2013 NFL Combine: Questions For Steelers GM Kevin Colbert

The 2013 NFL combine gets underway this week and we should get to hear from Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert once again when he addresses the media and makes his media rounds.

David Todd and I discussed on the Monday edition of The Terrible Podcast what questions we would like to see Colbert asked and below are a few that were floating around in my head. Even though Colbert is most likely to be guarded with his responses, it never hurts to ask the right questions just in case he winds up be forthcoming with a few of his responses.

How is the recovery of Sean Spence coming along?

This is a question I get asked at least once a week and the reports that i have read range from one of the spectrum to the other. By this I mean some think he will be ready by the start of training camp while others suggest that the team is not counting on him contributing in the early part of the season. Maybe Colbert can shed a little light on this.

How is the recovery of Heath Miller coming along?

Another injury related question, but a significant one. Colbert might tell us that Miller will most likely start of training camp on the PUP list, which we all expect him to do, but some sort of an update would be nice.

Any thoughts on an anonymous player criticizing the shape LaMarr Woodley was in last season along with his play?

This is a very topical subject right now and it will be interesting to see how Colbert would respond to such a question as the Steelers don\’t usually have these kind of locker-room problems.

Was wide receiver coach Scottie Montgomery told to look for work elsewhere or did the opportunity for him to return to Duke come about all of a sudden?

The timing of the departure of Montgomery is curious as usually coaching staff changes take place a bit earlier in the offseason. Was Montgomery forced out or was this an opportunity that came about all of a sudden?

Feel free to add your own questions that you would like to see Colbert asked in the comments below.

  • steeltown

    Kind of hard to think of a question that Colbert would actually answer…

    I think most of my questions will be answered in due time (extensions, terminations, etc)

    Maybe ask him about the backup QB situation.. or maybe ask him about the Brian Rolle signing and if he thinks of it as just another camp body or is there more to it

  • Andrew

    Along the same vein of the impact of Spence, bring up his mentioning last offseason of Sylvester competing with Foote for starting job and ask where he sees his development

  • Andrew

    How does he see the impact of Bicknell on blocking scheme?

  • steeltown

    Ah good one

  • steeltown

    Agreed. Ask if he’ll be tendered and if so, ask if he sees his development coming along enough to actually make a strong push for 1st Team snaps

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Do you think your WRs were disciplined enough last year?

    Will you try to bring Jerrod Johnson to training camp this year?

    Forget asking questions that u know no staff member wuld answer.

  • zyzak

    Do you mean going with a zone scheme 100% instead of 30% like they did the last 3 years?

  • With Bens recent injury issues, is it time for the Steelers to draft a durable and reliable back up QB or would it be in the Steelers best interest to bring a free agent with some NFL experience?

  • Andrew

    Nope. You are trying to put words in my mouth and portray me as one of those who believes the Steelers have never run a zone-blocking play in their entire history. Nice try.

  • zyzak

    Colbert: “we can’t really answer anything until we get all of injured players on the field this spring and summer”

  • Garrett Hunt

    Is there a starter set in stone opening day for OLB, or is it open competition?

  • SteelersDepot

    You must have missed the part in the post where I said Colbert would likely be guarded with his responses.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Colbert will say,
    We’ll just have to see how it all plays out.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    U are right. But doubt he will let on whoever is just a camp body, he’ll probably say We like what he brings.

  • Jollyrob68

    This draft is loaded with ILB’S,Will you move Sean Spence to Safety? Allowing him more time to heal and learn from Clark & Polomalou.

  • Garrett Hunt

    How long until drafting a backup/future QB is a necessity?

  • steeltown


  • Kevin Gobleck

    What are the plans for the running game next year?

  • Garrett Hunt

    Assuming Harrison and Woodley are both healthy and in camp

  • zyzak

    There is guarded and there is evasive, Colbert is mostly evasive

  • Mike Carroll

    Here’s what I would ask Colbert:

    Did the Steelers front office misjudge how fast the salary cap would grow? If not, how does he explain their current cap situation in which the vast majority of their cap dollars go to a limited number of players? And, what would make him think that is a winning approach?

    Does the team have any plan to scale back their reliance on using restructures as a primary method of temporarily clearing cap space? If not, does the team actually plan to maximize their use of restructures until the end of Ben’s run at which time the front office is planning to dump huge amounts of built up dead money and “gut the team” as he himself has been strangely referencing lately?