be a leader on our offence for years to come.

    4) Andrew Jackson ILB WKU – Larry Foote ain’t getting any younger and Jackson is a physical linebacker with good instincts.

    5) Isaiah Johnson S Georgia Tech – Johnson isn’t a finished article yet but has a strong upside and is good value in the 5th.

    6) Cameron Marshall RB Arizona State – Good size & speed and a tough runner.

    7) A.J. Francis DL Maryland – We need some d-line depth and AJ adds that.

  • SR88

    Cant trade Wallace as he is no longer under contract. Also, Barrett Jones is still projected in the middle of the 2nd round, so trading up to take him higher in first wouldnt make much sense. I think they could try and package some picks to move up in 2nd and get Jones there, agree that and moving Pouncey to G would boost the O-line, but still need a receiver without Wallace.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    1.reid/elam or best s/cb avail.
    2 in/out lb best avail.
    3. Rb-lattimore
    4 in/out lb whichever not picked in rd 1
    5. Wr
    7. Qb
    Any comp pick ol/dl

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Haven’t really followed college football that much i based some of the names off of all the comments i have read and trust you steelers fans judgement because well your steeler fans of course but from what i did see i really like us to get the honeybadger he reminds me of tp43 and also lattimore,reid,and elam thought about teo but not so sure now cause of speed and he didn’t show me nothing in a big game which we expect to be in alot of remember the sard is the standard is the standard

  • Jake Neutzling

    1. Keenan Allen (possession receiver perfect for a Haley offense)
    2. Tj McDonald (Ryan Clark jr)
    3. Sean Porter(known best for his PASS RUSHING)
    4. Stefphon Jefferson (sleeper pick nice size and good speed
    5. Michael Mauti (best chance at filling a need in the fifth round)
    I know you said first three but the fifth rounder is my favorite and I had to get it in there

  • Imho i think position order should go as follows.


  • I dont think we need a running back because i believe that they should convert will johnson(fb) as r new power rb. He has all the makings of a bettis, he has soft hands, nimble feet and the strength and agility. I really think they should make him the feature RB.

  • mokhkw

    At the time I was against drafting him after watching Cody play next to Dan Williams in the East/West Shrine Game but he’s rounded out to be a good player. Ta’amu reminds me of him in a lot of ways when they both came out; really big but lacking explosion and hip-snap.Hopefully Ta’amu gets his act together & ends up being a solid player as well.

  • Well a mock draft that is better then any of the so called experts have come up with. Chase Thomas is going to be a solid NFL player for many years and Ball will be a Defensive nightmare.

  • Because the defense finished #1.

  • Rd-1: Warmack/Teo

    Rd-2: Warmack/Teo

    Rd-3: monttee ball

    Rd-4: Ogletree/Chase Thomas

    Rd-5: Elam

    Rd-6: Swope

    Rd-7: Oakfor/Chase Thomas

    Obviously this will never happen but just a little wishful thinking