Report: 2013 NFL Salary Cap Number Now $123 Million

The 2013 final salary cap number is in. On Thursday Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that the 2013 cap number is $123 million per team.

Reports earlier in the week suggested that the number could come in north of $123 million, but the extra .9 is for benefits.

Reports earlier in the offseason suggested that the 2013 cap number would remain flat and come in at $120.9 million, only $300,000 over the 2012 number. That number has slowly crept up and this is great news for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who currently sit roughly $2.9 million under the $123 cap number when you factor in the $1.4 million cap credit they are due.

The team has restructured the contracts of Ben Roethlisberger, Lawrence Timmons and Antonio Brown over the course of the last three days to trim over $14 million off of their 2013 salary cap number.

ETA: Mortensen tweeted that the $123.9 million cap number includes .9 in minimum salary benefits, so apparently the cap number will be the projected $123 million.

  • Tim Barca

    This is awesome, could be the difference needed to bring K Lewis back. Aft the Woodley restructure and more than likely cutting someone, we should be in good shape. At least I hope so, but feel optimistic for this season.

  • Jollyrob68

    Woodley already restructured I believe.

  • SR88

    not yet, but they are talking about it. Probably will before the end of the weekend

  • Mikey Hoje

    Gee… Why would NFL gave the owners one set of numb3rs and 3 weeks later, change it? It’s called tossing in a monkey wrench. Tick Tock, billionaires.

  • Mikey Hoje

    Hello, Keenan “long legs” Lewis! [that was my impression of him when he was in training camp/rookie season].

  • steeltown

    Still have to sign tendered players and rookie draft picks.. that will put us back at $7MIL over cap… they have to restructure Woodley and then if they want to sign any UFA’s (KLewis, Foote, Breaston) they’ll have to release Harrison and Colon