2013 Salary Cap Situations Of All 32 Teams As Of Early February

According to NFL.com, below is the list of available salary cap space by team as of 2/8/13. Of course these numbers will move quickly, but at least you will know where each team currently sits as we inch closer towards the start of the new league year. The teams are ranked from least available to most available. As you can see, the Pittsburgh Steelers are listed as being $13.8 million over the cap right now and that is right about the number that I have them at.

The Cincinnati Bengals have the most available cap space of the 32 teams as they are currently $50.6 million under the cap. The Cleveland Browns are second as they $45.6 million under the projected 2013 salary cap.

1. New York Jets – $23 million over
2. Dallas Cowboys – $21 million over
3. New Orleans Saints – $20.6 million over
4. Pittsburgh Steelers – $13.8 million over
5. Carolina Panthers – $13.7 million over
6. New York Giants – $10 million over
7. Oakland Raiders – $8.3 million over
8. Washington Redskins – $5.9 million over
9. Detroit Lions – $5 million over
10. Arizona Cardinals – $3.3 million over
11. St. Louis Rams – $2.3 million over
12. San Francisco 49ers – $49,000 over
13. Atlanta Falcons2.1 million under
14. Philadelphia Eagles – $5.7 million under
15. Green Bay Packers – $5.8 million under
16. Houston Texans – $6.1 million under
17. San Diego Chargers – $6.3 million under
18. Chicago Bears – $10.3 million under
19. Minnesota Vikings – $12.3 million under
20. Baltimore Ravens – $12.9 million under
21. Kansas City Chiefs – $13.3 million under
22. Denver Broncos – $14.9 million under
23. Seattle Seahawks – $15 million under
24. New England Patriots – $15.8 million under
25. Buffalo Bills – $16.7 million under
26. Tennessee Titans – $18.3 million under
27. Jacksonville Jaguars – $23.8 million under
28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – $30.1 million under
29. Indianapolis Colts – $43.1 million under
30. Miami Dolphins – $44 million under
31. Cleveland Browns – $45.6 million under
32. Cincinnati Bengals – $50.6 million under

  • Wow, when you look at all the Teams that were in the playoffs and what their cap figure was, it is no wonder we are all ticked off..would never want to even imagine being a Jets fan. Ouch.

  • spencer

    What’s enlightening all the teams in our division whom are improving along with a Super Bowl Champion are cap complient with quite a bit of space to make manuevers. This doesn’t look good for Steeler Nation, we better have an excellent draft because I don’t see any top FA coming here.

  • Bob Francis

    Can you explain how a team can be tens of millions under the cap? Does that mean the Bengals and Browns fielded full rosters for half of what it cost the Steelers? Do the Steelers just have a bunch more big contracts? I just can’t fathom how teams have $50 million to spend…

  • Mike Carroll

    The Jets situation is not as bad as it appears. They will clear $27.5M in cap space quite easily by releasing three under-producing players, Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, and Jason Smith (with a relatively low dead money hit of $4.5M). By comparison, the Steelers save about $5M by cutting Harrison, but absorb about a $5M dead money hit.

  • Superdriller316

    Well they don’t have a QB getting paid 20 mill a year for one. And I don’t think they have any high priced players and they get to roll over what isn’t used. Once their good rookie’s contracts are over then things will change.

  • MDPensFan

    I thought the Ravens were supposed to be in a pretty bad cap spot? I know they need to re-sign Flacco and Kruger, but I figured they were well over. Everyone is assuming they’ll have to release Boldin in order to get Flacco signed.

  • Mike Carroll

    For anyone wondering why the Steelers are worse off, cap-wise, compared to most other teams, just check out the 2013 Steelers Salary Cap page. You’ll find the team has devoted about $100M in cap charges to the top 10 players on the team. That makes it rough when you need to fill out a roster of 51 players (for cap purposes) with an available cap of $122M.

  • walter mason

    How many years can a team keep rolling over cap money not spent?

  • Mikey Hoje

    Jets GM could claim he was drunk or drugged when FAT CONTRACTS were dished out generously and deem the signings/ contract INVALID.

  • Mike Carroll

    I believe indefinitely. At least that is true for the money that teams carried over from last season according to ProFootballTalk.

    Keep in mind that teams must now begin spending a minimum of 89% of the unadjusted league cap number.

  • Forgot about that..Dang Dead Money! Thanks Mike

  • Nolrog

    The Jet GM was an idiot. Giving Sanchez that huge extension when he was having an average year at best (last year), and now after a horrible year (this year) they are stuck with a guy they can’t get rid of.

  • Nolrog

    That’s a direct result of restructuring contracts to keep the SB team together. Now we pay the piper for those moves. What’s frustrating is that the result is that we can’t sign the young guys and we can’t get rid of hte old guys. Catch 22.

  • Nolrog

    No. The Ravens are well under, but they have a couple big free agents (Flacco and Ed Reed). Flacco is going to get a huge contract and that will result in cap problems for them quickly.

  • Nolrog

    We don’t sign top FAs anyway.

  • Yep, this exactly. Add in the Mike Brown is cheap and has intentionally payed out under the salary floor the last two years since it was not being enforced yet, and there you have it.

  • When has a top FA come here?

  • Mike Carroll

    I agree restructuring is contributing factor. But, the team has also tried to hold onto virtually every good player the last several years, in most cases without even letting them test the market. I think the team functions better for multiple reasons when they let a higher priced guy leave once in a while, with the biggest impact being the team doesn’t end up with most of their cap being devoted to a limited number of players.

  • LucasY59

    Top 3 teams to sign Wallace: Cincinnati, Cleveland, and New England (need deep threat or 2nd receiver) I would not be happy with any of these, but think there is a good possibility for it to happen

  • Mike Carroll

    By my calculations, $12.2M of the $100M in cap charges I reference above came from previous restructured deferments. In other words, without any previous restructures, those top 10 players would still count about $88M against the cap this year. That certainly would help matters, but the team would still be about $7M over the cap when the likely RFA and ERFA tenders are made this year. And that is before any of their UFAs or new draft class is signed. So, while restructuring is a contributing factor, the team is still too top heavy in star contracts. That is why Harrison and Colon are likely to be gone and why it’s fortunate Wallace never signed the reported $10M/year type of deal last offseason. And if the team decides to scale back their restructuring (as I believe they should) that will likely mean another significant player cut to get under the cap.

  • NW86

    These numbers also don’t say how many players they have under contract right now. For example, Baltimore is “currently” under the cap, without Flacco, Reed, Kruger, Ellerbe, and others. Franchising Flacco alone would put them over the cap right now. Like Dave said, these numbers will change a lot over the next month.