Todd Haley Now The Front Runner For Cardinals Job With Andy Reid Out Of The Picture?

Mike Jurecki of XTRA 910 in Arizona broke the news Thursday morning that the Arizona Cardinals were going to request an interview with Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley for their vacant head coach position. Jurecki now thinks that Haley is the front runner for the position now that it appears that the Cardinals are no longer in the running to hire former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid, who is expected to be hired by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jurecki said Wednesday on the David Todd Show that Haley is still well liked by the Bidwill family after his time spent with the team as the offensive coordinator several years ago and that Cardinals players such as wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald also still thinks very highly of Haley.

The Cardinals are expected to interview Haley later on in the week along with Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, who is highly sought after right now by several teams. They have interviewed their defensive coordinator Ray Horton as well, but appear to be wanting to hire an offensive minded coach.

Michael Bidwill said on Monday that he planned on going about the hiring process methodically.

“It’s not going to move at lightning speed,” Bidwill said. “You don’t want it to because you learn a lot during your due diligence period. That started today. So I’m looking forward to getting involved in that and jumping into that process and getting moving forward on it right away.”

Those comments were made on Monday, but as fast as things seem to be moving with interviews around the league you would think that the Cardinals would likely be close to a decision by the start of next week. The names being linked to the Cardinals seem to be thinning right now instead of growing, but that can always change quickly.

So is Haley the front runner for the Cardinals job right now? It appears so.

  • Wow, if Haley leaves and seeing the success of Arians this year it sure seems like Steelers management screwed up big time.

  • SteelersDepot

    I hate be THAT guy!!!

  • steeltown

    I still dont think he goes anywhere… But if he does, 2012 would end up being such a waste of a season, learning new plays and terminology, basically a new philosophy in quick passing only to go back to square one. Atleast we know Adams and Beachum have potential and maybe Paulson

  • Cols714

    Yep. This would certainly be a shame. While injuries played a hugely important role this year (the Steelers almost certainly make the playoffs if Ben doesn’t get injured), I’d bet that learning a new offense screwed them out of probably 1 win. So we sacrifice a playoff run to hire Haley? Not a good move.

  • Mike Carroll

    Whoever the team hires at OC, they will need to get significant improvement from the offensive line. The team has invested a lot there the last few years, but it doesn’t mean they will necessarily produce simply because they were high draft picks. And a player like Ramon Foster is mentioned as a must keep, but it’s hard to think any of the guys on the line are particulary essential to keep. Afterall, there has to be some reason the line as a whole has not been good for years now. Guys like DeCastro, Gilbert, Adams and Pouncey must show they are better than average by making the whole line play better than average. I think it’s safe to say all these guys should be expected to produce next year, not 2-3 years down the road. If not, then you can begin chalking up more draft busts.

  • zyzak

    This offense is a disaster, new OC, many long term injuries, no feature back or deep threat at WR. Thrown in Heath’s knee and the fact that the Steelers have to decide on COLON, FOSTER and that they were unhappy with Gilbert before he was hurt. DeCastro looked bad and Adams was not good pass blocking. As Noll said of Sid Thornton “he has problems and they are many” that would apply to the 2013 Steelers offense

  • zyzak


  • steeltown

    DeCastro and Adams are rookies and they hardly played, I’ll wait to see more before I pass judgment. Colon or Foster both are good players (rather have Foster) a Team cant have 1st Rd talent at every position. Heath should be back. I do agree that we need a feature back, Dwyer and Rainey will be good change of pace guys, but we need a feature back

  • Clint Martin


  • grw1960

    A new Ol Coach that will get more out the the Steelers OLmen is a must.

    It will be another sucky slow start for the Offense in 2013 if the Steelers need to get a new OC.

  • Pete

    Arians had to go. It was easy for everyone to read at the time. Nothing new. Sometimes a change of scenery does some good and Arians did well in his new surroundings. Good for him but his welcome had ended in Pittsburgh.

    I’d like to see what this offense can do with Haley again for the next few years. But it looks like Haley may be going to Arizona. I believe part of the problem this year was an inability to consistently run. With Adams as part of the offense, they were able to run with authority especially to the right. DeCastro never really had a chance to show us anything. Hoping they have a healthy O line next year.