Steelers Sign 6 Players To Reserve/Future Contracts On Wednesday

The Pittsburgh Steelers are starting to expand their offseason roster now as it was announced on Wednesday that safety Ross Ventrone, tackle Joe Long, guard Justin Cheadle, wide receiver Derek Moye, wide receiver Bert Reed and cornerback Isaiah Green have all been signed to reserve/future contracts.

Long, Cheadle, Moye, Reed and Green all ended the season on the Steelers practice squad while Ventrone was a free agent after being bounced on and off the New England patriots 53 man roster and practice squad several times over the course of the last three years.

Future contracts do not kick in until the new league year begins and the Steelers are expected to announce several more signings like this over the course of the next several weeks.

  • zyzak

    Canon fodder

  • steeltown

    I think Cheadle, Moye and maybe Ventrone have a possible future with the team

  • SteelersDepot

    future doing what?

  • RW

    I suspect Practice Squad for multiple years…

  • zbluez1

    Would like to see Ryan Lee come back and get a real chance to compete

  • Clint Martin

    picking up my jock strap and I am slow as shit

  • steeltown

    Playing on the PS, maybe special teams… anythings possible.. when you end a season 8-8, yes, I think anythings possible

  • steeltown

    Cheadle is no joke, the guy started alot of games in college and he’s pretty athletic, he can pull and move laterally pretty well. His problem was he was a bit undersized coming out. I think the Steelers have shown (Foster, Legs, Beachum) that they can spot young talent, even ones that go undrafted. I agree the most he could probably hope for is making the PS in 2013, but thats where Legs came from a few yrs ago

  • steeltown


  • steeltown

    I’m alittle surprised at the negativity on this site, I think we are all aware of young undrafted talent that every once in a while converts to something special, especially in regards to the Steelers. I could name some past undrafted or overlooked players theyve found, but I dont think its necessary.

  • RW

    Oh definitely, plenty of undrafted, PS guys go on to have great careers with the Steelers. All you have to do is look at James Harrison – he’s the poster child for PS success players. I just meant it’ll be a few years before the Steelers feel that they are developed and ready to contribute, as is their MO. I honestly don’t know much about Cheadle and only slightly more about Moye. I have seen Ventrone play quite a bit as he is from my Alma Matter, but his contributions are likely to be limited to special teams if he sticks around.

  • steeltown

    Agree. With Mundy and Will Allens future up in the air, Ventrone could very well make the Team as backup/special teams guy, but who knows. They seem to like Goldens upside and they may very well draft a SS as well, then its a numbers game and Ventrone will lose the numbers game

  • what u guys said