2014 Salary Cap Number Expected To Be $122 Million Despite New TV Deals

So you thought that the salary cap in 2014 would sky rocket thanks to the new television deals? Wrong. Baltimore Ravens team president Dick Cass said Thursday during the teams\’ end of the year press conference that not only will the cap remain flat in 2013, but 2014 as well.

“By the way, the cap is not expected to go up dramatically in 2014,” said Cass, when it was speculated by a member of the media that the 2014 cap will increase. “The cap this year is going to be roughly $121 million. It should not be much more than $122 million in 2014.”

Back in December of 2011 the league announced that it had agreed to nine-year extensions of its Sunday broadcast television packages with CBS, FOX and NBC that will keep NFL games on free television. The new agreements run through the 2022 season and the current television agreements expire following the 2013 season. The three networks are expected to pay roughly $3 billion a year on average annually for the broadcast rights.

In addition to those three main networks, ESPN re-upped its deal with the NFL back in September of 2011 at an annual rate of $1.9 billion. Also in place are deals with the NFL Network, DirectTV, Westwood One Radio and other media outlets. As a result, NFL teams will reportedly share nearly $7 billion in media money starting in 2014, which is more than $200 million per team.

It was reported on Wednesday that the salary cap for the 2013 season will be $121.1 million. In 2012 it was $120.6 million.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    So about a 1 million dollar increase not bad, could be better though

  • Nolrog

    >>> So you thought the salary cap would skyrocket thanks to the new television deals?

    Nope. I knew it was going to be flat. Known that for a long time. Other people are just catching up to that fact.

  • OIF3gunner

    I’m sure that guy knew…..As far as the cap goes, SHIT

  • Randy Steele

    Obviously the owners have decided to keep that extra revenue for themselves.

  • NW86

    A $1M increase is less than 1%. Considering that the Steelers are already over the cap for 2014 and they’re about to shift another $15M-$20M of cap hits back from 2013 (not all of it will land in 2014 but some will), I’d say that’s bad.

  • steeltown

    This is not news really… anyone who did alittle research would have atleast known there was a strong possibilty that not much of an increase was on the horizon. Ten yrs from now the cap will be significantly higher, but damn thats a long ways off… will be a completely different Team by then.. possibly a completely different League

  • steeltown

    I think 2013 is the last for a few players, even the ones that are signed through 2014.. if Harrison stays, it is undoubtedly his last season, same goes for Ike Taylor (unless they allow KLewis to walk, the they’ll need Ike for sure) and possibly even Troy could be gone, those three players alone stand to count approx. $30million against the cap in 2014. Then of course guys like Keisel, Hampton, Clark will be gone as well, unless they are given extensions after ’13 (I’d give Clark an extension, especially if he has another great season) but that’s alot of BIG Vet contracts removed

  • NW86

    Fair point, and I agree that Harrison, Ike, and Troy are likely gone after 2013. Keep in mind though, that doesn’t take their full cap hits off the books – you’ll still have their dead money charge, plus the cost of the player that replaces them.
    Bottom line, I’m just saying that the Steelers will be in a similar situation again at this time next year, over the cap and looking at making cuts and restructures. It would be nice if they could get out of this cycle, but unless the cap sees a huge jump, it will take years to get out of the cycle.

  • steeltown

    Agreed. I’m hoping by not signing players like Wallace and Mendenhall that would allow them to not restructure a player like Woodley again,. I just dont know if that will be the case

    In addition, there are only a few ‘new’ BIG time contracts that I see on the horizon.. K.Lewis could be one, Pouncey of course and possibly Hood.. other than that, atleast currently we dont have too many players that will require big time contracts. I look at guys like Keisel and Clark.. these guys are great players yet dont break the bank when it comes to salaries… we need more of these types of players

  • I really hope Woodley comes back and has a great year because he is about to get paid another nice chunk in advance…that’s the only nail biter for me this year but I do have faith he can turn it around…he has to.

  • Mike Carroll

    Agreed, this report just confirms what John Clayton reported on this matter back in March of 2012. His predictions are proving to be correct so far. Clayton also reported the cap could be flat in 2015 as well.

  • steeltown

    I think so.. I heard the first 2-3yrs would be basically ‘flat’

  • Mike Carroll

    The interesting question is not if some fans mistakenly thought the cap would go up dramatically, but rather if the Steelers misjudged back in 2011 what might happen with the new TV deals and the impact on future salary caps. At that time the team added three huge contracts (Woodley, Timmons and Polamalu). Is it possible they did so believing the the cap might go up more than it actually has? It’s not really in their character to take such a risk. But, then again, up until about 6 years ago the team had a strict policy against restructuring player contracts. Since that time, restructures have become standard practice.

    The bottom line now is that the team has spent more than 50% of their 2013 salary cap on a mere 5 players!!! Approx. $64M (out of the available $122M cap) is currently charged to the contracts for Ben, Troy, Harrison, Woodley and Timmons. Does the team really believe 5 players count more than the remaining 46 guys (rule of 51) on the team??? Similarly the team has spent $100M cap space on their top 10 players. The team has become too top heavy, cap-wise, with respect to their star players.

    It’s fortunate that Wallace did not accept the Steeler’s contract last season, since the team would be worse off if he had signed. Harrison really should be released. Few of their UFAs should be retained and the team should let the market value them first. And restructures should be limited to about $15M in cap deferments, although this will likely require more cuts and/or pay cuts. If the team does all of this, then some balance will be restored to their overall cap situation and the team’s position in individual contracts will be improved as well.