Report: Steelers Showed Interest In Signing Top CFL Offensive Lineman Jovan Olafioye

According to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Pittsburgh Steelers, along with several other NFL teams, recently showed interest in B.C. Lions right tackle Jovan Olafioye, who was named the best offensive lineman in the CFL last season.

The 6 feet 5½ inch, 320 pound Olafioye started every game the last three seasons for the Lions and surrendered just one sack in his past two seasons. The Green Bay Packers reportedly passed on signing Olafioye recently after turning him down for medical reasons. According to the report, Olafioye requires medication to control hypertension.

“It\’s my blood pressure, but I\’ve got it under control,” Olafioye said Tuesday night, via the paper. “I\’ve been to so many doctors and I\’ve been cleared by them all.”

The St. Louis Rams originally signed Olafioye last offseason but released him a few days later after he failed his physical. Olafioye reportedly failed to take his medication and was considered medically suspect and a liability issue at that point, per the Vancouver Sun.

Olafioye said this past November that he’ll entertain NFL offers during the offseason, but that he will not workout for any team at this point.

“I’m not going to go through that process (audition workouts) no more,” Olafioye told the Vancouver paper. “I’m going to sit at home and let my agent take care of everything. If a team wants me, I’ll go down there for a physical. But there’ll be no more workouts. I went through 15 last time. Teams already know about me. There’s a lot of video out there on me, three years’ worth. I’m not going to go through that process again.”

McGinn reports that the Baltimore Ravens recently gave Olafioye an offer but that it wasn\’t in the ballpark of what the offensive lineman wanted. If money is the issue, then Olafioye can forget about getting anything decent out of the Steelers, who already have salary cap problems to solve prior to the March 12 deadline.

Olafioye can reportedly play both tackle and guard spots and is considered very athletic, but raw. The Steelers could use a player like him for depth purposes, but right now it seems very unlikely that they will sign him.

  • steeltown

    Interesting… he wants more money than what some have offered, yet he refuses to do any further workouts and cant control his own medical issues, news flash you play in the CFL, you want to play with the big boys you better straighten your #%@$ out……. no thanks, I’ll pass on this guy

    Also, “I’m not going to go through that process no more”..that’s a double negative, that means you will go through that process.. and you should.. as many times as it takes

  • Bradys_Dad

    A CFL OL Diva. I have officially seen it all. Please just resign Legursky as our go to utility lineman at another league min (I’d suggest a 2 yr deal and be done with it – let’s not forget that he can spell Pouncey too and has done a better than average job at all spots on the line) and focus on getting the chemistry and schemes from the new OL Coach ingrained in these expensive youngins.

  • steeltown

    I agree Legursky is a damn good backup Center and he’d be pretty cheap to re-sign, but he’s only average at the Guard positions. Personally I thought Beachum would be our new utility guy, but he may be good enough to start this year or next. If Foster is not re-signed then they should re-sign Legs

  • RW

    If we can somehow land a late first round pick and an additional second round pick by trading our 1st and (perhaps) a 4th, Barrett Jones is a guy I’d consider taking late in the first. He has ultimate position flexibility and could stabilize the OL for years at the G position. I wouldn’t be surprised if the team decided to trade back and grab him. There are plenty of quality players in the 2nd/3rd rounds this year, and only a handful that really deserve a first round grade. The only other players I’d consider taking in the first are Elam (late), Jenkins (at our current position) and Keenan Allen (late). I’d prefer to trade back and grab an extra pick in order to acquire a starting OL or for quality depth on the OL.

  • Wow. Thanks for the English 101 lesson. It’s so useful having so many people on the internet watching out out for grammatical errors. I was sure he wasn’t going to go through the process until you helped me understand what he was saying.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    U described Legs & Foster & Beachum exactly.
    Legs will receve more competition here, becaus Steelers coaches will try to train everyone to play backup center.

    If Foster leaves, the only affordable FAs out there for backup OTackle, are the Jonathan Scotts who are worse than Foster at OTackle. I think Foster’s best position is RTackle where he is ok. I saw Foster cannot pull to play guard. His feet are too slow to pull. Culd train Foster for backup center, but he’ll b gone by then becaus actually too many teams now really need a mediocre tackle-guard, & some of those do have the money they will offer Foster.

  • steeltown

    I agree about trading back… but something tells me that someone will fall to us at 17 and they’ll grab em.. I have a feeling it will be one of the DE/OLB

  • LucasY59

    I like Jones as well (would be a good LG, fits new OL coach scheme. Bonus that he can play all postions on the line) he will be picked in the last 10 picks of 1st / first 10 picks of the 2nd for sure, so the only way to get him would be to trade back. Cooper from NC would be another LG they could chose. I would also be happy with Ertz, Eifert, Elam, or Okafor with that pick as well

  • Pete

    In the CFL, the D line plays a yard off the ball, making it easier for the O lineman to set up his blocks and harder for the D lineman with his first step. It’s not an easy translation for coaches in the NFL looking at this guy. They’ll probably look for specific things like his quickness and technique and guess how that might translate. But the talent level in the NFL and the speed is greater than the CFL by a long shot. There are no more Warren Moon caliber players left in the CFL.

  • SteelerDave

    Educated people, who care about how they come across to others, are often irritated by the use of improper English. I also noticed the double negative in the quote and put off by its use. Olafioye from this article appears to have an attitude problem and appears to lack the desire to do anything required to land a NFL job which includes consistently taking his medicine.

    As a Steeler fan I want to have players on the team who have heart, desire, work ethic, character and talent. Those are words that simply do not appear to be descriptive of Jovan.